Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Screw You, Silas!

Boy..Sam and Silas were into it today. And Sam..acting all crazy because he's married? Well, guess she's changed!! LOL 

Heather: I have no problem putting a bullet in that CORN child!! ahahahaa. I'm sick of Heather for the moment.

TODD and Kevin...TODD and Scotty. And wait..that's Bobbie! She's going to eat dinner with Luke and Lulu!

So Silas' wife has been in a coma for 20 years. Nina has been hooked up to a machine because her parents won't let her off. Silas hasn't seen her the whole time.
NO idea why he didn't just divorce her though. Oh, he WAS having an affair with Ava when she went into the coma, btw. Nina tried to kill herself when she found out-- and she lapsed into a coma. 

Sonny and Morgan. Sonny yelled, Morgan cried. WHY in God's name would Sonny think that Morgan could just WALK out of the mob? Good Lord. Morgan should tell Sonny so they can double-back-flip on Julian.


  1. AntJoan,
    Because this was lake effect, totals for the storm varied widely from the Northtowns to the city to the Southtowns. Orchrad Park where the Bills stadium is got 3 feet. Here in Kenmore just north of the city we only got 8 inches which is no big deal now that the 35 mph winds finally stopped.

    It is weird how little snow it takes to produce whiteouts when winds are that strong. For us it's all over. My little one block side street is down to clear pavement. Pretty much everything is open and the schools are even reopening tomorrow.

    And I am getting old and haven't worn sleeveless anything since I was young. But they certainly do dress strangely on GH.

    To steal a Joan Rivers line , most of hair and wardrobe is so awful you'd think it was done by Stevie Wonder.

  2. My brother lives in East Auroa Dar!! it's awful there. He teaches in Orchard park.
    Buffalo Lake effect is so strange.

    BTW, in Rochester we didn't get any snow, it all went to Watertown way!

  3. So Lulu said she packed a bag last night and left Dante, but apparently she made sure to pack a little black dress? Only in Port Charles.

  4. Sam's home: WOW!!!! So McSilas has a wife named Nina who is in a coma for over 20 years. Oh wait she is brain dead. So it's not a coma. And her parents didn't want her off the ventilator?!!?! But she is brain dead. And when you are brain dead, you are dead! Nina is a pretty name. Sam won the line of the day!

    Sam: Wow that is a pretty sloppy dodge coming from an experienced adulterer.

    ROFL! I loved how she gave him a piece of her mind!

    Metrocourt restaurant: Lucy! Scotty! Doc! Bobbie! :) YESSSSSSSS! Oh Lucy come on! Don't act so strange! Bobbie and Doc both know you very well. Scotty wants Lucy back!!! :) Bobby Baldwin and Scotty scene! Bobby Baldwin puts up three fingers, as to show his daddy his middle finger ROFL! Oh come on Scotty! Be nice to your son! :) Lulu, Luke, and Bobbie scene!!! :) Lulu is living with Bobbie and Carly! Bobbie is living with Carly! :)

    Michael's restaurant: Come on Morgan! Your father is not stupid!!!! Morgan and Sonny scene awwwww! And then they hug awwww!

    Carly's home: Oh oh Zombie Heather has Carly! Oh Carly's daughter is with her daddy in Australia! :) Zombie Heather with the dark wig tells Carly all about what Carly's lover has been up to! Now Carly knows that he tried to kill Heather!

    Julian's home: Ava vs Julian! SOAPY DELICIOUS! She is not happy about Julian's plan especially, when she found out her and Morgan are over! Oh Ava don't like being threatened! She does not take that lying down!

    Police station: Oh Dante looks awful!!! He misses his Lulu. :( The actor sounds like he has a cold. Oh Detective West and Dante scene. Awesome. :) People on another board, have a theory.. That Detective West might be Nina's brother and that's why he is all into this situation. Hmmm he could very well be. :)

    Preview for tomorrow: Sonny and Robin scene! I was wondering when he was going to find out she is alive! :)

  5. "kdmask said...My brother lives in East Auroa Dar!!"

    Hey my grandmother was born there. :) Are we related Karen? ROFL!

    "BTW, in Rochester we didn't get any snow, it all went to Watertown way!"

    No it hasn't been snowing, but we got bitter bitter cold with - degrees BRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR! How are you holding up hon? Did you hear about Macy's is closing? :(


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