Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Those Ribs tho..

OMG Unless TJ is going to knife Rafe, I don't care!!!!!! GET THOSE JR. Mints off my TV!!

Sonny, could you LOOK anymore like Marlon Brando ?? GEESH. "How could you betray YOUR FADDAH"!!!?? 
Morgan is tryin' to 'splain..but Sonny won't listen.  Then Morgan finally says "But Dad, he threatened Mom and sis"!!
You know Sonny's going to forgive him. He wants him to give up Ava though. Um, Sonny, Corinthos men dont' give up their bed mates!!

Ava. You are nuts. Morgan broke up with her via text ahaha

Lulu talking to Officer NorthWest. COME ON...geesh, like he's going to give her advice. What a weird scene

Anna and Duke "here put this bib on, it's going to get messy"   DUKE YES! YES! I'm working for SONNY!! So sue me! LOL 
All I wanted them to do is eat those ribs ...heh.  They never did eat them!!

GREAT Duke/Anna scene right there!


  1. All I could think about on yesterday's show was that Mac punched Scott once and kept babying his hand and needed to put it in a bucket of ice; whereas Duke beat the living beejeezus out of Julian and didn't even have a tiny blood splatter on his nice suit. I don't know why, but it's little inconsistencies like that which bug me the most...

  2. New Lulu and West make me wanna vomit. Bad acting, bad story, unlikable characters.

  3. Anna and Duke were the highlight. Dark Duke is a lot better than milquetoast Duke. Looks like Scorpio is back tomorrow and Thursday too before heading out of town - one last scene with Anna. Wonder if he gets one with Robin and Emma?

  4. Duke and Anna were awesome!!!!!

    NuLulu and HottieCop were almost painful to watch. She should be commiserating with Milo. They have a history and Dante is already jealous of him. New cop can just go and take Silas with him, who cares about that storyline.

    It was like MB watched The GodFather in preparation for these scenes. He was channeling his inner Corleone. Ava is nuts and Morgan and she will back rolling in the hay by Friday.

    TJ and Rafe and Molly - Ugh They are on once as month and they do and say the same darn thing every time.

    Robert's goodbye starts tomorrow

  5. Police station: Oh Sam wants to go to Kelly's with Dante to get a Kelly's BLT! :) What?! He says no?!!?!! But Kelly's BLT is end all be all of BLT's!!! You can even ask Heather!

    Anna's office: Wow!!!!!! I was so lost in their scene!!!! It was fantastic!!!!

    Sonny's home: Morgan and Sonny scene! I was so lost in their scenes too! It was so frustrating whenever it went to commercial or to another scene.

    Kelly's: Oh I don't think Molly is going to be friends with Rafe anymore.

    Ava's home: Ava shoot Julian!! SHOOT HIM! She doesn't! Rats. Well, come on Ava admit what you did to McSilas's wife Nina! Rats she won't. Morgan sends her a text! And he wins the line of the day!

    Morgan's test: Ava I'm sorry. I have to end things between us. It's over. Much love. Morgan.

    Much love? ROFL!

    Lulu and Detective West: Wow I actually felt bad for Lulu! Finally. :) Awww he is holding her while she cries. Oh oh Dante shows up! :)

  6. Wow!! Duke blew me away today. What an awesome scene. I've known a few men who've been stricken by illnesses who have said the sort of things Duke said today: about wanting to have control, be a man, not need to be taken care of. So that dialogue rang really true. And superb acting.

    Also, did anyone else notice the British flag pillows on the couch in Anna's office? :)

  7. Fiona deserves an Emmy!! But I think it was Ava who got the nomination. (?) Rgar scene today with Duke and Anna--superb. This is why we watch soaps--this calibre of acting and writing.

    I hate that Tristan is leaving. There should be a good triangle with Anna, Duke and Scorp. I wonder if they'll pull Luke in to fill in the story that was to be Scorpio', like they pulled in Tristan when Tony had back surgery. At least now Luke and Anna also have history so it works. Still, I do enjoy Tristan...

    Newbie cop just doesn't quite have it. Or maybe he's just not my type--too pretty, not quite bright enough. No character in his face. I still say when he said something about loss today it is Silas's wife he lost--as an aunt or some relative. That's why he is determined to arrest Silas and way he can. I am interested in that story--because I like McBain, always have. Just wish he was still playing McBain...
    At least now we know it was Ava who killed Connie (Julian said so) and who is now framing Silas.The actress is so good so while I want her caught, I don't see it happening.

    Duke is far more interesting in he-man mode than as victim. It was easy to feel for him today.

    When does Max get out of the hospital?

  8. Absolutely superb acting from Finola and Ian and well written to boot. Loved Ava's cat and mouse game with Julian. It was also nice to see Sam and Dante interact. Sonny and Morgan scenes good, too.

  9. During the nuLulu and nucop, all I could think of was why in the world would she be pouring her heart out to him? As for Sonny, I loved the character for years and of course love MB but to me Sonny is just laughable now...he really needs another direction


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