Tuesday, May 21, 2019

More Ball!

LOVE these dresses..and ladies!

Today I'm probably not going to make it for the blog. Tuesday and Thursdays are tough with my schedule at the moment.  Dave and I are preparing something fun for Thursday's blog (hopefully it will be ready!) But today, just feast on some photos I found!! 

I found out that was a Coldplay song.. I'm so out of it. 

Risa and Sonya 


  1. Peter would NEVER be all big mouthed and tell the whole world about Molly's reporting/ story. So stupid

  2. Why would Finn have had the ring in his hand? "She is one incredible woman, you better make her happy?" and he taps Finn's arm and the ring rolls right at Anna's feet. Of course, with the 2 of them side stage she doesn't know who is proposing at that point. I still want her with Robert. She will probably says yes and Robert break up the wedding at some point???? Just my wishful thinking I guess.

    1. He's the one proposing LOL!!!!!
      Didn't you see him get it back from Sonny?

    2. I was wondering why it was in his hand still and not his pocket for safe keeping

  3. Constance Towers (Helena) turned 86 yesterday. Sure like her character. She was fun.

  4. Oh, Happy Birthday, Constance!

    I did NOT like Felicia's and Ava's black dresses, not flattering, they have BEAUTIFUL figures, why are they making them look so dowdy?


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