Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Cruel Cabin

Anna says she doesn't wanna get married. Robert makes big eyes to Flea and Mac. Anna thinks that Finn and her relationship is perfect the way it is now. She goes on and on. Robert eventually goes to the hospital to give Finn the ring. He says it's the least of his problems. Finn sees the ring and loses it: WHAT Is THIS? this isn't my RING!! 

Silas and Jordan play a popular 80s game 

Sonny and Mike..Mike's all excited to propose..Sonny's like: WHOA there-- talk to Stella about it first. 
Jordan/Stella. Stella's mad Jordan didn't tell Curtis. She tells J to call him in Canada. Jordan says no, he has to stay on the case. Stella gets  call from Sonny and she sees Marcus and takes him too.  They decide to let Mike propose. They see the ring and about faint !!

Curtis and Laura. That lady calls back, Says she's ready to talk and they go back to the house. They get there and Laura's like: Um this could be a trap. Curtis says we need to go in..the door is open. Laura tries to get cell reception and Curtis goes in. April lady is dead.  Laura goes out to get cell service and Curtis gets knocked out. Laura is seen screaming her head off into the camera. 

SHank and Sam...ugh. In the park. He wants to leave Krissy alone. "because she brought you to me" BARF. Why isn't he all chopped up feeding Oscar's garden with his minerals? 
OH FK.. Sam's taking SHank to the Nurses Ball. UGH

Carly and Jason. They are talking about Sam...and Carly has pains. They go to GH. Epiphany says she needs to be examine her. She says she's ok. BUT the DR wants her to come in tomorrow because her test results are in. I wonder--- has there been a Down's Syndrome baby on soaps?? Or another syndrome?? 

Tomorrow: Spinelli is on, Anna talks to Peter about the 'marriage proposal" -- and looks like Carly is alone seeing the doctor about results?? 


  1. I hope Laura grabs a poker and finishes off that creep because not one fan I know would be happy if we lost Laura.

    1. Could not agree more!! Laura does "horror movie scream" like no one else! :)

  2. i don't think she sees Ryan yet.
    OKAY the reason DOOL doesn't thrill me is that they film 6 MONTHS in advance, so if we hate a storyline-----too bad, so sad.
    AT LEAST GH doesn't, because let's all remember that Margeaux DA hasn't worked out with anyone especially Sonny, so she not in a heavy storyline. I don't know of anyone with whom she has chemistry? BUT at least they aren't forcing her on if we could just speed up storylines like baby swap!

  3. Whatever Laura sees it completely freaks her out and sounds like she is calling for help. Someone knocked out Curtis.

    Hope they question Mike about where he got the ring. He obviously can't afford that.

  4. Oh she sees him!! We knew the girl would be dead before they got there but the rest was a total surprise to me! I hope Laura kicks the crazy out him!

  5. Central Perk:

    Jarly: Yeah I think Sam's plan is to sleep with King Mufasa.. Does it bother Jason? Nahhhhhh. Oh oh something wrong with baby Carson?

    Metrocourt restaurant:

    Anna, Robert, Flea, and Mac: Anna is skeered about being married to Robert again! ROFL! Come on Anna.. Deep down you are in love with him! Admit it!! Let's get R&A back together!!! :) She don't want to marry Finchy! RA RO! Then Finchy better not propose!!!

    The park:

    Sam and King Mufasa: Sam is all busy being all flirty flirty to him. So basically,

    Sam: You should go to the nurses ball with me and be my date you sexy judgemental man!!

    The home:

    Sonny, Stella, and Marcus: Sonny!!! Can't you understand how Marucs feels?!?!! Stella is right! He has a right to how he feels!!!

    Mike and Marcus's wife: Oh boy! He proposes. I wonder what she is going to say!!! Love the look on Sonny and Stella's faces when they see the ring! HAHAHAHAHA!

    The hospital: Finchy wins the line of the day.

    Finchy: No more stalling Robert. I want the ring. I expect you to be here tonight for the drop off.

    ROFL! The drop off? Sounds like he wants drugs! Hahahahahaha!

    Carly's room: Jarly and Piffy: Hmmm does Carly have braxton hicks? Oh nope she has ligament pain.. Did Piffy say round ligament pain? OH OH THE TESTS ARE HERE!!!!!

    Jordan's room:

    Finchy and Jordan: Love how they are playing a game!!! :) Love their friendship.. :) Are they friends? Hmmm.

    Stella, Finchy, and Jordan: Love how upset Stella is over Doc not being a donor anymore. Love how both Finchy and Stella are trying to convince her to call Curtis!!! YES JORDAN YES! Don't take away Curtis's choice!

    Jordan: Love how she is thinking about what everyone was saying. :) Glad she is going to call Curtis, although it is a bad time! ROFL!

    Canada cabin:

    Laura and Curtis: Don't go into the cabin!!!!!! It's like every horror movie!!! Glad Laura realized it could be a trap. :) She hasn't lost her edge. Oh oh lady is dead. Oh oh Curtis goes down. Laura screaming and throws the phone on the ground! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA!

    1. I enjoyed the backgammon game too, and it was a nice shout-out to Tracy! Sonny and Stella were a hoot when they saw the ring. I laughed out loud!

      Sam and Shank at the Nurse's Ball together.....ewwwww!

  6. Shiloh, being at the Nurses Ball is the perfect time for Jason to get Kristina's pledge secret.

    1. Hopefully. I'm well past wanting this nonsense over with.

  7. This has been a long day as soaps go. Sam is still wearing that shirt.
    Curtis will save the day. And find a kidney for Jordan too!
    Mike is so darn cute.
    Time to return to the baby story...and end it.

    1. Obviously Sam only has black clothes and when Oscar said no black she panicked and ran out to a Thrift store and grabbed the first non black thing she saw - an Amish maternity top. Now they have to get their money's worth out of it. lol

    2. Di! ROFLMAOPMP! You won! Hahahahahahhahhaa!


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