Monday, May 13, 2019


Joss and Jax..aww. Sniff. She's going back to school. Carly thinks it's too soon. Sonny thinks she should try it. I like this young love grief stuff. Could be good. SO glad Jax is on the show. They all get a text about a memorial for Oscar in the Plaza square. 

At GH, Liz and Dr. Terry get the text too, they will go together. 

Cam doing Park-Duty. Franco tries to talk to him. Cameron won't have anything to do with him. Franco leaves. Later he gets a text about the memorial. Trina walks by he says he doesn't want to go. She says: YOU'RE GOING, we need to step it up for Cameron. 

Q house: Monica, Ned, Olivia, Drew and Kim. Kim has Oscar's Urn. Kim isn't sure what happens next. Ned said that Oscar had a plan. Ned says he wanted them to raise a glass, and remember the good things. Everyone is all teary. Drew especially and it's killin' me. 

OSCAR'S MEMORIAL:  Jax, Carly, Sonny---Olivia, Ned, Jason, Drew, Kim...Dr. Terry--Liz Sam..Michael Trina, Monica.. Cameron.. Alexis, Julian, Franco--I might be missing some people I don't know. 

Trina tells Joss that Oscar wanted her to tell Joss that she has to still climb up Falcon Mountain even if she doesn't want to and she has to get to the top. Cameron remembers the trip to The Falls. 

Josslyn gives Jason an envelope to read with Monica. Oscar thinks the  Q house needs a tree house for the kids. Michael did the plans up. Oscar wrote on one condition: that you and my Dad work on it together. GAH they agree to do it .. sniff. 

Olivia and Ned tell everyone to eat and drink and then share stories. Michael says he doesn't have an Oscar story but he knew he was brave when he started dating his sister, Joss. "who's a handful" LOL. It's so cute. Cameron stands up and I'm crying-he talks about how Oscar made room for him on the blanket at the 4th of July picnic even tho Cam was a jerk. And how Oscar was so brave ..even up until the end. 
They keep going to Drew's face and he's just heartbreaking. 

Joss talks and it was heartbreaking. 
DREW STOOD UP AND I CAN'T TYPE. It's just to damn sad. SO GOOD. Emmy Reel. 

Ok, so this is why I watch soaps. Today is why I watch them. YEP. 

They all go to the park. Ned said that the PC parks and rec set aside a part of the park for Oscar "Oscar's Meadow"--there's a plaque and everything. Olivia hands out flower seed packets and they spread them all over the field.
Kim talks..and I sob.  Especially when she talks to Josslyn about being his first love and how she needs to go on with her life and live it to the fullest. 

Final Scene is Kim at the stone and Sonny telling her how it's going to feel and I'm not even mad LOL-- Really good Tams and Mo scene.


I'm so glad you can't see my FACE right now. I'm ugly!! Watch today's show. Great ensemble work. SO soapy. 


  1. Yes...a wonderful show today! I teared up again just reading your recap. It was written so well. True soap opera excellence.

  2. It looks like summer in Port Charles! Here in NYC, 40s and raining, more like winter!

    Are Sam's kids actually living at Monica's now? Not too traumatic for them . . .

    1. I think they are living at monica's. but at least their father drew is living there.

  3. Today was really good. I just have to ask and I've been wondering this since Oscar got really sick, WHY is Olivia acting even more emotional than everyone else? She acts like it's Dante or Leo.

  4. What ever happened with Michael and Sasha having the flu? Did they drop that?

    1. It must have been a 24 hour bug. lol

    2. Lindie I completely forgot about that!!!!

      "Di says, It must have been a 24 hour bug. lol"


  5. i was thinking. next year for the daytime emmys they shouldnt announce a date. they should just txt all the actors and actresses and have them show up at the pasadena auditorium with 5 hours notice. how fun would that be?

  6. Charlie's pub and restaurant:

    Alexis and Julian: Oh he still sounds like he has a cold. His voice is better, but he still sounds awful. Poor guy.

    Carson home:

    Carson: Why is Carly wearing a table cloth or bed sheet?

    Jax and Joss: Awwwwwwwwwwwwww! :( So glad Jax is here for her!!!

    The park:

    Cam and BobTodd: I think Cam is very upset over Oscar's passing, that he is taking it out on him!

    Cam and Trina: Go Trina! You tell him! YOU ARE GOING! HAHAHA! When she told him he smells like trash, I thought he was going to throw trash at her for a second.

    Q backyard: YES!!! I like this! Celebrate Oscar's life! Nobody wear black! I believe in this! Including the no wearing black! I love Olivia's dress!!! Sam looks pregnant. Why is Monica wearing sunglasses? Is she hiding her tears? :(

    Alexis and Jax: SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! Great scene! Jax is her favorite ex husband! :) She has said that before.

    Cam: Great speech!!! Oh oh sounds like William Lipton has a cold now. The cold is spreading fast on the set!

    Michael: He wins the line of the day.

    Michael: I knew Oscar was really brave when he started dating my sister. Josslin can be a bit much. Strong willed, opinionated.


    The park: Oscar meadow awwwww! :) Wait they get the seeds and throw it in the air and it lands on the ground, so it can grow?!!?! HUH?! They are supposed to put it in the soil to get it to grow!!! Strange scene.

    CarlyKim and Sonny: At that moment they remind me of Carly and Sonny! :)

    CarlyKim: I love you. My beautiful boy. I always will.

    Okay I did not cry at all during the memorial, until CarlyKim said that line! GAH! :(

    1. As usual, Sonny made me cry, I cried the most when he spoke at the end, still something about that guy, he gets to me like no other . . .

      Sonya, I also didn't understand throwing the seeds in the air.

      And, yes, I also thought CarlyKim and Sonny = Carly and Sonny.

  7. Well I was just like our wonderful Wub blogger, and blubbered thru the whole thing. :)
    Everyone was fantastic. Kim and Drew....whew, I was just a mess. And yes, Tams and Mo were something to see. Great, great show!

  8. So much hoopla over a character who was barely on. Especially Oscar's Meadow and his upcoming ghost scenes. Good grief. A bit much indeed. But hey, that's just my opinion. I'm glad other fans found a way to invest in this poorly written character :)

    That being said, the acting was solid yesterday from Billy Miller. Very interesting how Kelly Monaco didn't mumble and sleepwalk through her lines when she finally had a scene with him. Very nice, necessary scene!

    A standout scene for me was when Drew was talking about his relationship with Oscar.... "a great majority of his childhood you weren't there for all those hard times, you weren't around and all he needed was a father..." how the camera panned over to Jason with Liz in the background. So. Much. Truth. Well done!!

    1. As someone who wears their heart on their sleeve and bawled when Luke "died" in the avalanche I didn't cry. Sure I was sad and the acting was great I just didn't feel weepy. I did like the scenes, especially with the unveiling of Oscar's meadow and the seeds. Drew was wonderful.

  9. It was a great show, and Eden McCoy was extraordinary. Great performances by all but wow, she truly was amazing.

  10. Was that fake pizza? No one was eating. LOL Michelle P: I didn't cry either. I think the other scenes with him dying went better. I cried then.

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