Thursday, July 17, 2014

GH Yesterday The Brown-Chicka-BOWN Stone!

Britt has TIME TO BE A CAMP leader? Goodness.  And Nik is going to help her!!
Spencer and Joss are so Tad and Liza on AMC LOL 

OMG.. they both take their shirts off in front of the kids??! What? The..helloooo!! 

Morgan and Kiki. LMAO. Ahahahahaaa. Geesh CAPTAIN OBVIOUS!!  What if Ava is having Morgan's kid and Kiki gets PG with his kid too. LMAO. I can't even. I don't think they'd go there but.... 

Nice Liz and Sam scene. Although Sam's black bra under her undershirt is distracting me.  Silas hugs Sam...right in them boobs. Nina can't help him in that way LOL
Nina is feeling guilty about Rafe because he wasn't 'on her list'?? 

FOR GODSAKES, it's 2014. Get Nina an electric chair or a scooter. People pushing her is so 1983. 

Molly finds out that Rafe is gonna die. Her hair looks gorgeous too. 
She was the BEST in the goodbye Rafe scene. Wow... seemed real.  And I liked how long it took for him to go. It's not immediate. 

Tracy and Alice's heart. Like she has the corner on the organ market!! 


  1. Finally caught up. Gee, Carly looked so big next to little Sonny. Looks like they are trying to turn Franco into a nice guy - don't think so. I thought Molly was great, but it was hard for me to drum up emotion for a character who was MIA for so long. Nina's hair looks like it needs washing or something and I had to cringe seeing Morgan walking around barefoot in a "construction" site. They really need to stop showing empty coffee cups, too. Like Britt's haircut! The men's triangle is getting tiresome. Sorry for the majority of my comments being negative but that seems to be the norm. The writing is really bad.

  2. "LSV422 said...Finally caught up. Gee, Carly looked so big next to little Sonny."

    Oh at first I thought you meant Joss (Carly) and Spencer (Sonny) Hahahaha. But you actually meant the real Sonny and real Carly! :)

  3. Sonya, even more so with Spencer and Joss, LOL.

  4. "LSV422 said...Sonya, even more so with Spencer and Joss, LOL."

    Hahahha! Maybe we should call them Carly Jr and Sonny Jr! :)

  5. I thought they did a great job with Rafe being taken off the ventilator



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