Friday, May 3, 2019

Wigging OUT

DIANE is in the opening sequence!! And she's on today!! Valerie is watching Alexis's house and sees Diane go in. OMG So, Alexis and Diane switch places!! LOL It's so good!!! See photo. Alexis goes to the safe house (gives Val the 'slip") Later, she goes into Kelly's and Diane flips her wig on the counter and says: YEP!! Sorry! LOL and that she knows that she's following Alexis without the PCPD's approval-- and that's harassment. Stop it of she'll go to her supervisors. 

JaSam.. I'm so tired of this. I'm saying it. I had to turn on the CC for Sam AGAIN.and It's just making me INSANE. If she has vocal issues that's one thing-- but audio needs to GET ON IT. Anyway she wants to sneak into the file room and get her file and Krissy's and be done. You think DOD would have JUST Files? No video? Hmm. I think they did tape it. But??? So, they are making up a fake thing to tell about Jason--Spinnelli will set it up to make it looked like he killed someone. 

SHiloh tells Michael he's thinking of Oscar and wondering if Krissy is going to the memorial. They leave. 

Julian is enrolling Leo in Pre-K..runs into Willow. She tells him to tell Brad to stop going to the Cult Club.  HE's like, not my job. Later, Michael asks her to go talk to Krissy, she says yes. tells him she told Chase about all this. 

Krissy is in the safe house playing checkers with Milo. She seems happier. I think she's snowing Neil. Alexis and Sonny see Krissy. They say "you look good" --and she does.  She says that her mom said she "didn't recognize" her and she knows they love her. Hmmmm, wonder what she's up to. Oh she doesn't blame SHANK either. 

SHank comes to the Qs to say he's sorry to Drew. He's a jerk. SHank pushes Drew about DOD and says Oscar is on "another plane" and yada yada. Drew gets mad. Shank is going to leave but gives Drew Oscars DOD materials. Says to read the passages Oscar circled. There's a pic of the family in there. Awww. 


Kim and Julian outside her apartment door. TONS of flowers, messages, gifts in honor of Oscar. She cries. Doesn't know how she'll go in. They finally go in hand in hand. AWWW.

Willow shows up at safe house to talk to Krissy

Sam calls SHank and tells him she recorded her stuff. So I guess she knows it's recorded? Hmmm


  1. I'm also getting really tired of Sam and her sleep talking. I wonder if she has narcolepsy, because it definitely looks and sounds like she's going to fall asleep mid sentence. I can't even listen to her or I want to nod off. I just FF through every scene she's in. If she can't bother to read her lines properly why should I waste my time having to read her performance.

    The last scene had me sniffing away again.

  2. Yup, Krissy is trying to "snow" them all. She will pretend that she is all better and getting along with the family so they will let her go. Then, she will go back to Shiloh

  3. Q home:

    CarlyKim and Drew: CarlyKim can't eat and can't sleep. :( Time for both of them to go home. :(

    Drew and King Mufasa: Drew punch him!!!!!!! :)

    CarlyKim's apartment: GAHHHHHHHHHHHH! I cried again! Damn it writers stop making me cry!!! It's emotional draining!!! :( Glad "Charlie" was there for her!

    Central Perk:

    Michael and King Mufasa: Uh Michael! You forgot your phone at Kelly's yesterday!!! Did you get it back?!!?! Or does Chase have it and looking through it for any info on Krissy?

    Willow's school room:

    Julian and Willow: Wow! The flood gates are open and now Willow is spilling it all about King Mufasa to everyone!!! Yesterday Willow had a shirt on that looked strange on her. Like it was about to fall off her. Not a good color on her either. Oh and also yesterday King Mufasa is getting creepy! Getting very brazen!

    Alexis's home:

    Sexis and Diane: The old switcheraroo!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I love it! :) Made me laugh. :)


    Diane and Val: Val were you bored following "Alexis" everywhere? I feel like Val and Chase are stalking.. Diane wins the line of the day.

    Diane: She did. I just needed to freshen my hair.


    Krissy's safe house:

    Krissy, Sexis, and Dr. Neil: Yes!! She is SO snowing them!!!!! Did you see the look on Krissy's face when Willow talks to her?!!?! Looks like Krissy wants to claw her eyes out!!

    Sam's home:

    Jasam: Zzzzzzzzzzz. Sam snap out of it!!!! Stop acting all scared and that you don't know what to do. Then she flirts with King Mufasa on the phone!!! Sam you are all over the place!

    1. WHY is Willow alone in her classroom? Teachers don't just stand around in empty classrooms. Even the other day, when she said she was expecting parents to come, she had scenes I think with Skank and Chase, where were the parents? And Julian wants to enroll his son in the school, so he goes to Willow? If not for the fact that she was chastised by the principal, I would think that no one works at the school but her.

    2. It appeared that Julian was pressing the button for the elevator, which was right outside of Willow's classroom when he ran into her; how convenient. He said he was there to enroll Leo in Pre-K&Olivia was busy.It didn't seem like he was dealing with Willow for that.

    3. Yes, but then why was he standing in front of Willow's classroom? Wouldn't he have just gone to the administrative offices?

    4. Add to that the fact that no school I know allows random people to just come in and walk around.

    5. Maybe Julian was going to the admin office or had just come from there.Or maybe it was coincidental that Willow 's classroom is on the same floor as admin.Especially these days,with heightened security in schools,no one can walk in randomly.Both Julian& Shiloh would have had to sign in,show ID& would have been issued a pass/badge allowing them to enter the school;probably pass through a metal detector. The writers should have@ least showed them wearing or carrying something that shows they have permission to be on the school premises.

  4. No school would allow Shiloh in. He has no children there Plus Willow would have had him banned from the school

    1. Unless he lied and said he was doing some research on schools because he wanted to have his "child" attend.
      I do agree about Willow, speaking of, didn't she get a restraining order???

    2. YES! I'm a teacher and there is no way Shiloh, Chase, Michael would be allowed to wander around a school. Classrooms have phones. The room is called to let the teacher know someone is there for them. You DO NOT go to classrooms without being announced and given permission. IF he were to be shopping for a school for his "child," he would be given a guided tour and not be walking around unescorted. There is absolutely no way any of the 3 would be able to just show up at her classroom as a suprise. There are school safety rules for a reason. The only one that made sense was Julian, although he would have been in the office and not the classrooms. Then there's how Oscar never looked ill until the day he died. They should have used makeup on his face to make him look more gaunt, dark circles under eyes, etc. Make him look like he's dying. Other than having him under a blanket prior to his last day or 2 on the show, he looked healthy. Not the way cancer works. And don't even get me started on how they dress in the middle of winter--1-2 hours North of NYC it would be 10-20 degrees or more colder than NYC. Sam would have hypothermia walking around in her unlined leather jacket, no hat, scarf, gloves, and a tank top. And Carly would have been dead with the way she was dressed and "lost" in Niagara. Can't stand such obvious suspension of reality.

  5. Yesterday Oascar died. Why has there been no mention of kidney donation to Jordan? They can't wait a week to harvest his kidney. Writers need to be realistic.

    1. Oscar died Weds.
      Someone pointed out (to me) that because he didn't die in the hospital she couldn't have.

  6. Did anybody watch 20/20 last night? It was a special with Diane Sawyer about how much time we spend on our iphone! :) Veeeeeeeeery interesting! :)


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