Wednesday, January 22, 2014

What Will Spencer DO?

Against the EVIL Heather? LOL..he's standing there like the prince he is. I have to be gone until 3 at least. I'll try to pop in after I watch the episode. With my cold, I may just come home and pass the hell out!! It's 1 degree here. OH!! NO!! Oh well, looks like that's going to be our weather for awhile. 

Saw the second half...!!!! Ha ha...Carly's knocked out!! Cameron isn't ready to lie-- but Spencer sure is! He's Helena's kid.
Loved Dr. O being nasty to Sabby and Felix. Heh.. I really can't wait to see Epiphany in a scene with her! WOOT!!


  1. Am I the only one who can't wait to see Epiphany and Obrecht lock horns??? :)

  2. Why doesnt Robin just go to Sonny and ask him to kill Dr O.? Isnt that the way things work on this show? Mobsters kill people? All problems are solved with a gun in port charles, arent they? Considering the way that Dr O. treated Robin for 2 yrs, that should be enough for Sonny to order a hit on her. Sonny loves Robin. He should kill or at very least threaten Dr. O. Maybe sic Olivia on her and she can do that whole guidette attitude thing she is good at. That would scare anyone.

    It's bad enough I have to put up with bad adult actors on this show, but now I have to watch bad child actors? UGH!

    I guess all good things must come to an end. And good writing cycles itself. We had some good storylines in 2013. And yes, some bad ones. But most of us were at some point somewhat buoyed that things were going in the write direction (get it? pun...) but now it is unwatchable. to prove the point that this is unwatchable, I give you this piece of evidence: a person can yell and scream through a bandana gag. which carly proved when she was alone with Heather but "forgot" when the kids were in the next room.

    epic fail.

    maybe. just maybe. they are gearing up for a "who killed dr. o" storyline as everyone seems to hate her at the moment and they are writing her to have everyone loathe her. although, frankly, I think that it would be more like "who cares who killed dr. o?" storyline.

    the writing just sucks right now. its choppy and, above all, implausible and difficult to swallow (unlike pickle-lila. hey, whatever happened to THAT storyline?).

    just my opinion.

  3. delcodave,
    I was thinking the exact same thing about bad child actors. I hope they stick Spencer and Cameron back in the closet for several months.
    This Carly hostage story has dragged on for way too long and now Carly is going to be shot up with drugs? Blah.
    Not liking anything on the show now.
    I would prefer casey the alien to all the impossibly
    nonsensical stuff we're getting now.

    I am already sick of Sabrina"s pregnancy story and am remembering the time when every pregnant woman fell down the stairs fondly.

  4. I watched online. Skipped anything to do with Dr O, Heather, Kiki, Felix, Sabrina and/or Franco. Only watched Patrick/Robin/Anna and Liz scenes, so basically only took me 10 minites to watch the scenes I deem worth watching

  5. HOW could Carly not yell when the kids were there, ITA w/others who said it drove them crazy, the "magic gag" that sometimes you can talk through, sometimes you can't. Also, Carly's hair looks amazingly good, and she looks pretty fresh for someone who hasn't bathed, and rarely eaten/had something to drink, or gone to the loo for days. (Or is this supposed to be all on the same day? . . . Can't tell w/GH.)

  6. I was waiting for Spencer to say "And this is my stable. The last time I rode a horse on Spoon Island, I was 10 years old and being shown off to Rebecca, that gum smacking twit who looked like Emily."

    And then I was waiting for Cameron to say "At least you GOT to be 10 one time."

    GH has clearly jumped the shark. I get having to "suspend belief" but to have to do it every single second of every single show? Nu-uh.

    My other peeve is one half of Cartini stated "My characters have jobs". What does Starkilaur do? What's her job? I thought she was hot to trot to work at GH.

  7. Kg, that is exactly what I have been saying to myself..."I'm okay with suspending belief, BUT...." Some of this is getting a tad ridiculous, to say the least.

  8. Shouldn't Cameron recognize Heather? Steven lived with them for a long time. His mother never showed up?

    Is Carly going to have premonitions now that she has been drugged with LSD? - that is Heathers drug of choice. I guess we wont find out for three weeks or more. Are they going to just drop the story and not mention her - just occasional headlines like they did with AJ.

