Thursday, May 9, 2019

Shank in Bake

Mike/ about Courtney and stuff. "If I forget her, you remember her for me".. 
GAH!! Sniff. 

Willow and Chase...He's shirtless. She says Shiloh didn't know about the baby or adoption so he could sue for custody if he wanted to. 

Krissy/Alexis.Alexis says she can do whatever she wants but NO SHank.  Kristina asks to leave. Alexis lets her go but tells Michael (who was visiting Krissy) she's nervous. 

WHERE IS MOLLYYYYYYYYYY. Alexis said she cooked breakfast. God, can't management afford to have her on?? 

Lucas/Julian ..Julian wants to talk to him, says something is up with Brad. He knows Julian must know since the 2 of them talk in secret all the time.  Julian won't give anything up. Brad arrives and Lucas confronts him about him acting weird. 

Brad/Shiloh...Brad is telling Shiloh about the birth mother and the baby-- UGH DERP. Anyway, SHank wants to meet the mother!! DOH!
Kim comes to talk to Shiloh about Oscar. Brad Leaves.  She wants to thank him for the photo. They talk about OScar and what a good kid he was. He wanted to do a dinner for the homeless. Awww. He also asks her if Drew sent anything to her while he was deployed. HMMMMM! What is this about???! She said the only thing he gave her was the CD. 

Robert tells Anna he thinks DIMITRI MERRICK !! might have info about Alex during the time when she would have gotten PG with Peter... but she doesn't want to know. Dimitri was Alex's hubs on All My Children. 
Anna is like, whatever. He yells at her THIS WILL SEVER YOU LAST TIES WITH FAISON! Then you can leave Henirich behind for good! She says no..and he says he's EVERY BIT as devious as his father!! YELLS IN HER FACE! Finn says "That's enough"!! 
Robert tells her he always thought they had each other's back. Leaves.  

Robert storms into Kelly's and Sonny wants to talk to him about Dante. OMG I hope Robert just punches him lol.  They go outside to talk. He had put Finn's engagement ring down and MIKE FINDS IT! LOL! Picks it up. 

Finn of course, calls Robert to ask for his ring back. 

END: Krissy is at the DOD house to get her pledge back Oh stupid girl
Sam wants to finish the initation, film it and get Shiloh arrested. LOL maybe she just wanna have zex with him?? 


  1. I didn't watch yet, but Sam WANTS TO GET THE TATTOO?? What??? How can she film herself getting it? And, that tattoo is GIANT, probably takes hours to do (OK, I know NOTHING about tattoos, but I am guessing. . .) And then, after women get tattoos on their backside they have to lie on their back on have sex? Or maybe they are on top, LOL . . . I just read an article in The New York Times about one of the "slaves" who was in NXIVM, on which DOD seems to be based. She said that, during her initiation, Keith Raniere had oral sex with her, and then took a picture of her lady parts. So maybe that is what Skank does after they get the tattoo, LOL . . .

    1. Not that big. Takes 1 sitting. I've got a couple the same size

  2. It would be funny to see THAT on GH!!

  3. Again, I haven't watched yet, but if Sam consents to get a tattoo, and consents to sex, what crime is being committed that she can film? In the end, one thing that Skank says is true: his followers DO have free will, they are submitting to him by choice, no one has a gun to their head.

    1. But isn't drugging someone and having sex with them without their consent kinda the same or at least considered rape? It baffled me that Willow said "I don't know if you can call it rape"? And nobody has said under those circumstances it is! I know these woman join and agree to go into the trust on their own free will but after being drugged I think free will is off the table. JMO I guess.

  4. AntJoan-you are SO smart!!! now I guess Shiloh will be involved with Kim (which is a reasonable storyline that a grieving mother would fall into)
    WHAT if the telescope has something of Drew's that Shiloah needs.....
    .......I read that the baby storline it blows up at the nurses ball that it is Willow's......and I think Brad will want Shiloh to raise the baby and another 12 months will pass.....Michael still will have no clue.UNLESS Brad tells the truth and then Brad and Lucas break up - blah, blah, blah...this has been going on for MONTHS...
    again, I am sure I am in the majority but I didn't like Hayden with Finn and she lied about the baby, but we gotta have a storyline for summer for Fiona Hughes can go on her summer vacation. never liked Hayden at all....

