Friday, May 17, 2019

Friday: Nurses Ball Kick Off 2019!!

Some of the "extra' fun cast members we never see unless it's the Nurses Ball.. 

Well, at least they LOOK pretty...

LOVE her little purse...and both of these people always looks stunning. 

OH LUCY in some python print!! She looks so fab every year!

I always love the Nurses Ball..even when it turns out not to be as great as I want it to be. Here's hoping this year will be fantastic!! 

Chandra Wilson:  Sydney "Val Jean" get it?? Nina and she are hosting it's the Grey's Anatomy lady.

Kevin and Ava stirred things up on the red carpet. 
Maxie: Scotty, who are you wearing?
Scotty: Expensive! 

He's angry about Ava and Kevin. So is Lucy. They are planning on doing something tonight to break them up? 

Franco gets a limo for Felix, Amy, Dianna and Epiphany. He and Liz walk in with them all. 

CarSon. WOW, Laura looks fab in that Ruby Red dress!! Sonny says every year he doesn't really want to go because of Stone's memories. Then he 'hears' Stone say : GET OFF YOUR ASS and go. He's always happy he did. 

OMG..Nina and JAX! He offers her champagne outside when she's coughing and she literally sees him and SWOONS! NiJax comin?!!  She can't talk when he's on the red carpet. She is so cute. Sydney takes over . People on twitter are  calling them NinJa !! LOL 

CarSon meet Sasha.  No biggie there. Her dress looks more prom than ball. 

So, Kevin is told a woman is in distress upstairs in room 804 and can he go tend to her for her anxiety? It's LUCY! trying to talk him out of going with Ava. Meanwhile, Ava is taken away by Scotty.  Scotty goes up to the same room and goes: AH HA when he opens the door. (they had planned to have Lucy get Kevin in bed to break them up) but it failed. 

Flea and Mac come in...look great of course. He mentions POOR MR MARBLES!! Long live MR. MARBLES! 

That rando lady on the Red Carpet was Kin Shriner's GF in real life. 

Curtis and Laura are tied up? Um, Ryan would have KILLED THEM by now. COME ON. They wake up and smell gas. Laura says that Ryan wants to kill her like he "died" in the Fun House explosion to get Kevin back. They get out of the ropes just in time, run out and the house explodes. 

Remember, this Ball was established for HIV/AID research. Back in the day they'd have a donation number at the bottom of the screen. Here's a link to AmFar if you'd wish to donate: 




  1. They had lots of ads for other shows running along the bottom of my screen.

  2. Canada/cabin:

    Laura and Curtis: That explosion reminded me of Luke and Laura. Enough said. :)

    The hospital:

    Friz: Oh love Liz's dress. Very pretty.

    Friz, Felix, Amy, Dianna and Piffy: Felix looks great! Love Amy's, and Dianna's dress. Piffy's dress, I like the dress, but hate the color.

    Carson home:

    Carson: OH LOVE CARLY'S DRESS!!!! :) Great scene with Sonny talking about hating to go to the nurses ball, but he thinks of Stone. Awwwww. :)

    The red carpet:

    Chillow: Love Willow's dress! Chase is the sweetest boyfriend!!!!! :)

    Flea and Mac: Love Flea's dress! I knew Mac was going to say Mr. Marbles! :)

    Nina and Sydney: Don't like Nina's dress, and I like Sydney's dress. Nina is acting so strange through the whole thing! What is wrong with her? Did she do this last year? Acting strangely? I don't remember.

    Doc and Ava: I don't like Ava's dress. What is with those things on her arms? Strange.

    Maxie: Like the dress, but those hair extensions are way too long.

    Lulu: Love her dress!!!!!

    King Mufasa and Sam: Of course Sam has to show her girls. :) I bet King Mufasa loves that dress. I bet he can't wait to get her out of it! ROFL!

    Jax and Nina: Oh my my my! I see chemistry! :) She is attracted to him!!! I wish Michelle Stafford was staying. Then I can call them Nax! We don't know if the new Nina will have chemistry with Jax. We shall see.

