Sunday, January 7, 2024

Sunday Surgery: A Dish Served Cold


GIVE ME A HEART PILL!! My Goodness but I could NOT WAIT TO WATCH GH this week!! Seriously!! I haven't said that in awhile. I thought last week was awesome. WHOO WEE! I was surprised, shocked, cringy and just about everything else you can think of -AND I had to get tissues out!! 

THEN...and THEN--I watched The Prime Time Special and I looked back and turned to salt. I'm still reeling over the news. I KNOW a ton of people "KNEW" this was going to happen but I honestly thought he'd be done at ABC. I'm so stupid. So.. this blog is tempered with the news of STONE COLD'S RETURN FROM THE DEAD----AGAIN!!!!!!!!!! AG-AIN!! 

I'm doing straight up 151 shots this morning. Flaming. 

This week was brutal in a lot of ways...especially with the Sonny scenes and Bobbie's death. With everything that happened, it's going to take a bit of time to get through it all. I'll do my best. 

NEW YEAR'S EVE BALL DROP : I guess we'll start here since this is when it all began. The Savoy was pretty hilarious and owner Curtis wasn't even around. What happened here? Only everything. Lois was the one to finally spill those beans to Sonny. Not directly but she started that fire. How did Sonny take the news? Like only Sonny can...yelling....brooding and well--you'll see. 

MICHAEL'S FACE: Finally copping to lying and blackmailing Nina, Michael gets his tongue lashing from Willow at the docks. She had JUST called Nina "mother" and accepted a dress and a necklace from her. HOW COULD HE? I mean geesh-- Millow's marriage is based on truth right? (Ok, stop laughing). My only regret is she didn't push that jerk into the river. 

SONNY'S HAIL MARY: Sonny's so upset. What better way to make an interesting poetic justice type scene than to have a reformed Man OF GOD goad him into violence in his place of worship. Pearl clutchers beware; I loved this scene. Devil's Advocate in the flesh. Sonny did himself in here---and although I'm sure he'll blame it on Nina, it's a direct comment on his character as a man. 

NINA'S COMEUPPANCE:  Well Nina haters, you're getting it in spades, aren't you?? First they have Sonny tell her to go to Carly's and confess. She doesn't know Bobbie just died and Carly sure as fk didn't tell her until the very end BUT!! Nina's the idiot for stumbling into that scene. Not only did Carly ride her for filth, Drew came out like a rabid dog to just hit home the point how much "he's CHANGED" since Pentonville. WE GET IT-- he's NOT DREW. :Sigh: 

LOIS' MOUTH:  One of my favorite moments was Olivia and Lois having it out at the Q mansion. Every line was perfection. Lois bringing up Olivia's "Dante Secret"? Priceless. It was a good old fashioned BFF Fight and I was here for it. Lois was out of line... and speaking of OUT OF LINE--um.. what WAS that at Sonny's PH? They had to pay Rena Sofer so much that now she's in allllllll the business? Scolding Dante for arresting the guy that beat another person to a pulp. The whole talk with Sonny about Brenda, Carly and Nina was just infuriating. I was liking the Ava scenes and then...this. :eyeroll: 

THE PHONE CALL: Laura Wright played the initial phone call perfectly. Shock and sorrow. I did feel for Carly and also know that Laura was grieving for real herself. What I didn't like was DREW in there. Why couldn't he have stayed in Australia longer? (like a LOT  longer). Michael and Joss coming over was touching. I know we had Temp Joss but Eden was with her mom during her last days and I'm sure after she needed that break. 

THE FOUR:  Kevin. Lucy. Laura. Scotty.  Brilliant. My fave scene this week. Loved them. Every person at that table had a connection with Jackie and it showed. Also loved the flashbacks. Bravo. 

THE GLOVE: Wow, that happened fast. Laura found out Esme went to Wyndemere and Esme actually said she did! Of course, Ez didn't say she remembered anything. I'm wondering if Laura will be smart enough to look at the visitor's log at Pentonville. The way she's acting towards Esme is making me ill. 

