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GH: Monday YET Tuesday


I'm watching Monday's GH before work and my husband is like WHATTTTTTTTTTT we will FIX THAT ANTENNA!! LOL (we can get CBS, PBS, FOX and NBC but not ABC! Seems to be an area issue). 

Sonny and Carly. I get pissed about LW all over the place but this was a great scene rich with history.  Mo looked wrecked. 

Gregory.. ugh. WHY. Such a good actor. Even like Finn's talk with him. Violet was even cute. The helping Gregory into the PJs was poignant. 

Finn calling Alexis was okay but too bad Alexis is in NYC. 

Kate Manzi was AMAZING in her reaction to Sonny. WOW. I mean we know Kristina should KNOW but that was a huge shock/upset perfection. 

Why didn't they address the Jackie thing before this? We would have kept our mouths shut.  Did Brook Lyn need that robe over her giant silk PJs? 

Joss and Dex... She's all in girlfriend mode. Oh she loves him. Awww. 

Anna and Brennan. Please just wrap this up already. He's charming but he's in jail and is he going to come out of this? Because how. She knew he shanked him self. 

OMG THE WHOLE GREGORY MONTAGE made me tear up. It did. Great job-- and losing Greg Harrison is going to be hard.  He did a great job. 


  1. First I'll say it was a very good episode. That said...we had three days of light and love but in true GH fashion we saw Kristina watch her father beat down a man in cold blood. Then we have the death of a beloved character. Why couldn't they let the light and love linger a bit. Greg was a delightful smart character who should not have had the GH death curse put upon him. Doom and gloom. I've said it before. Life is full of it. GH does not need to be. My rant is done.

    1. And just to make sure the doom and gloom continues, they have Finn fall off the wagon so they we can get to see him ruin some events, I guess.
      And still no one asking Sonny if he's off his meds. Not even Dante. So stupid.

    2. Carly asked him. Jason asked him. Carly even went to far as to storm into his bathroom and pull the meds from the drawer. (I couldn't help but think that drawer WAS NOT child proof). They just haven't pushed it as far as to think his meds are being tampered with. Speaking of - I hate that Ava is holding on to this info!!!!

    3. Di, didn't Carly check that he was taking his meds when she visited him? Or am I not remembering correctly.

    4. Wasn't that a few days ago. I'm replying to todays and yesterday's ep when he went off the rails and beat the crap out of Dex. People went and talked to him after and they didn't ask about his meds.

    5. Carly took the pills - put them back on the mantel - she wanted Sonny to do a blood test-----he refused but I still thought she shoulda taken ONE pill! LOL

    6. I just saw the episode... good one but I felt like Monday's show should have been a Friday and this the Monday "aftermath" of the wedding.

  2. I'll begin with negative:
    ----KRISTINA flat out made me mad - asking Michael "can you fix it?" I was screaming FIX WHAT?
    ------Dante and Sonny were good -------------but again HOW is no one just stealing his meds to have them checked? Wonder if Ava has seen Sonny? I think they are gonna have sex....cause 'everyone has betrayed me'...
    Okay - the scenes with the EMT and Gregory/Finn is something we rarely see, but it was so gut-wrenching and realistic......I HATE that Greg is gone.......and I HAD forgotten that Finn was in therapy for pills - not alcohol......but I guess the alcohol is the tension with Liz and Finn.....
    ----telling Chase was realistic too..
    ---Diane and Alexis scenes just filled time today....
    -----so Joss and Dex just left the ER which IS REALISTIC about the timing but wouldn't someone asked 'who beat you up?'
    ---odd that Tracy wasn't in the montage.....

    1. "Mufasa says, but I guess the alcohol is the tension with Liz and Finn..."

      There is supposed to be tension between them? Hmmm if it breaks them up, then I'll allow the alcohol. :)

    2. lol me too. In fact, I'll buy him another bottle myself. lol

    3. I hope you read today's blog! I watched it and had similar thoughts!! I would have enjoyed the Alexis Diane stuff but wrong place, wrong time. and CALL LIZ!!

  3. Finchy's home:

    Finchy and little V.: Time to take her to school!! :) Finchy is so good with her. :)

    Finchy and Gregory: When Finchy was calling out for his dad, I knew. :( GAH! I cried hard again! Great scene!!! :'( Well, I'm glad we didn't have the storyline that I thought we were going to have, with Gregory wanting a doctor to help him die. Dying in his sleep is better. I want Gregory back!!! Fine we can't have him back, but can't we have a twin? Finchy should not be alone!!! :(

    Finchy, cops, and paramedic: Oh they should really cover his face before getting Gregory out of the bedroom. Oh! Gregory was 73 years old!!! Hmmm how could that be, when Finchy is in his 70's. ROFL! Heart failure! Didn't suffer! Died in his sleep! :( Between midnight and 2 am.

    Finchy and the alcohol bottle: This is so dumb! He is not an alcoholic. He is a drug addict! Did the writers forget? Come on now!


    Brase: Chase called her Mrs. Chase! Awwwwww! Love that!!! :) Whew glad he didn't forget his passport!! Finchy calls Chase. :( Poor Chase I just want to hug him!!!!!!!! :(

    Metrocourt hotel room:

    Kraze: Poor Krissy! Having to realize who Sonny really is. I'm glad she is calm now. Maybe she should go to the hospital to see how the baybay is doing.

    Kraze and Michael: WHAT?! No Krissy! Michael should NOT clean up Sonny's mess!!!

    Sante home:

    Sonny and Dante: Oh this is nuts. You can't put Dante in the middle of all this! Sonny it was NOT self defense!!

    The REAL park:

    Joss and Dex: Oh get back together already!

    Joss, Dex, and Michael: Oh so Michael IS going to clean up this mess! UGH!

    Not in Port Chuckles:

    Alexis's hotel room:

    Alexis and Diane: Diane wins the line of the day.

    Diane: Don't make me slap you!


    Alexis: I'm going to stop you right there. I may be neurotic, but I'm scrappy.

    ROFL! I miss her breathing into a paper bag. Ahhh good times. :)

    End of the show: Little V is home from school! I'm glad she has her own little key! :) Finchy will have to tell her about her grandpa. :( So he took her to school, but did she take the bus home? Not that it's a big deal, just wondering.

    1. How is Michael going to fix it? Stomp his foot and say "let give my Dad a pass, or I'll hold my breath"? Can you tell I have absolutely no use for Michael.

    2. lol Sonya. Michael E. is 57.

    3. Kristina the CHILD saying FIX IT Michael was beyond stupid - like it was a parking ticket!!

    4. "Gary says, How is Michael going to fix it? Stomp his foot and say "let give my Dad a pass, or I'll hold my breath"? Can you tell I have absolutely no use for Michael."

      I have no idea!!!! It's crazy!

      "Di says, lol Sonya. Michael E. is 57."

      Hahahaha. I know. I'm just kidding. :D

      "mufasa says, Kristina the CHILD saying FIX IT Michael was beyond stupid - like it was a parking ticket!!"

    5. Now I need a scene with Michael stomping his foot, lol!
      I boo-hooed right along with Chase, that was a good scene with him and BLQ.
      I thought Dante was superb yesterday. I really felt his frustration and anger. He needs to be on every day!

  4. Dante had the perfect opportunity during their conversation to just flat out tell Sonny there is something wrong with him. His meds or whatever and he needs to get checked out asap. Unless they are waiting until he kills someone.

  5. Absolutely agree zazu. But I thought Dante was awesome yesterday!

    1. IMO consistently one of the best character on the show. Hope he stays that way.



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