    "Karen says People on twitter are calling them NinJa !! LOL"

    ROFL! Yeah when I read that, I was laughing. That is cute and very funny. :)

    Jax, Nina, and Sydney: Nina kept looking to see if Jax is coming.. :) She was so flustered. HAHAHAHA! I can relate Nina. :) I have been there. :)

    Jax, Lulu, Hiney, and V.C.: Oh my! Jax and V.C. are having eye sex. :)

    Anna, Finchy, and Robert: I like Anna's dress, but not the color. The look on Anna's face when she saw Robert! ROFL!

    Scotty, Sydney, and Nina: Scotty wins the line of the day!

    Scotty. Hello and goodbye. Expensive.


    Scotty and the blonde woman. She was flirting with him! She looks like Lauren from Y&R!

    "Karen says, That rando lady on the Red Carpet was Kin Shriner's GF in real life."

    Yeah I had no idea until I read that on twitter. COOL! :)

    Hotel room:

    Lucy and Doc: Lucy do you really think your plan is going to work? HAHAHAHA!

    Scotty and Ava: Poor Scotty! ROFL!

    Sidenote: On twitter did anybody catch Maurice Bernard's video of Kin Shriner's banter with Ingo Rademacher? Kin was teasing him about his hair! They got the same haircut! ROFL!

    1. Sonya, ITA w/your assessment of the dresses. Nina was acting strangely because she is smitten with Jax. Her seeing him in that tux holding the champagne was a priceless moment! Valentin looks like a troll next to Jax! Now I am sorry that MS is leaving, she and Jax have chem. . .

    2. S"onya, ITA w/your assessment of the dresses."

      :) I forgot to mention Lucy!!! Love her dress too!! :)

      "Nina was acting strangely because she is smitten with Jax. Her seeing him in that tux holding the champagne was a priceless moment!"

      Oh no no no! She was acting strange way before she met Jax. From the beginning of the show. I don't have a problem with how she was with Jax!! I can relate haha! :)

      "Valentin looks like a troll next to Jax!"


      "Now I am sorry that MS is leaving, she and Jax have chem. . ."

      Yeah they do!!!! Damn. :(

  3. food for thought:

    they can nationally televise the nurses ball but they cannot nationally televise the daytime emmy awards.

  4. IMO Nina is too weird for Jax. Wonder if the new Nina will he weird

    1. She looked like she wanted to eat him! Step off! He's mine. Haha!

    2. "Michelle P She looked like she wanted to eat him! Step off! He's mine. Haha!"

      ROFL! No no he is MINE! So YOU step off!!! ROFL! He has always been mine.. Oh what the hell we can share. :)

  5. Also I wonder if Jax and Valentin know each other or Jax is just eyeing him because he's a Cassidine

    1. I thought that Jax was eyeing him because he's a Cassadine.

    2. Yeah I was thinking he was eyeing him because he's a Cassadine..

  6. How old is Carly supposed to be? Laura Wright is 48. I guess Carly is supposed to be younger? ?

    1. I know that Sonny is supposed to be younger than what he is, and Olivia is supposed to be older than what she is. I don't know how old Carly is supposed to be, but, given the age of her children, and the fact that she got PG at a time when she thought she was past all that, I think that 48 sounds about right.

  7. My favorite scene of the show was Sonny grinning at Shiloh. I am not a Sonny fan and hate that GH is Sonny-centric, but when he said to Shiloh "We protect our family, no matter what the cost" and then gave Shiloh that famous dimpled grin I loved it!!! I hate Shiloh even more than I hate Ryan.....

  8. too bad shiloh is a bad guy,cause the man has talent

  9. The guy that plays Shiloh is an excellent actor because he gives everyone the "willies". Except Sam maybe LOL.

  10. Oh I forgot to mention about the beginning credits!!! They slowed it down!!!! So glad they did, because I could never watch it! I had to either close my eyes or just not look.

    1. Yes, they slowed it down and also changed the music, so I was wondering if they just did it for the Nurses' Ball.

  11. Refresh my memory cause it really sucks as we all know but what happened at the nurses ball last yr? Maxie made some sort of comment.


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