Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Midweek Surgery: Into The Light

You know I can't keep my mouth shut until here goes. (getting gloves on for this)

20150727 1450(33)

Goodness WHY. So many WHYs. So little time. GH apparently had a month to "say goodbye to an icon"-- and then in the end, not enough time to put him on for more than the 4.75 min that day. What? Where was the goodbye to Lucy, Felicia and Alexis? Monica? Probably couldn't 'schedule' everyone together for some reason. Great. Thanks. 

I would have started out with a nice flashback of Luke--there are many to choose from. Maybe start out with his arrival to Port Charles. Have Lucas Lorenzo Spencer reflecting his life when he's on the docks. The flashbacks could have progressed during the show until they reached present time. Or, he visits sets like Kelly's and has a flashback of the location. I don't know. I'm sure we all have our own ideas. Anything but what we got.  Hell, they could put in a damn reminder of ValDan sex on his last day, but not of HIM? 

I told my mom to watch and about 4-5 friends that don't ever watch the show anymore to tune in. So many people were like "when's Luke's last day"?? 
How do I feel now??? Embarrassed.  

20150727 1442(8)

It's over. Done. Tony's gone and had his moment of walking into the foggy mist. I realize his goodbye was this entire year but..geesh. When you promote something like his "last goodbye" you should sell it. The best part of the show was Maxie and Donna Mills. What does that say for planning? 

Of course, this is also crammed in with the fact that Ron was fired as HW last Friday. Obviously people knew before this. Jean was hired awhile ago-- and RC has been strangely silent on Twitter as of late. It's also interesting they use "Fired" instead of "parting amicably or something. Harsh for a guy that won a lot of Emmys for the show. He also turned around ratings for the first couple of years and put out a pretty giant 50th anniversary extravaganza. Something in addition to the writing shifted at GH. This isn't to say the writing hasn't been dismal in the past  year, that's for sure. After reading Tony's scathing interview with TV Guide it's apparent things were pretty messed up around there. Tony was very frustrated and to basically crap on the writers before leaving was a strange, strange move. If you listen to his last Emmy speech, he was praising the work. Hmmmmm..what the hell happened? Hey, that would make a great Lifetime Movie I bet. LOL 

20150726 1016(21)
On this issue I'm calling out ABC and producers and whoever greenlighted this total NON-event.  Some interesting things came out on Twitter about Nathan Varni FB post regarding the fact that Tony didn't want flashbacks, so watch them online if you want to.
HUH? Um.....NO.  Who the hell lets a guy that's leaving the show write the stuff that goes ON the show? I bet boots RC didn't want that dull nothing send off -- so who did? DC has some ideas and their podcast is full of them.  I guess when you make Mashable and Twitter is basically skewing your ass, you find scapegoats.

And where's Frank Valenti in all of this? Oh, he's tweeting inane things (which has to be some poor intern) about watching GH for the person directing that day. (true story) 

 I'm watching to see if/when Laura reads her angel letter and then I'm done for awhile.  Needing another break from this mess. There's nothing that interests me except Maxie and Madeline and Brad/Lucas' wedding. You know, the one that is stopped now because Brad's married but couldn't finish the explanation in a timely manner? Yeah, I bet we see Maxie and Donna Mills together again in 4 months time if we are lucky. 

So, that's that. I hear the new lady writers are all into hearts rainbows and slowly building relationships. I'm sure everyone will be happy for the change. I wish a Jean/Ron collaboration could have happened because it would have been a good balance. Maybe that's what happened. They wanted the co-headwriter thing and he said it's either me or nothing and welp? 
Now I have no idea. ] I don't follow the inner works of the show like some do. Maybe I should--sounds juicy. 

BTW, Mashable even did a little article about the disappointment of fans. I heard NBC had a nice prime time send off for "Luke" and Tony too. THAT'S RIGHT, I said NBC. Not ABC, no they had their's at 12:30am for like 2 minutes. I need to be Daytime PR girlie lol

Lastly, I'm speaking not as a blogger but as a fan. Someone that used to rush home from school to watch GH. Someone that saw "Luke" introduced and watched the magic unfold. We know who we are. All I really wanted was a bookend. Close the chapter. One more moment to feel the feels. We are sappy like that. You should have ended with Bobbie/Luke. At least that was way more genuine than the Sonny/Luke stuff we got on Monday. 

So, with's done. Fin.  Here's hoping we survive the next wave of changes coming. I have a feeling that if other factors don't change as well we may be just as frustrated. 

and scene. 


