Sunday, July 27, 2014

Sunday Surgery: Stuck in Neutral

Kinda of a neutral week. I don't have a lot to write because I don't think that much happened. It will be another short, sweet blog for you! 

Why don't we join Spencer and get some Pringles and other fun stuff and pig out!!?? I need a coffee, that's for sure. 

Let me list things that happened off the top of my head (I won't look at the screen caps) and see what I can come up with:

Molly is moving back to Mama's house

Silas and Sam are done
Patrick is fired
Silas is about to be drugged by Nina (and possibly raped, not sure?) 
Ava escaped Sonny by flipping back to her brother
TJ turned in his Mama to Mickey Diamond
Spencer is "missing" 
Ned's moving back into the Q mansion.
Bobbie, Lucy and Scotty were on

Is that it?  Well, this pairing looks like it might be interesting: 

Rosie mentioned her Father--who knows who that could be. Soleto? Someone said Sonny on twitter and THERE'S NO WAY! LOL Not another Sonny kid. She's probably another mobular princess. Maybe FLUKE is her real daddy. Victor? What if she's a Cassadine ??  HEY...she could be. Victor sent her with Nina from the Clinic. 
Oh, what an idea that is!! If she turns out to be one, I want credit. 

My other swoon this week was Franco and Nina. I am calling them NinCo. Roger and Michelle? Dream Team!! He needs someone to let the nutty out. She's just the gal to do it. Plus, they can have secret "painting" sessions and gab about the 90's and the 00's that she missed. Play some Slim Shady records for her. Give her the history of Madonna since she was out. 
What do you think is going to happen with the drugging of Silas? She's either REALLY going to sleep with him and try to get PG--or pretend she slept with him and pretend she got pregnant. Either way, another baby story seems to be coming. Interestingly enough, two of the OLDER ladies on the set get to play that. Oh, and Lulu. Which is the baby I'm sure Nina will steal if hers dies and or isn't real.
Got that!!? 

I hope Ned moving back to the Qs means he's on more. When Olivia got in that elevator with him--I thought Hmmmmmmm, where is this going? People just don't "end up" in the elevator 'together' by chance!! 

Ava escaped. *sigh* Mickey is going to blow something up. *sigh* know Alice will get her heart. 

SCENE OF THE WEEK:  Kelly did such a great job with this. And let's face it, Sam has no where else to go with the relationship. Nice ending to their time together. We all know with Jason coming "back" it's going in that direction anyway. Maybe we'll still get a little nookie now and then. LOL they can meet for secret in the closet 2x a year? 

PROP OF THE WEEK: Spencer's eloquent note about love lost. Sneaky little devil!! 

FACES OF THE WEEK; much going on in this photo!!! Shawn, you think you can SHOOT DOWN A 'COPTER in the air when you missed Franco point blank? Sonny is just--hilarious!! I loved the wind machine flappin' their suit jackets in the air!! 

NOTE: GO TO SCOOPS AND SPOILERS to find out what's happening with the show. Bookmark it! For those of you spoiler free, you can avoid it because I put a page break in. 

Well, that's that! 
It was an ok week but nothing to write home about.  Hope YOU had a good one!! 

POST NOTE: RavenBeauty has passed away. Her husband John posted on facebook yesterday. Raven has been around forever in the soap-ville. She used to run a message board and had good puzzles to solve. In later years, she did a blog talk radio show.   Her friend, Catherine Hickland from OLTL is going to do a memorial for her online, and I'll give you the link when it's out. 


  1. Karen, be VERY careful saying Silas might be raped. A few years ago I commented on Jax being raped and another of your frequent poster lectured me endlessly on how guys can not be raped by a woman. I said then, and I maintain now, some reactions are biological whether a man gives consent or not. Anyways I hope this is not another rape storyline. Who on this show has not been raped or thought they were raped?

    I agree KM rocked those Sam Silas break-up scenes. I think she often does not get enough acting credit [and MB (Sonny) gets far too much].

    I hope before Jason returns we get some Sam and Patrick. Set up a Sam - Jason - Robin - Patrick triangle.

    I'm glad to see Ned back as well. I'd like to see Ned with Carly. Have Carly move into the Q mansion. The storylines with Monica, Tracey, Luke and Jason when he returns would be great. And it seems Joss could use a stable father figure. Olivia is one character I wouldn't miss if she left the show but perhaps Ned can make her interesting.

  2. Frisco... I actually LOOKED IT UP! I did! Yesterday I investigated roofies and men being able to "perform" with them. Yes, they can-- so if you're drugged, and the woman takes advantage and you don't want it--
    I'm calling it rape.

    I can take the crap. You know I'm used to it@ But thank you for looking out for me!!

    Do you think the spoiler post will be ok? You've been "with" WUBS a long time. I hope this all works

  3. PS. Sam and Paddy will get 'close' when they get drunk together but I'm not sure it's anything HUGE

    1. I totally agree with you because of Jason's return.

  4. Neither Easton nor Monaco are good actors, but the scene was, for ReRon, well written enough that they rocked it.

    Easton conveyed hurt and rage well.

  5. "I agree KM rocked those Sam Silas break-up scenes. I think she often does not get enough acting credit [and MB (Sonny) gets far too much].”

    KeMo did rock those scenes. I’m always surprised at some of the folks who get hyped as “good” actors and those who are quietly underrated.

    I’ve really been enjoying GH a lot lately. Loved Ava getting away from Sonny. The whole Sonny locking up Ava so he could kill her stuff was disgusting not sexy. Not in the least bit amused by the CarSon teases we’re getting now either.

    I also like the Nina and Franco scenes. I think MS and RH have good chemistry which something that really lacks in her scenes with ME unfortunately.

  6. OLTL did the drugged man got raped by a woman years ago when crazy Margaret tied up Todd to a bed in a remote cabin and force fed him Viagra or something.

  7. Although Todd turned out to be Victor, Jr.

  8. I'm so glad Ned is back. I just love Wally Kurth. I assume he's not on contract and just recurring? Or is he back for good? I sort of selfishly hope it's recurring because I also really like him as Justin on DOOL; he just rocks those father-son scenes with Freddie Smith.

    Not thrilled at the prospect of ANY rape storyline, male or female. Blech.

  9. Forgot to say, DOOL just did the "priest raped by a woman" storyline last year. (Greg Vaughn, former Lucky on GH, played the priest, by the way). Again, I hope GH doesn't go there.

  10. Count me in to the group disgusted by rape story lines. I would be happy to never see another one.

  11. Here's an odd bit of news. Stephen Kay (he played Reginald) married Piper Pirabo yesterday.

  12. I was happy to see Ned, too. He seems to light up the screen. KM did well in those break up scenes because she seems to have stopped looking up at the ceiling all the time. She and ME will never win any Emmys but they did well. Didn't find much memorable about last week but always happy to see Anna.


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