Friday, July 11, 2014

Love Triangle No. 9

Lucas...and the boys.. He spills all to Lulu and Brad finds Felix in the shower and calls him a
Hungry Hippo Homosexual .
Lulu tells him to go for it with Brad

Alice  JUST SAY IT. good LORD!! GOD! UGH! I hate this whole story and I'm so going Sunday Surgery on it's ASS. Nina is on Silas' side and Patrick and Sam on the other. @@
Tracy's promising Alice Rafe's heart ..okay then. 

Sam, you really think Patrick is going to TELL you if he scrambled Rafe's brains? He tells Sam he didn' you believe me?? Huh, Sam? Do you??!!  They embrace. 

Felix/Brad jokes: Jessica Fletcher, Cabot Cove, Golden Girls, the UPN.... The Movie Bridesmaids.. Brad tells Felix that HE (Brad) is a "hot slab of a man" and then kisses Felix and Lucas walks in. Because the GH showers are just open to the public? 

The INS Guy--I bet Dunklehoffer set it up so Maxie marries him. He probably hired the guy lol 

Rafe and Alice's blood types match.  And Rafe wakes up and grabs Nina's hand. If that's not a dream 


  1. Maxie's home: Hmmm did Dante call ICE, or did Levi? And I'm glad Levi put pants on! I was very distracted by his bulge. :) Hey Levi are you well hung? :) Maxie hasn't said anything about how fantastic a lover Levi is. :)

    Carly's home: Why are the golden girls keep being brought up? Is there a season that's on dvd now? :) On a side note, I love the golden girls! :) Lulu looks a little pregnant wearing that black shirt. Wow Lucas is interested in both Felix and Brad! Yeah Lucas you know who you want! :)

    The hospital:

    Brad and Felix Oh what a scene!!!! Hahahaha! Brad wins the line of the day!!!

    Brad: Admit it. You're hungry for Lucas. You are a hungry hungry hypohomosexual. And You're famished.

    ROFL! Oh that is so funny! Cracked me up! Great line.

    Brad: Lucas is mine! So back the hell off!

    YEAH BRAD YOU TELL HIM! Hahahaha! Love it! :) Golden girls and Knots landing is foreplay? ROFL! Woah Brad kissed him ROFL! I don't know what that was about, but yes Brad you are passionate. :) Oops Lucas sees the kiss! Damn I really want to know who Lucas chooses! Now we won't know for awhile! That kiss Brad, was funny but stupid! *hits you upside the head*

    Tracy, Morgan, and Starki: You can just read Tracy's mind after she finds out about Rafe being brain dead.

    Tracy: OH! YESSSSSSSS! Now Alice will have his heart and live!!!! Then she will be so grateful that I thought of it, she won't tell Michael anything!!! :)

    Alice's room: Damn damn damn! Tracy had to interrupt Alice and Michael!

    Patrick and Sam: Was the very long explanation to Sam that no he didn't kill Rafe really necessary?! I did like the hug though.

    Rafe's room: Nina's fake concern amuses me. :) McSilas is breaking my heart though. :( And look Nina is planting seeds in McSilas's head! Nina talking to Rafe.. WOAH he grabs her!!! WOAH he opened his eyes!!! WHAT IS HAPPENING?!!?!?!?!?!!?!

    "Karen says The INS Guy--I bet Dunklehoffer set it up so Maxie marries him."

    That is what I was thinking!!!!

    "He probably hired the guy lol"

    I didn't think about that! Could be!!!!

  2. First, I couldn't BELIEVE they showed Ginger Kato's package like that! I happened to pause the DVR when Levi came into the room, and it froze on Maxi's eyes on the bulge--LOL!! Can't blame a girl for staring--they had the naked torsos yesterday, now they went south, don't remember ever seeing that before on a soap.

    Did NOT expect Rafe to wake up, is she dreaming, or is he a Vampire? Remember how his father didn't really die, he just traded bodies and walked out of the morgue. . . . Does anyone else remember that that happened?

  3. I guess I wasn't the only one who noticed Levi's padded boxers. Yesterday wasn't bad enough. Now they're getting ridiculous. I like seeing a nice shirtless man as well as the next person, but didn't these writers ever hear the old saying "less is more"? If the guys are always running around half naked it takes the OHHH factor out of it.

    I also think maybe Levi called Immigration. He wants Maxi to have to marry him. And considering how impulsive she is, that's exactly what she'll do if she thinks Nathan turned him in.

    I also wondered why Lucas was just able to amble into the staff showers at the hospital. That's a bit much.

    I think Nina is completely losing it. I don't think Rafe woke up at all.

  4. I also think that Ginger Kato turned himself in, or hired the "agent" so that Maxie will marry him.

    Also, I would much rather see Sonny, with all of his clothes on, any day of the week, then all of these shirtless "hunks," who do nothing for me. Besides the fact that Sonny is more age-appropriate for me, I always have, and always will, find him the most beautiful man in the world.

  5. AntJoan said...

    I also think that Ginger Kato turned himself in, or hired the "agent" so that Maxie will marry him.



  6. I'll take a shirtless Noah Drake/Rick Springfield any time over these guys!

  7. Anyone else find the Brad, Felix, Lucas triangle as boring and as passionless as me? I'm not seeing chemistry. And I have to ask, isn't Lucas a Dr? What a waste! Put him to work at GH!! And of course Levi had a part in this latest scheme to make himself the victim and Nathan the big bad cop. Also, is it just me or have all the women been dumbed down and all of the guys are on display every other day. I agree, less is more. Acting has been put on the back burner and the males of the show get to show off their boxer briefs. I was happy with Ron C and Frank V that first year. Now, not so much. I'm bored :(

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  9. "Avalonn says Anyone else find the Brad, Felix, Lucas triangle as boring and as passionless as me? I'm not seeing chemistry."

    The only couple who has any strong chemistry in this triangle, is Lucas and Brad! :)

  10. Avalonn, I agree. Women on the show who are known for their smarts have been written as naive idiots lately. I miss the smart women of the past, and their scheming.

    And I'm also not seeing any chemistry in that triangle. What was the point of that kiss between Brad and Felix? It was anything but passionate. And the three of them have been reduced to guys on the prowl. Felix is a nurse, Brad is a lab manager and Lucas is a doctor. Surely they can be part of an actual story line and not just pass through on the shirtless carpet every few weeks.

    And anyone who just tuned in this past year would think Lucas was just a layabout on permanent vacation like Morgan( who finally got a job scrapping paint - without a shirt, of course.)

    Love in the workplace is a no no anywhere. Have them go back to the subtle flirting in the hospital and leave the other stuff for outside the workplace.

    And either give Lucas a job or send him home!! He's more than just a gay guy.He's a doctor and a son, and a brother, who just happens to be gay.

  11. Lucas is a doctor??? Hmm, guess you do learn something every day.

  12. I guess I'm in the minority, I never noticed Levi's 'package' lol Of course I try not to look at him at all. I also don't see any chemistry going on with Felix/Lucas/Brad, I don't care how they switch it around

  13. "nance24 said...I guess I'm in the minority, I never noticed Levi's 'package' lol"

    ROFL! Well you can go back to the scene and see it. :)


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