Wednesday, January 15, 2014

"Deep Down Inside He Loves Me"

What's up!? Here I am...I rushed home to blog the show. I hope it's a good one....

So, Kevin, Scotty-- Duke,  Felicia, Bobbie   and Lucy.  Guess they are wheeling out the vets they hardly use.

Sonny's sitting next to a bunch of Hefty Bags in that warehouse. Are they for bodies? Morgan is hugging the enemy! ut. oh!!  Duke meets Morgan.  Sonny better be double crossing on this because he CAN'T be this stupid... ugh. "Don't tell anyone Duke is with us because of Anna".

Scotty and Franco. They need to put these two together more if they want me to care.  He went to see Kevin and was acting like TODD so much!!! 

Lulu, shut it, you're not a detective!! And Mr. can't just go around discussing stuff with ANYONE!! I so hope they don't go with Nathan and Lulu because..I just don't. Then, Maxie will be back and she'll like him and Dante will also be all pissy. 

Felicia and Lucy--old times, old times.  Did you see the sugar she put in that coffee? LOL  Felicia was so into the gossip about Scott!! yah!! 


  1. I really haven't been watching. Just reading re-caps. Did I miss the re-cap where Robin asked Patrick where is brother is? I mean, I would kind of wonder where my husband's brother disappeared to or if I needed to put out an extra setting for the weekly family dinner.

    So much stuff going wrong that I can't even consider it a farce at this point.

  2. I haven't heard Patrick's brother mentioned for so long that I forgot he even existed.

  3. Ah that's right!! LOL. forgot about that..I'll ask on twitter!

  4. And Lucy was wearing a cape and gloves today. yay.

    No nice flow to the show. Too choppy. Never really had a connection with Robin and Patrick to hash out what happened to her...

    No AJ now, all Carly and Franco.

    and yes- it does look like they are going there with Lulu and Nathan. Still stupid she's living there!

  5. I think you need to put up a poll:

    What information did Robin have the best off-screen reaction to?

    A) Maxie married Matt and then divorced him

    B) Edward died

    C) Spencer grew old then grew young

    D) Pic-a-Lila saw a resurgence

    E) Emma told Patrick Robin called but Patrick dismissed Emma as being delusional

    F) The vacant lot for the new Scorpio-Drake home became the new location for Lucy's Spa which subsequently went out of business because Richard Simmons went all diva and refused to teach aerobics

  6. Lucy and Doc: Lucy wins the line of the day!!!

    Lucy: What are you doing here?

    ROFL! And that was a great dream! :) Richard Simmons Lucy? Really? You were all shaken up because of that? ROFL! Couldn't of you found a better lie? :)

    Parking garage: Scotty and BobFranTodd Baldwin scene hahaha! Awww Scotty! Your son didn't hurt Carly!

    The hospital: Michael and Starki arguing! :) Woah they made up. I got whiplash that was so fast! Oh no! Michael is giving BobFranTodd Baldwin the benefit of the doubt because Starki said to?! BAH! I really enjoyed Michael being mean to him! Damn you Starki!!!

    Carly's home: Ummmm oooookayyyyyy. Lulu why aren't you telling Detective hot N stuff that Dante is your husband?!!? What a strange scene.

    The warehouse: Oh wow Sonny is done with Olivia already?! They have sex, they have some strange afterglow with Olivia thinking about Morgan and talking about him, and off Sonny goes to the warehouse. :) Morgan talked to Jossy by skyping with her?! :) Oh Sonny is SOOOOO testing Morgan!!!!! It is so obvious come on! :) Oh Morgan meets Duke. :)

    Kelly's: Felicia and Duke scene YAY! Felicia and Lucy scene YAY! Love it!! Two great scenes. Oh oh Lucy can't get Scotty out of her mind! :)

    Police station: Oh wow!! All the evidence points to BobFranTodd Baldwin! That Heather!!!! :)

  7. "Kg said...I think you need to put up a poll: What information did Robin have the best off-screen reaction to?

    C) Spencer grew old then grew young
    F) The vacant lot for the new Scorpio-Drake home became the new location for Lucy's Spa which subsequently went out of business because Richard Simmons went all diva and refused to teach aerobics"

    Okay I love C and F! ROFL! I guess Lucy's and Laura's spa DID go out of business. :) Spencer grew old and grew young! Haha I got whiplash. :)

  8. Ana told her about Edward on screen because she told her how he saved Emma during the water positioning

  9. Thanks auto correct - "poisoning"

  10. I also thought that Sonny might be testing Morgan, but why would he start by dropping the "Duke" bomb? That info is too important for Morgan to spill. . . .

  11. I love watching Duke's reaction to everything - he has such expression in his eyes especially when he is wary of something. Loved Felicia/Duke and then Lucy scenes, and Bobbie. I liked retro-Wed. very much.

