Tuesday, May 14, 2019


SO, it's snowing in Toronto? Ummmmmmm huh? Okay..well, Maxie and Peter have a Cheese and Meat tray--and Curtis and Laura are 'visiting". I'm cool with Maxie/Laura time. 

Finally the snow lets up. Laura and Curtis go to the woman's house. Laura uses the name LUCY JOHNSON..remember that?? LOL I SURE DO!! It's when she and Luke were on the run. The lady doesn't want anything to do with them. She shuts the door in their faces. We see a newspaper with a story about Ava and Kevin in it. 

Franco in the school meeting "Somebody here has a problem with the gays" ahahaahaha!! Willow put a book about "2 Dads" in the class library and some parents are mad about it. Nina is the one that explains WHY the book is a good idea. Much to the surprise of everyone, especially Willow. After the parents leave, Willow wants to talk to the principal about next year's curriculum and he says: Yeah..sorry, we aren't asking you back next year. SNAP!! 

Michael and Sasha. UGH. whatever. I like her but we know she's probably not long for this show? Not sure. Valentin reminds her that after he and Nina are married she should get out of town forever. 

Robert's looking for Anna's ring in the Metro Court (Mike took it ) .. Flea and Mac are like "Did you lose it on PURPOSE, HUH?! huh?!!" He tells them to shut it. He leaves. 

Finn and Anna are at GH. Chase comes in and goes: Oh ANNA! is that a new manicure?? He's looking for the ring! Finn's like Um, you have CATARACTS! They talk about Willow.  Very cute. Finn wants to find the guy she 'can't get free from"... and beat him up lol 

Anna goes to the Metro to have wine with Felicia. She tells Fe that Robert and Holly are on a break. Felicia is all "Ummmmmm, you think he likes someone in PORT CHARLES"? wink wink. Anna says you think he wants to stay in town? Felicia says maybe he'll find a lady wink wink.. Anna says I pity that woman. She leaves to take a phone call.
Robert comes back...he bought a replacement ring he thinks will work.
AND ANNA SEES HIM WITH IT! She's thinking he's going to ask her to marry him!! ahhaha

Julian give Ava and Kevin crap for being together in the park. Kevin tells him he's a terrible brother and Ava basically was vulnerable to Ryan because he neglected her. Julian punches him. The paps come out and snap photos. Ava clutches Kevin.  THEN the cops come and question Julian. He's like "Ava TELL them it wasn't my fault!" .. Ava's like SORRY JULES! You hit my lover!! LOL 


  1. lol It was 13 degrees in Toronto today. A little cooler than normal. I wish the writers would stop writing Canada like it's a step across the border into the arctic.

    1. ROFL! So it wasn't snowing in Canada today? :)

  2. Ok so......everyone including myself can forgive the writers. Looks like they got stranded and that's how they ended up in Toronto?

    1. Unforgivable, as it wasn't explained. I didn't watch today yet, but it surely wasn't explained when it should have been.

      First they are showing summertime in Port Charles, and they have snow in Canada? Upstate NY is not that far from Canada . . .

    2. IMO it probably wasn't the writers but a scene or two edited out. Wouldn't be the first time. Or the last most likely.

    3. We've had the 80s when you guys are having cold weather. It happens.

  3. they kinda mention it on Friday's show - I went back and re-watched - they discuss 'the best laid plans go awry' or something ----
    told ya'll Anna would think Robert was proposing to her.....
    I think the DOD pledges are somewhere obvious in the house---not off-site....thoughts? Where is Daisy I wonder?
    LOVE Curtis and Laura together and Maxie's reaction to being alone with Peter is very realistic.

  4. Going back to Friday's show, and days before that...what the heck was Sam wearing? And wearing it all week. Very strange.