  5. Is Monica now raising Sam's children? Sam should win for worst mother of the year . . .

  6. What idiot's I guess Mike will give the ring to his lady friend.
    Question for anyone who watches DAYS....I saw that Nicole's daughter "died". How many kids does she have? I remember there was a fake pregnancy? There was a brunette involved. She had a son and a daughter, who I thought was Nicole's and that's where I became confused. LOL!! I used to watched in the 80s-90s- and lost track of characters.

  7. The hospital room: Hmmm sounds like Tristan Rogers has a cold.

    Robert, Anna, and Finchy: Anna's attitude is very strange.. When she thought Robin wasn't her daughter it's all, THE END OF THE WORLD!!!! LIFE AS WE KNOW IT IS OVER! But then she thinks Hiney is not her son, and it's all, meh!

    Finchy: Okay that's enough!

    Oh shut up Finchy! Robert and Anna are bickering like they are a married couple! Stay out of it!!! Besides she can take care of herself!!!

    "Karen says Robert tells Anna he thinks DIMITRI MERRICK !! might have info about Alex during the time when she would have gotten PG with Peter"

    I loved Dimitri and Alex together.. :) Hmmmmm was it the time they were getting a divorce that she got pregnant with Hiney?


    Sonny and Mike: Mike doesn't want to forget Courtney! :( Awww Mike!!!!! :(

    Robert and Sonny: Wait a second! Robert why did you put Finchy's ring on the counter?!?!! And why did you leave it there to go talk to Sonny?!!?! You REALLY don't want Anna to marry Finchy do you? :)

    Ring: I want to be with my daddy!!!!! *crying*

    *Mike picks up the ring*

    Ring: You are not my daddy!!!! *cries*

    Chase's home:

    Chillow: Willow is right!!! Since King Mufasa doesn't know he has a son, he has a right to get his son back!!! I mean he would think this boy is his son! Chase you got a great body. :)

    Alexis's home: Wait Molly made a healthy breakfast? Is Krissy 80? Where was Molly anyway?! She should be there to hug Krissy and say she is glad she isn't in the colt anymore! :)

    Charlie's pub and restaurant: Sounds like William Devry has a cold. He is losing his voice!!!! Cold must be going around the set!

    Lucas and Julian: Poor Lucas!!!!! Brad should really tell Lucas the truth!!!! It's time Brad!!! It's time!!!!

    Brucas: :(

    Colt house:

    King Mufasa and Brad: WOW! King Mufasa is relaxing Brad?!?!?! Oh come on Brad!!!! I still don't buy this crap that Brad is falling for all this! He is NOT naive!!!!

    King Mufasa and CarlyKim: I was confused with this scene. CarlyKim didn't like him! Sooooo huh?!?!?!! But then later she talks to Julian about how uncomfortable she is with King Mufasa so.. :)

    Q home:

    Jasam: Uhhhhh. Sam wants to keep going?!!?! Yeah I think she REALLY wants to sleep with King Mufasa!!!!

    1. Sonya, yes, I noticed that also, sounds like a cold.

      Brad is NOT naive, but he IS desperate. He is suffering terrible (due to his own lies and the death of the first baby), and Skank is providing relief. There are many ways that people are sucked into colts.

    2. SAM IS AN IDIOT!!! Yes, I was shouting. I agree Sonya, I think Sam wants Shank. Gives me the willies to just type that. :)

      I was kind of agreeing with Robert yesterday. What is the deal with Anna? And really, I think Robin should know. Maybe Robbie is just protecting his kid.

  8. I'm so over this cult thing. Please go away. Sam is unwatchable. Jason is unwatchable. Shame on the writers. I realize I'm in the minority, but I don't mind Peter. I think he just needs the right storyline and I do think he is an actor who majority are slow to warm up but will be loyal to in the end. At least his character has loads of potential.


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