Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Nostalgia Day

And I get to yet again REVIST the rape. You know, in 1978 we were barbarians and a bodice ripper redemption was good stuff. WELP. No more. I wonder how many times we need to rehash this.  Laura finds a clue. She finds out the owners are "Luke and Lloyd" Johnson . Alias they used in 1979ish on the run. So Laura thinks they need to go to Beecher's Corners. 

Lloyd and Lucy Johnson get a serenade 

SaSon. Just make out already lol. Jason says he'll do anything for Sonny but doesn't want to work for him. Sonny misses him. Awwww, all the feels. 

I wonder if all of Hammy Finn's old patients are going to die. Dr. O will be doing it behind the scenes. Tracey gets him to check on baby Carlos. HE says he's fine but needs bloodwork.
Ham stole some medicine btw, from the storage closet. Not sure what but it's an injectable. 

OH, Hammy's patient did die. Bye Old Lady Jacobs!! 

Tracy won't give Hayden a job. Tracy wants to name the kid Edward.  Michael takes him to #GH when Tracy went upstairs. Showed him to Felix. 

Nikolas owes back taxes on ELQ. Diane comes in to tell him. He  is going to need money. He smashes a tea pot.  I think Helena left a clue inside? 


  1. What a surprise! GHH is wrong aagain.. NY is NOT aa community propertyy state. Drives me crazy!!

  2. The writers suck! A blank piece of paper, really?! This bromance between Sonny and Jason, ugh! I am so sick to death of Sonny.....

  3. Why can't we have Laura and Kevin on every day? And Tracy and el bebé hermoso.

    I think Dr. O is killing these patients too. She's reverting to type again, I guess.

  4. Oh, please, not Dr. O, I LOVE her!! Maybe we are meant to THINK it is Dr. O . . . Re Laura revisiting the scene of the rape, gee, Kevin is a cryptographer (or whatever it's called), AND a shrink, how convenient!!

  5. Also, when Jason said to Sonny, "I'd to anything for you," Sonny should have said, "And I would do anything for you," but he didn't.

  6. Oh, just finished watching, Sonny said it at the end.

  7. Wyndemere: Oh why is Mrs. Snails telling her husband that she is selling his stuff? She should be doing this secretly!!!! Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Is she selling Helena's portrait? Where is it anyway?!

    Helena's portrait: I'm hiding my lovelies. She won't sell me! If she touches me, she will get an electric shock!

    Diane and Nik: Oh oh! Nik is in twouble!!!

    Q home: Oh this is the 2nd time Tracy called the baby Edward! :)

    Michael: Let's make sure he is not sick or malnourished.

    Edwaaaaaaaaaaaaaardo looks healthy to me!!! He is an adorable butter ball! :) McHammyFin wins the line of the day!

    McHammyFin: What was I supposed to say? The stork got the wrong house but hey finders keepers! COME ON!

    ROFL! He has got you there Tracy!!! :)Wow RayRay has got some nerve to ask for a job!!!! I don't think so bitch! Now go have sex with sweaty Curtis. :)

    The hospital:

    McHammyFin and Felix: I love the way McHammyFin is shaking his head about singing or dancing at the nurses ball! ROFL! He is a bobble head! McHammyBobbleheadFin. :) Oh looking for drugs! Which one is he going to take? Awwww we don't get to see what he takes?! WHAT A JIP!!!!

    McHammyFin's patient's room: I was wondering if this patient was going to die!!! WOW!!!! What the hell is going on?!!?!!? Why are all his patients dying?! It could be Dr O., but why? Just so she can get rid of him? That makes no sense. She is a doctor. She took the hippocratic oath! Hmmmm maybe she is just a red herring. Hmmmmm.

    Michael, Edwaaaaaaaaaaaardo and Felix: Awwwww! :) Come on uncle Felix pick him up! :) Come on Mikey pick him up! :)

    Carson's home: Awwww the bromance is alive and well! YAY! Jason isn't going to work for Sonny! DOUBLE YAY! :)

    Jason: Whatever happens with Julian, I'm with you. If you got yourself in a fight, I got your back.