    1. I agree. She usually wears the "plunging" shirts. This one has a victorian collar and really flowing. Strange top

  5. I am confused. When did Robert and Holly get back together? huh? I am so lost

    1. Yes, I am confused also . . .

    2. ROFL! I know! When Flea said that, I was like huh?!?!!?!?! I was so confused. I mean that came out of left field.

  6. Holly went evil with an encephalitis antidote after Robert returned from the dead. Something something about she had the antidote but several people in Port Charles died because she withheld it... She would have done serious jail time for this in reality, but somehow it was conveniently forgotten. She did get back together with Robert at some point before he got put into a coma with the whole Faison and Jerry Jacks storyline. Guess they still had a fling going there before Robert came back this time around?

  7. School/Willow's room:

    Michael and Willow: Awww nice hug. :) Oh oh Nina sees! ROFL!

    The meeting: Nina that was a great speech!!!! :) BobTodd wins the line of the day.

    BobTodd: Because someone here has the problem with the gays.

    Um what?!?! ROFL!

    Nina and Willow: Oh come on Nina! It was just a hug!!! Get over it already! When is Nina going to find out Willow is her daughter? Or has the whole thing been scrapped because we are going to get a recast?

    Principle and Willow: Oh oh!!! Fired? No there is no reason to fire her! :(

    The hospital:

    Chase and Finchy: Awww more brotherly bonding. :) Love them!!!

    Canada/Miney's room:

    Miney, Curtis, and Laura: FRATERNITY ROW!!!!! :) As soon as Maxie said the twins Roxanne and Ruby Bright, I KNEW it was Fraternity row!!!! Thank you GH writers for the OLTL nod. :)

    Hiney and Curtis: Ohhhh! So THAT is why Miney are in Canada.. Oh glad for the clarification.

    Maxie and Laura: Seriously?!!?!?! Encouraging Maxie to have all the sex with Hiney? UGH LAURA HUSH!

    Hiney and Curtis: OH COME ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Shut up already with encouraging him to do it with Maxie!

    Miney: UGH NO! My eyes!!! UGH! Maxie hadn't had sex in a year! I don't want the first time in a year to be with HIM! UGH!

    Cabin: One hand Ryan is there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He is pissed!!!!! Show yourself!!!

    Metrocourt restaurant:

    Robert, Flea, and Mac: Great scene!!! Oh yes get another ring look alike! Flea kept saying NO! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

    Anna and Flea: Wait what?!?!!?!?!?! Robert and Holly were a couple until they took a break?!!?! I didn't know that!!!!! How long have they been together?!!? Why are they taking a break? Oh because Robert is in love with Anna! I mean geez he still has the ring!!! ROFL! Well he did. Flea knows Robert still loves Anna! :)

    Robert, Mac, and Flea: OH OH! Anna is going to think Robert wants to marry her!! BAHAHAHAHAHHA!

    Michael and Sasha: Yes not everything is black and white. Michael has learned. Oh no! More sex they are gonna do! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! I hope we don't see it.

    The park:

    Julian, Ava, and Doc: Julian is all jelly that he caught Ava and Doc kissing!!! Oh and he still is sick with a cold haha. Oh look the paparatzi! How fun. :)

    1. I was really done with the Maxie/Parking Lot Pete kissing flashbacks. Just UGGHHHH!!! Didn't like it the first time, and sure didn't need to see it 3 count 'em 3 times yesterday!!

      I really, really want Willow to be Nina's daughter. I want Neener to grovel and Willow to tell her to stick it where the sun don't shine. HAHAHAH!!

    2. I'm with you on both counts, Julie.

  8. One additional note re: my paragraph on Holly above (I had to go look this up). Tony Jones was one of the people that died from encephalitis from that outbreak. Holly could have saved him, but didn't. I remember thinking that this was a HUGE betrayal of the character of Holly. She was a con artist and grifter but was NOT a killer. She had been friends with Tony (and his brother Frisco) in the 80's. What the hell happened to here? When she returned in subsequent years to GH after this storyline was done (mainly she was now involved in storylines with Ethan), I don't think the encephalitis stuff was ever mentioned again.

    1. Yeah the writers screwed up!!! It made no sense the way Holly was!!! She would never do what she did!!! UGH!!! I'm just going to pretend that it never happened!!! Also, Ethan, is REALLY Robert and Holly's child!!!!

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