THE OFFICE:  Yep, I shed tears. Kristina Wagner and Finola were superb. Those scenes got me in every feel I have. 

ALSO RANS: Tracey figures out that Scotty and Lucy are playing her.  Adam is loaded and Dex puts him to bed. Curtis goes and gives Portia a red rose. Ava's living at Sonny's now, Nina's not. Nikolas surprises Ava. Sam tells Scout she doesn't have to go to the private school Drew picked out for her. Dante arrests his Dad who looks flabbergasted. 

PRIME TIME SPECIAL: Started out good--and I liked about half of it. We didn't need the endless narration about the years gone by. Should have SHOWN us ...not 'told' us. There were a lot of flashbacks but boy--highlighting so much of Ned and Lois? Not including the new up and commers? Sprina could have come out and said "We are carrying on the tradition of great couples in Port Charles and ready for all the romance and strife thrown our way". (But that's just me). The iconic Edward clip was perfect. Loved Amber Tamblyn. No Webber family-- and they are certainly trying to erase most of the L&L years. They included the wedding because they HAD to (Biggest ratings ever). I liked the wedding gown portion but felt it was a bit silted. The Jackie Z segment with Rick Springfield was touching but why not quickly just show the faces of the others lost this year? Just a photo montage? Bloopers were fun. I do think they could have had a huge montage of past scenes, there are enough to choose from!  I'm happy they did something to honor 60 years for sure and I don't want to bitch too much about it. It got good ratings so yeah for our show! 

THE DROPPING OF THE ST. JASUS REVEAL:  I guess I wasn't paying too much attention to the whole Burton Drama and him leaving Days. Since GH has gone on swimmingly without his character, I think my head was in the sand about him returning. You know how I feel. Jason is not needed. I don't care if he comes back as "STONE COLD" Or... memory lapsed Jason Q or some lug that just rides a motorcycle. We've BEEN THERE. We've DONE THAT. First he comes back with a different face and no memories, then he comes back with the same face and all his memories and-- now? Whatever. Knowing Frank Jason will become TJ and Molly's donor because they'll find something wrong with TJ's swimmers. Yes, I'm bitter. 

I think Lindsay had to step in for Kelly Monaco on the day Kelly learned Steve was coming back. She just ran right outta there. Heh. 

That's the week from my point of view. I was so into the show and so damn happy and then it just felt ruined. I know I have to see how things play out but damn...we've been here before. I'm also wondering who's leaving next to pay for SBu's return. Like I said, Rena Sofer wasn't cheap so-- where's the money coming from?  Guess we shall see. 



  1. Thank you Karen for SS. Nice to see Amber Tamblyn. What is she doing these days?

    I'm sorry, but I want to be ill about Jason (SB) returning. The entire show is all about Sonny, Jason and Carly. It's disgusting. Was much better with just Sonny and Carly around IMO. Now Carly will be in every scene AGAIN, and others will be left out. Like you say Karen, who will get fired so SB can be paid? I am sure Rena Sofer will be gone soon, and who knows who else.

    Anyway...... Sorry to complain so much about that. You could tell from the scenes that there was some REAL crying about Bobbie (Jackie Z). I felt bad for Kristina Wagner as she lost her son not too long ago. Plus GH has had TC and Ms Eddy pass this year. Others too I think. Been a tough year for the soap with losses.

    Hope Ava and Anna get their "bad ass" selves back in 2024.

    1. Totally thought about Kristina and her son :( ... and Amber was in a series called Last Man X or something. It was good but it was cancelled

  2. Rumer has it that Jason shows up at Bobbie's funeral. I hope that this is not true. If they take the focus off of Jackie Zeman/Bobbie Spencer to make her "memorial" all about Saint Jasus, then I will vomit.