    This show is becoming such a farce. The fact that Carly can only yell when alone with Heather and not when anyone else is nearby is just ridiculous.

    Dr. O becoming COS is just stupid, I could get behind her being released because of the WSB but Chief is too much. And why didn't Nick know who was COS, Isn't he on the board of directors of the hospital?

    Lulu held her baby today.

    Why is Kiki helping this psycho serial killer? Because she thought he was her father for 5 minutes? If TPTB wanted to keep having a relationship between these 2 then they should have left Kiki as his daughter. This makes no sense. I don't care if they played father/daughter on another show. Michael needs to kick her out, and then maybe he will be more interesting.

    At least we got to see Liz for a couple days in a row before they selve her again.

    Way too many people and storylines AND I have no interest in most of them at this point. I FF'd every scene with Heather and Franco in it. 2014 certainly didn't start off with a bang.

  9. Me too, Dustin! As ridiculous as it is that O is Chief of Staff, I can't wait to see Epiphany put her in her place.

  10. Cam said it best: Could you be any more of a jerk?

    Spencer yelled the entire episode. He was rude, arrogant and obnoxious. People think this is cute? Get that kid off my screen.

    I hope we're heading to a "Who killed" Dr O and Heather storyline.

  11. Hell, I'll say the truth: Cam and Spencer are TERRIBLE child actors. It's embarrassing how flat they are on screen.
    Emma is tolerable, but just barely,

    None of them are as good as Kimberly M, Jonathan J, or Amber T were as kids.

    Big mistake featuring all the kids front and center. Booo on that.


  12. Michael and Starki's home: Zzzzzzzz. When is Starki going to put away the milk and the cereal?

    Kelly's: Oh where oh where is BobTodd?!!?! Michael, Dante and the other cops don't know! ROFL!

    Police station: Dr O talk hahahaha! Anna wishes she was there when Robin attacked Dr O hahahaha! Robin says researched PTSD and she found out she doesn't have it. Which means she will have it ROFL!

    The hospital: Sabrina, Felix, and Liz: Zzzzzzzzz. Oh Dr O scolded Liz! ROFL! Oh Dr O being COS is gonna be fun! :)

    Wyndemere: Boy baby Ben aka Rocco, looks really heavy for Lulu! :) Come on Britch! Tell them damn truth about Rocco!!!

    Wyndemere stables: Heather wins the line of the day!!!

    Heather: I was screaming because there was something was in here. A Chupacabra. Oh it's a terrible creature. It's a cross between a cyote and a bear and a monster. It likes to drink the blood of living things. Especially horses and children.

    ROFL! Heather's scene with the kids was great! :) Oh oh Carly gets a needle stuck in her. With green stuff!

  13. OK, I usually let a lot of things slide with this show, and will continue to (the magic gag, the kid's stuff, Starki) except there was something COMPLETELY wrong toward the end of today's show.

    When Dante and Lulu ran into each other at Kelly's the song playing in the background was SONNY AND BRENDA'S song, "Home Again" and NOT Lante's song, "You Came Around"!!!!!!! There are some things I just can't overlook. Ever since the new actress took over the role, I've been waiting to get a Lante scene with THEIR song. I had assumed when her memories came back and they reunited the show would have played that song. I was really disappointed when they didn't. And still, to this day, no song. And then today...THE WRONG SONG! WTF?!? And to play S&B's song? Gag me. Very, very disappointed. :(

    PS- (not a sales promo, just sharing info) You can download those songs on iTunes. They are both very beautiful, even when they are misused.

  14. Ii thought someone might like to post this news.

  15. Epiphany and Olbrecht will not lock horns. and Epiphany will back down. Why? Because the writers worship villians now. Our heroes are doormats. Villians always win. So, Dr. O will triumph since the writers worship her now.

  16. delcodave,

    Also, Epiphany is a GH character and she's being eased out like so many others, despite the fact that she's a good actress. She should be at the desk all the time, not Felix and Brad, or Brad and Sabrina.



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