Thursday, May 26, 2016

Nurses Ball 2016: The Best Of

20160524 1925(14)

I'm going to be POSITIVE this year and just do the BEST of the BALL!! I will have way more to say during Sunday Surgery, you know that! 

20160524 1542(28)

Best Dressed:  Kiki Jerome

20160524 1903(21)

Best Back of Dress: Maxie Jones

20160525 1416(18)

Best Musical Number: Emma and Ned "Don't Go Breaking My Heart"

20160525 1528(55)

Best Use of The Cloud: Carly Corinthos

20160524 1511(19)

Best Surprise: Robin and Emma fake-out in hotel room

20160524 1543(26)

Best Step and Repeat Face: Ava Jerome 

20160524 1511(44)20160524 1917(28)

Best Red Carpet Faces: Nina 

20160525 1537(29)

Best "You've Been Served": Diane 

20160525 1439(6)

Cutest Pair: Franco and Jake

20160525 1425(5)

Best Late Comer: Laura 

20160524 1933(7)

Best Use of Masks: Dancers Kidnapping Dr. O 

20160525 1531(12)

Best Scare: Dr. O startling Hammy Finn 

20160525 1435(10)

Best Selfie: Faux-Amy

20160525 1536

Best Prop: Mr. Toilet. Don't see them much on soaps!! (Dr. O was tied to it too!)


helkatmat said...

Ok. My prediction is someone came for the diamonds (either the guy Nikokas sold the diamond or more likely, his henchman) and tossed Nikokas out the window. And, the needle wielder is the disgruntled old neurosurgeon who hates Finn. Hopefully the dose won't be enough to do Lucas in* and he doesn't languish in a coma forever before telling who injected him.
*Which would be sort of deja vu, like when Franco injected the LSD into himself instead of Nina.

LSV422 said...

According to Daytime Confidential, a Bree Wiiliamson has been cast as Colette. Great, further inflation of the cast.

CareyN said...

LindaV---She played Jessica Buchanan on OLTL!!!

Carrie said...

I liked her best as Tess Buchanan

Carrie said...

I liked her best as Tess Buchanan

Zak said...

She is a great actress. Would have preferred her as a new Sarah Webber or even a blonde Brooklyn Ashton (Quartermaine).

LSV422 said...

Well, I am glad she is at least a good actress-never saw her act. I liked the musical numbers and it is always great to see Robin. I like Dillon and Kiki as a couple. Again, kudos to Lynn Herring-still wonderful after all these years.

Pat said...

Adding another actress to the cast, no matter how good, is plain stupid. I sure hope they aren't going to go through a cycle of blaming Jason for Nicholas' death, but my guess is that this is where they are headed.

Michelle Latta said...

Me too, totally bad ass! I loved her with Nash ♡

Michelle Latta said...

Me too, totally bad ass! I loved her with Nash ♡

Alyssa Arway said...
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