    1. That is probably how Jason will show up, but that is so wrong to the memory of Jackie Zeman and taking that away

    2. He said he hasn't started filming yet....

    3. Bobby's funeral is this week so it would have been filmed weeks ago and Steve only left the other series a few days ago. Rumors are flung out there to get the haters all riled up and give them something to complain about and someone to hate. The trolls need to go back under their bridge while we wait to see how it really happens.

    4. Like I said....just a rumor. But Wally Kurth is on both shows at the same time. So could Steve. Possibility.

  3. Re: what Amber Tamblyn is up to, she was in the movie You Hurt My Feelings w her real life husband (not gonna share my opinion abt that marriage) playing a couple in couple's therapy. Prob best thing in that movie lol.
    Re: Steve Burton, I was actually enjoying him on Days, playing another version of a jason type (ex navy seal, assassin, brainwashing victim, but good guy/hero complex) opposite TB. They gave ne old jason/Carly feels without eating the show.

    1. Thanks eeryone for letting me know about Amber Tamblyn. She is one talented lady.

  4. Thanks for another great SS!
    It was a week. Sonny sure "did himself in". Can't stop seeing it.
    Lots happening. Characters are speaking up. Dialogue is much improved. All good things.
    The 60 year special was very disappointing. Mostly recent stuff with a few good clips and memories thrown in. I loved seeing Amber Tamblyn who grew up on GH but NO mention of Kimberly McCullough?? And many others who were a part of it. How about a montage of all the big stars who got their start on GH. Don't care about Jason.
    About Amber Tamblyn...she mostly writes now and is an advocate for women's rights and issues.

  5. I like Jason - sorry Karen!! and right he hasn't even started filming yet but since SOD said someone from the past shows up on Liz's door, I think it's Jason.....I hope the WSB and Brennan has held him captive BUT I do NOT want Carly and Felicia to go to Amsterdam with this stranger and find him....
    ------great week - confusing about Nik i.e. CAN he be seen?????? IS he gonna be arrested?WHY does he want Esme at the party...
    ------BEST part yes hands down were the 4 vets toasting Bobbie and followed by Felicia and Anna ------YEAH NO SURROGATE STUFF MUCH THIS WEEK!!!!
    -----still to come - WHO shot Austin?
    -----don't care for Adam's storyline UNLESS it's parents we know...
    ----I thought Lois/Rena was not here long?
    ----Hope Ava and Sonny have a one night stand......and what happens when Sonny finds out AVA knew?
    _----Nina irritating but love acting of CW.....she and LW and MB were fantastic this week....
    ---- I think Drew's change of character is not about Jason returning but that the writers heard throughout the strike that we hate Drew.....and now he will be dark and that is why Carly and Drew eventually break up.
    ------got tissues ready for an emotional week.....

  6. "GIVE ME A HEART PILL!! I'm doing straight up 151 shots this morning. Flaming."


    "How did Sonny take the news? Like only Sonny can...yelling....brooding and"

    Shutting the door in Nina's face. :) That was a thing of beauty! :)

    "Drew came out like a rabid dog"

    Hahaha. And the picture looks like he is about to swear and say the F word. :)


    You didn't even mention the loud music! Did it not bother you? :)


    Can he please be a different character?! Or be Jason, but get all his memories back!!

    "THOUGHTS: I think Lindsay had to step in for Kelly Monaco on the day Kelly learned Steve was coming back. She just ran right outta there. Heh."

    ROFL! No. I read she wasn't feeling well. :)

  7. It's pretty obvious, Karen, where the money for Burton is coming from--that's why they fired Roger.
    Had to be a lot of money there. And of course, now we're in for a lot of the same old, same old.

    1. true, but Rena cost a pretty penny as not sure how long her contract is for.

  8. don't know about money and Steve and Roger but Austin's character had no where to go from day one so I think he had to go but I WOULD LOVE for Roger to return in some form...

    1. I'd like to see Todd Manning team up with Nina or Ava and go after Sonny and Carly.

  9. I loved last week's episodes!

  10. I agree Wubs. We do not need Jason. Kelly's face in the special said it all


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