    Yeah Jason! Bring Julian down!!!!! Take him down! Beat the crap out of him!!!! (Oops sorry. I still want my Caaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarlos revenge :))

    The disco: What the hell kind of flashbacks are these?! Give us the REAL flashbacks!!!!

    Flashbacks: Hey I am on a break right now! Let me smoke my cigarette and I will be back!

    Blank paper: Since I don't matter right now, I am going to the bathroom! I have to pee really badly.

    Laura: Who are the owners?

    Real estate agent: Lloyd and Lucy Johnson.

    OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH ANOTHER CLUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) And I was thinking Beecher's Corners too!!!! Will there be another clue at Beecher's corners?!!?!?! :)

  8. Sonya I think I would like McHammyFin to do a Dr. Seuss type recitation about the nurses or the hospital. He does those quick little Dr. Seuss type lines really

    And little Lalo definitely doesn't look malnourised. He looks like a happy healthy baby.

  9. "Di said...Sonya I think I would like McHammyFin to do a Dr. Seuss type recitation about the nurses or the hospital. He does those quick little Dr. Seuss type lines really"

    Ohhhh that would be perfect!!!! :)

    "And little Lalo"

    I had to google Lalo cus I thought you were talking Spanish again.. :) Ahhh Édouard Lalo! Very appropriate. :)

  10. WHY would Laura play this idiotic Helena game? Helena has done her horrible harm for DECADES, she only means to hurt her again, how stupid can Laura be? And why would Kevin go along with it? Even if he were not a shrink, as a friend he should try to talk her out of it more than he did. Helena cursed Laura and caused her untold harm, and she STILL wants to play? You CAN'T win at someone else's game, Laura is old enough to know that by now.

  11. I know, I know, it gives poor Laura a storyline. Can't the writers come up with a better one? Even with Helena passed away, they still have to use her, can't come up with something that makes sense? Like maybe give Laura an interesting career?

  12. I agree Laura needs a better storyline but Genie is wonderful! Loved the way the baby boy was looking up at Tracy.

  13. Ridiculous that the disco still is fairly in tact. And while I'm also tired of the rape being dug up again, Genie did a great job, and man - she looks good. I think she and Kevin have great chemistry - I'd like to see the friendship slowly turn into more. I want to see them more often.

    The baby is adorable, and I always enjoy seeing Tracy.

    I hope Dr. O. is behind the patients' deaths. I know some of you like her, but I am not a fan.

    The Sonny/Jason scenes were a total snooze-fest for me.

    1. I agree it love Kevin and Laura's friendship and if the writers don't fruck it up I hope it can turn into something more. ♡ I'm glad you said it, thought I was the only one....not a fan of Dr O, she's just such an evil beetch. I did however love her scenes after Nathan ended up at the hospital. They showed a softer side and that was nice. :)

  14. Great chemistry between Laura & Kevin & I loved that they were mature enough to ignore Lucy's comments.

    Also I loved Tracy with Baby Eddie!

    I kept telling Sonny to huuuuuug Jason: we knew the scene wouldn't end until they brugged.

    I think Nik & Rayden will be broke together & find loop exit through working for their fortunes!

    I think the dead patients are an epidemic: Ham is an epidemiologist, yes? Let's give him a great story. I didn't like him stealing today. Hubby said Ham shouldn't put Felix in job jeopardy.

  15. IDK why Autocorrect wrote "loop exit" when I typed "loooove" but how hilarious!😄

  16. Julie Langley said...I kept telling Sonny to huuuuuug Jason: we knew the scene wouldn't end until they brugged.


    "I think Nik & Rayden will be broke together & find loop exit through working for their fortunes!

    IDK why Autocorrect wrote "loop exit" when I typed "loooove" but how hilarious!😄"

    Hahahahaha! Sometimes you just gotta love autocorrect! :)

  17. Thanks, Sonya! We've gotta laugh! I love your commentaries!!

  18. "Julie Langley said... Thanks, Sonya! We've gotta laugh!"

    You're welcome and yes we do! :)

    "I love your commentaries!!"

    Thanks! And I love your oopsy autocorrect! :)


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