  1. Your next to last paragraph sums it up for me. That's what I used to do-- rush home from school to see it. I remember skipping classes in college to see the first time that Laura came bsck. I wanted to feel something too with this exit. And instead I felt angry! A letter? I felt more seeing Angel written on an envelope than throughout the entire episode. Would it have been so hard to have one scene?! Even if TG didn't want it? I'm getting mad all over again. Who cares that he said goodbye to Sonny? Ugh I hated it!

  2. What if they don't read the letter to the audience?

  3. Well, Mrs. Goose, if it's not read by Friday, I have my answer!!

  4. Seriously. I FF'ed through Luke's scenes to watch Maxi and Donna Mills....I watch Nina and Franco and Ava/Denise. What a sad boring send-off for one of the greatest soap stars of all time.

  5. I feel the same exact way. I was also one of those race home from school kids from kindergarten on because I didn't want to miss a second. I even fought with a nun in boarding school because they wouldn't let me watch it.
    This was the most pathetic goodbye ever. The way it was hyped up I was expecting so much more. I talked about it all week and got burned.
    GH let me down! I am still upset!

  6. I feel the same exact way. I was also one of those race home from school kids from kindergarten on because I didn't want to miss a second. I even fought with a nun in boarding school because they wouldn't let me watch it.
    This was the most pathetic goodbye ever. The way it was hyped up I was expecting so much more. I talked about it all week and got burned.
    GH let me down! I am still upset!

  7. I feel cheated. I did not get one flashback the last day with Luke, Bobbie, and the woman who raised them as her own -- Aunt Ruby.

    And Sonny was never really Luke's best bud. Remember the big fallout they had after the shooting at Luke's blues club? (I believe young Nicholas Cassadine was caught in the crossfire.) It was Robert Scorpio that was his best friend, and not a single flashback of them either.

    I saw that show on Monday and my reaction was, "Meh. Is that all there is?"

    The backstage politics at GH appear to be in full shitstorm mode, and who knows how it will shake out. The new writers have some serious cleanup work to do. Not sure I have a ton of confidence for all of this to work out.

  8. I feel like Tony's exit is a bit of blessing ( no offense to his fans). The story line and how everything has played out make it appear there was more butting of heads than creative vision from all parties. The losers in the end were the fans. After Luke's goodbye to Bobbie they should have just cut to his salute and walking into the fog at the docks. But shoulda coulda woulda. I'm just happy it's all over with.

    It was weird yesterday when I was watching GH, I actually had a lot more fun than I have had in a long time. It sort just felt like a dark cloud had been lifted. I'm looking forward to seeing no Luke story lines, fresher story and who killed Silas aka #GHClue.

  9. Woah! Wednesday sugary! :) What are you going to talk about on Sunday?! :) Well we still have three days of shows left, so you could talk about that. Now that Ron is gone, I hope we get faster storylines, and no off camera storylines going! I hope Morgan and Kiwi stay dumb. They are fun that way. :)Otherwise we can't make fun of them if they turn smart!

  10. I was one of those fans that couldn't wait to see GH for Luke and Laura. Since TG pretty much crapped on the fans I feel stupid. I don't believe the fall of the show lately has been all Ron's fault either, he's just the one who got caught in the crossfire. And just to make my day now ME is gone....blah

  11. Holdin' out for the Angel letter reveal. Maybe it will take the sting out of the wound. It will be interesting to find out how all the behind the scenes stuff led to this dog of an exit!

  12. I thought, Wednesday Surgery! This is serious and it is!
    In my opinion, I believe Tony Geary's Luke Spencer and the fans deserved a two part episode with nothing but, the characters that were relevant to the history of Luke Spencer, loaded with flashbacks. We didn't need the Frank Smith business. I do like the fact that we have little Jake back mostly because I truly hated him being used by Guza to show the dramatic love for Steve Burton and Jonathan Jackson and that dreadful intervention story for Luke. Jake had ties to too many core families and there was too much future story potential that died with that character. This story was done perfectly years earlier when BJ died. Kristina Wagner and Jackie Zeman's acting was heart wrenching! And Brad Maule's scene listening to BJ's heart beating in Maxie's chest.. Unforgettable! That's what we as fans deserved with Tony Geary's exit! There's so many beautiful scenarios that could have been cooked up in that writing room for Luke Spencer's exit. If we can all come up with viable exit story options, why can't these professional writers? I mean, Lucky still could have come back to town with Jake and it still could have been integrated as a way to get Lucky back to town and oh look, now Dad is leaving! As opposed to the way it played out. The sad thing is, there is no taking back this botched exit. No second chances. New writers are too little too late. Geary is gone! What happened behind the scenes and who was responsible for this is anyone's guess...
    Would it be too much to hope that letter to Laura involves Laura meeting Luke somewhere and us fans getting those long awaited flashbacks and a proper send off? Maybe that letter says. "Smile! You're on Candid Camera!"



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