  12. When Frank Valentini and Ron Carlivati took over GH they said they respected the shows history. They have ignored the Quartermaines, Liz and Alexis. They have written Heather as a cartoon. They made legacy character Robin's storyline all about the most boring and annoying character in recent year, Sabrina. True they brought back some vets but then left to only pop up now and then like Lucy, Felicia, Lesley, AJ, etc. They wrote stupid, over the top cheesy storylines like vampires and Heather digging her stabbed self out of a grave.
    While they were doing all this they had plenty of time to pimp out their OLTL imports as three of the worse characters on the show.
    Admittedly they have done some great things like bringing back the nurses ball, writing good storylines for Anna and killing of Connie.
    Some say the show is better now then it was a few years ago. Ratings indicate that is true. It is, however, also a very different show. It is less drama and romance and more cheese and cartoon. Not my cup of tea.
    Now, they are going to make Dr. O Chief of Staff at the hospital. THAT is NOT Valentini and Carlivati respecting General Hospital's history, it is Cartini spitting on Steve Hardy's grave.

  13. I agree with you friscogh. I've also stopped watching and have just been reading recaps and hoping that more of my GH characters will come back, in character.

    I fear though, with another legacy character being phased out (AJ) they've lost their chance to revitalize the Q's and bring Liz back into a storyline. I hate the cheese and the OLTL characters as well as the slap stick nature of heather's role and Todd's most of the time. ( And yes, I know they don't call him that anymore but that's who he is.)

    We never even got to see Max and Milo at the hospital. :(

  14. The only good thing about the shows lately is..... nothing. I guess I can watch in a bout 15 minutes since I FF through 90% of it. Maxie and Spinelli were characters I always watched (both gone for now) and I used to like Dante and Lulu (but now not so much the the NuLulu and they aren't even together). Liz and Nik are fun (hardly on) and I don't even mind Nik and Britt - at least there's some humor (but they aren't on either). I find that I don't care at all about who took Carly, who Lucy slept with, anything Scotty is doing and the mob stuff is always a FF for me. I am a legacy watcher (since the 80s) but Bobbie and Felicia are so annoying to listen to that I even FF through that stuff. So, there is nothing really for me to watch right now. Even the Robin/Patrick story is a snoozer. What happened to GH?? It was good for a few months and then BAM! I hope whoever decided this current route was the way to go comes to their senses soon. It's a trainwreck.

  15. I thought it was a nice not to history with Lucy as the librarian

  16. nance24, I agree that it was a great reference to the beginning of Lucy Coe. That was one of my favorite storylines ever.

  17. I read that Frank is not aloud to give vets long term contracts. I think Tony Geary taking vacations all time doesn't help either.

  18. Well there are definitely new people who have longer contracts than our vets.

  19. Why would he not be allowed to give long term contracts to vets? I suspect it is because he has bloated the cast with newbies and useless characters he can not afford to pay the vets for long term contracts.

    Get rid of Sabrina, Felix, Carlos, Brad, Starr, Todd, McBain, Olivia, TJ, Rafe, Shaun and see if that can buy more screen time for the vets.

    All that being said I am pleased with the amount of screen time Bobbie is getting. It has been the highlight of the show for me recently. I'd like to see her back behind the nurses desk permanently. Michael and Morgan could use their grandmother, Lulu could use her aunt, God knows Carly could use her mother, and hospital staff like Robin and Liz could use someone to talk to (other then Epiphany).

  20. I thought that picture of Lulu and Carly was odd since they haven't been together for a long time and Carly's hair looked current. This Lulu is so expressionless that it is pathetic. Her cousin is missing and she can't show concern or worry, and acted like Nathan just stopped by for a social visit. I did like the scenes at the PD where the team was actually analyzing the evidence.

  21. I know it is important to have a balance of old and new characters, and of course, some new characters work better than others. The experienced or veteran actors know how it's done and their acting is usually superior and entertaining, even if their time is limited. I love Anna, and feel she is the star of the show. THE leading lady. She needs lots of story time.

    As to newer characters--well, it is easy to sit back and judge, but there are some who are only so-so.
    The new cop--too pretty, not the right type. I really liked McBain cop and looked forward to him working with Anna, but this guy..uhhn. Don't care.
    Sabrina. She's just okay, nothing to get excited about. I liked her much better with glasses, but the character is just not interesting enough for as much screen time as she gets. They could lose her.

    Felix they should keep. He's likable and moves plot along and is fun to watch. He needs more scenes with Lucy.

    Lulu recast is simple not the right type. I cannot believe she is the daughter of Luke and Laura. I tried to keep an open mind, but nope, she isn't working well as Lulu.

    I was skeptical about Sean as AJ--hadn't liked him before--but he has done a good job and is pretty interesting to watch. I want him to get back with Liz and succeed in some way. But they seem to be putting him on the skids now. Sad.
    We could lose Brad and he wouldn't be missed. Same for Carlos, although he is better.

    But new characters, younger characters are necessary. Most of the time, I like characters such as Nik and Liz and Epiphany and Olivia--the middle characters who have been around awhile, but they need more story time and they are the ones who can interact with newbies.

    No story has me enthalled at the moment, but stories come and go as waves in the ocean--some up-some down, and usually more than one at a time to peak and fade and peak and fade. It's the nature of soaps. If they gave AJ a story, if they moved on with Silas and his story (bringing back Ilene), If they could just go back and call Todd Todd so he wouldn't be so lost as a character...well, there are lots they could do now. Sabrina preggers is NOT interesting or what I want to watch now. I'll continue to watch however, because GH is my soap of choice and long has been.


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