Sunday, May 5, 2019

Daytime Emmy Dish!

Max and Vernee 
Photo Credit : Dan Kroll 

Kassie and James 
Photo Credit: Kassie Dapiava 

The Burton 
Photo Credit: 

Jon and Cady 
Photo Credit: Daytime Emmys 

Photo Credit: Starz_Kids 

NOTE: THE LIVE stream was down for quite a time ...which is why I really wish they'd be on regular network TV .. but what are you going to do?? 

Younger Actor: Kyler Pettis...Days of our Lives
Writing: YR
Directing: YR 
Guest Star: Patricia Bethune GH (Mary Pat) 

Younger Actress: Hayley Erin GH (Kiki) 
Actor: MAX GAIL!!  (Mike) GH 
Supporting Actress: Vernee Watson (Aunt Stella)  GH 

THAT'S A WRAP..they were SO long..I actually watched the Game of Thrones ..during it LOL 


  1. LOL! Yes very long, barely made it! Disappointed but oh well at least it aired. Who beat Maura out?

  2. I didn't realize until you posted a couple pictures and I looked it up that Jon Linstrom is married to Cady maclain

  3. National Academy of Television Arts And Sciences broadcast was not buffered or interrupted at all.

  4. First time here and my name is Barbara

  5. Congrats to our GH winners!!

  6. Welcome Nana338! I was pretty disappointed that Maura and Jon didn't get Emmies. I guess that since Max Gail got it they had to give one to Maurice for his part in the storyline. Maura was robbed - Jackie Wood had some good moments but there is no comparison. Hayley E. was a shock - probably the least talented of the 5. I thought the show was pretty good - no issues when I watched it and no lengthy acceptance speeches.

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  8. It is totally ridiculous that the Daytime Emmy's is not on TV. Insulting to all the talent involved with daytime. That said...
    So excited that Max Gail won. I did a happy dance. And Vernee, and Hayley, and Pat and of course Maurice. Maura and Laura are really the best.


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