Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Ava gets a phone

Alexis and Julian in bed. He can't see her anymore because of Molly's safety blah blah blah Alexis wants to sneak around. She likes it that way!

Scotty and Bobby in bed.  *sigh*

Ava and Sonny in the hospital.  Morgan is there too. He tells Sonny to basically go to hell-0.  Nik Diamond walks in too. You know he's the heart donor. I'm just waitin' for it! 
Ava wants Julian's help, which is her flipping sides.  She got a phone at GH from a nurse for $1000 by the way. GH people...very bribeable! LOL 

AND...the secret meeting place of the park bench is back. I have to think Finola H is like: PARK BENCH SCENES...AGAIN!????? really? oy. Let this drug sheeze be OVER SOON. Please, please. Please. 
OMG I think they had lunch delivered there!  geeshhh
What's Anna listening to?  

Bobbie, Scotty and Lucy. I asked about Kevin on twitter, I guess he filed for divorce. Okay then, must have missed that.  Felicia and Lucy talking about Scott. Lucy goes over to tell Scott she wants him. Bobbie is like neener neener. Scotty looks uncomfortable.

You can see Morgan and Rosie happening. Might be good. 

TJ ratted on his own mother to Diamond. Geeesh. BTW, do you want to know what happens? An explosion, someone is shot and...Alice gets a heart. 

Um, not a lot happened today. Like Nothing. Other than Rosie's bikini chest. 


  1. Did anyone notice how Jordan threw something away into the park garbage can? She reached all the way into the can and set the trash down. Who does that? Cracked me up.

    Who is Rosalie's father? Has she ever referenced her family before? I like her, and I liked how casual the scenes were with Morgan.

    I like how the blog looks!

  2. thanks BOB! I'm hoping people can get here, the comments have gone WAY down lol.

    I was wondering about her dad too. Hope it's not a Soleto.

  3. I hope she and Morgan do become friends as it's another reason to have her on screen. She can act, and she's an interesting character.

    I hope she has no mob affiliations.

    I like the new look.

  4. Felicia and Lucy: Felicia is a really great friend to Lucy! :) Oh boy Lucy! You are putting way too much sugar in your coffee! Lucy wins the line of the day!

    Lucy: I know that. Way back in the Carter administration.


    The hospital: Oh look it's Ava and she is getting bigger with her fake baby. Hmmm Micky Diamond is skulking around listening to Morgan, Ava,and Sonny. Maybe Micky and Ava know each other, and if she is REALLY pregnant, then maybe the father is Micky. :) Ava gives 1 thousand dollars to that nurse and so does Julian! ROFL! Oh yes Ava needs help from Julian alright! What is it Ava? You need him to help you with your fake baby? The fake baby is giving her strange bangs.

    TJ and Micky Diamond scene. WOAH! Is that a REAL badge? Is Micky really from the DEA? Or is he lying and that badge is fake? Hmmm very interesting. Sonny and Alexis scene YAY! :)

    Rosalie and Morgan: Who the heck is she yelling at over the phone? Her boyfriend? She tells Morgan it's her father, but I think that's a lie. Hey they are cute together. :) I will call them Mosalie. :) They should have a date. But then there is Morgan and Starki getting strange scenes. Oh I can just see it now! Starki and Michael running slow mo in the meadow, when Starki sees Morgan and she pushes Michael down the ground. Then Starki and Morgan runs together in the meadow slow mo, and then Morgan sees Rosalie, and then pushes Starki to the ground, and Morgan and Rosalie runs together in slow mo... And then Rosalie sees Michael and pushes Morgan to the ground, and then Rosalie and Michael runs slow mo in the meadow! Boy that is just going to be one big mess!

    Scotty's room: Oh wow! So Scotty and Bobie ARE sleeping together! :) Bobbie is all over Scotty and he couldn't get away fast enough hahahaha! Bobbie time to get that book he is just not that into you. :) Now Lucy shows up! Come on Scotty! You know you want to be with Lucy! Don't be a coward and tell Lucy you want her!!!!

    Jordan and Anna: Oh come on!!!!! Another scene of oh I am pretending we are not talking! So boring and stupid! Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Oh Anna wants to make sure Jordan is protected. By protected you mean using condoms? :)

    Alexis and Julian: Mmmm Julian in just his underwear. :) Time to hide their relationship again. Well just as long as we keep him in just his underwear I'll be happy. :) Wait Alexis why are you wearing black?! It's summer! Are you crazy?!

  5. "skeebob said..Did anyone notice how Jordan threw something away into the park garbage can? She reached all the way into the can and set the trash down. Who does that? Cracked me up."

    Yeah I noticed! I thought that was strange! ROFL!

  6. I didn't really care about Rosalie in her bikini after seeing Bobbie's boobies in a bathrobe!

  7. I LOVE having Bobbie back and not just stuck behind a nurses desk. Also enjoying Alexis, Scotty, Felicia, Mac. Don't care if I ever see Kiki, Franco, Silas or Sonny ever again.

    Alan has been gone for years. It is time for Monica to go out on the prowl too.

    My bet all along was Mickey Diamond as the donor - he and Alice even have the same hair cut, lol. He is onto Jordan, confronts her, Sean witnesses it and shoots her.

    I still think Nina was the one who got Rafe to run Patrick off the road. She discovered Rafes drug habit and blackmailed him. She lost her child so does not think anyone else should have one. Rafe did it for drug money

  8. yep, Frisco, you guessed exactly what happens to Nicky Diamond and Alice.

    I still say Bobbie/Lucy should run the spa. Remember Lorna Barrett?

  9. Rosalie is a great character. That was good acting with Morgan- she came across empathetic, deep, and fully fleshed, if not clothed.

    They need to keep Ro and Mickey around, they were the only 2 interesting characters yester!

  10. "CareyN said...I didn't really care about Rosalie in her bikini after seeing Bobbie's boobies in a bathrobe!"

    Hahahaha! Yeah Bobbie had enough for the both of them! :)

  11. For some reason I have this feeling that Fluke could be any of these characters due to their connection and hatred towards both Luke and Sonny.
    SeƱor Rivera, Harry Silver and Dr. Dorman. It also ties in nicely with the Tin Man - heroin storyline. Good link to the past

  12. Maybe Rosie is Lily and Sonny's daughter and she was yelling at her Grandfather who she thinks is her father. More Mob ..I bet...

  13. I liked Rosalie with Morgan, too. Love seeing the vets even if only sporadically. Makes me feel like I am really watching GH. Julian and Jordan were doing some close talking. We know Scotty really wants Lucy and poor Bobbie will get dumped again.

  14. I noticed the trash can throw too lol I remember Lorna Barrett. Anyone that watched AMC does Rosalee remind you of Erica's friend Carmen?

  15. "Kat Tu said...Maybe Rosie is Lily and Sonny's daughter and she was yelling at her Grandfather who she thinks is her father. More Mob ..I bet..."

    But why would she be waiting for her father dressed like that and spread out like that? ROFL!


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