Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Robin Riker Joining GH

Robin Riker....cast as Hayden's Mama on GH..Yep. Another Newbie. *sigh* She'll be Naomi Dreyfus. First air date June 3rd. 


  1. I was hoping Hayden's stay would be temporary. RR is good - she was on B&B several years ago as the Logans mom.

  2. She looks kinda young to be Hayden's Mom--how old is she, anyone know?

  3. OK, I looked her up, she is 63. 63????!!!! I'd like to meet her plastic surgeon . . .

  4. Tell me again how they don't get paid for new characters. We're going to get Hayden's mom, a woman we could care less about. What abou Lulu's mom, or Jason's mom? Why are they relegated to a once a month appearance while stupid Hayden has a mom on screen.


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