Friday, January 3, 2014

Foot Rubs

Shirtless Friday. THAT didn't take long!! Newbie has a nice Chest!!  He looks like Michael Saucedo to me in profile.  He's saying he's coming to Port Chuck to get into the "Julian/Corinthos" war. Then he tells Anna he's there for Silas and Ava. 

LOVE the Headline in the paper "DOH!! Sonny shoots own body guard"!! ahaha DOH! 

I don't remember Sonny leaving jail..although maybe he got bail when he was arraigned on Christmas Eve? Weird.  Ah, Anna said they "couldn't charge him"...

Um..why? Why not? 

Ralph was on.. I mean. RAFE. He and Molly talked about being "just friends" zzzzzzzzzzz
And..TJ and Molly talk ALL ABOUT the stupid mob war and Rafe listened. Of course. 

Siam after-glow with plenty of foot-rubbing going on!  Ava comes in to see Silas and sees "her niece" walking out. 

Morgan is in trouble!! OH BOY!! And Morgan is all cry-baby. Geesh. You can't be MOB if you're going to tear up all the time, son!! 
Sonny gives him is gun and says "DO IT!!" and Morgan cries like a girl. 

Julian wants to kill Morgan. Shocker. 


  1. Haha

    Morgan cries like a girl. I want a recast. Or maybe Carly can shoot him like he deserves. Where is Carly?

  2. ok, so at least we know that Anna has sexual chemistry with nucop Nathan.

    Oh come on, you all saw it.

  3. OK, I have WARDROBE comments for today. As we all knew, it took one hot minute for NuHotCop to go shirtless (although I was more interested in the black towel he was wearing than in his chest--I LOVE black towels, and can never find them.)

    Then, Ava's shmata, OMG, what WAS she wearing? Do ANY of you know grown women who slink around all day in cocktail dresses? WHY OH WHY do they dress women like this on soaps?

    And then Sam, strutting off in the snow wheeling her son wearing giant f--k me heels!! I know she was doing "The walk of shame," but still, wearing SANDALS in the snow?

    I also was surprised to see Sonny out of jail, guess they didn't show that. But, as Max never would press charges, it makes sense.

  4. P.S. Sorry, Dave, saw NO sexual chem between Anna and HotNuCop. (OK, maybe I just was projecting, putting myself in her place as an older professional woman, I NEVER would be attracted to someone so much younger.)

  5. Maxie's home: Woah!!! Nathan West is only wearing a towel!!!! *Passes out*

    Anna's office: Well the newspaper wins the line of the day!

    Newspaper: The pcpd was forced to release Corinthos, as there are no formal charges being filed against the criminal butterfingers.

    ROFL! The paper is getting better. :) Anna is talking about the shooting of Max, and the look on Duke's face! He is looking like HE was the one who shot Max! Geez Duke relax! Oh Nathan shows up with clothes!!! Damn! Wow that is a very very big file on McSilas. Nathan is a charmer. :) Awww Anna don't give him too much of a hard time! Come on Nathan take off your shirt. :) Show Anna your body. :)

    McSilas and Sam's hotel room:

    Sam: Any regrets?

    McSilas: Regrets...I've had a few....

    Come on all! Let's sing! :)

    Regrets, I've had a few. But then again, too few to mention
    I did what I had to do and saw it through without exemption
    I planned each charted course, each careful step along the byway. And more, much more than this, I did it my wayyyyy!

    ROFL! Come on McSilas and McSam sing! :) Oh they have sex again! And again Sam asks any regrets! Why is she asking that question again?! UGH! Sam shut up! Sam's walk of shame ROFL! Oh Ava shows up! Time to say what McSilas did!!!

    The hospital: Oh a nurse sees that McSilas is happy and glowing hahaha! OH NATHAN WEST IS HERE! And he found McSilas!!!!! :) Morgan and Sonny scene! Wow that was awesome! How ironic. Morgan never wanted to be in the mob, and Michael did!!!

    Kelly's: Oh Rafe shut up!!!!!!!!! She doesn't want to be in a relationship with you! Let her go for crying out loud! TJ and Shawn scene. The actor who plays TJ sounds like he has a cold.

    Ava and Julian: Awww Ava is scared that Julian is gonna kill Morgan! Ava what are you wearing? It looks like a cape!!!

  6. New cop looks like a mix of Michael Saucedo and Greg Vaughan.

  7. I agree, they got the new guy's shirt off in a New York minute. AntJoan: I believe you can find black towels at Bed, Bath & Beyond.

  8. I'm still in awe of Finola's scene with the new cop--she was superb. If she doesn't get an Emmy someday soon, there is NO justice in the world.

    Ant Joan, I have always wondered about the cocktail dress-wearing during the day. Tracy gets up each day, looks in her closet and picks something glittery, satiny, brocaded, jeweled, whatever. Just imagine if those were your only choices in your closet. How come she has never bought herself a simple Cashmere twin set, or a nice machine-washable shirt? Even rich people don't wear sequin-encrusted jackets to breakfast every day--at least I don't think so.

    As for 4 inch heels in snow--these people creating soaps in California have never seen real snow and don't realize it is cold and can give you frostbite. They don't know about frostbite. They don't know you don't wear sleeveless tops or bare your entire chest in winter out here where some days it doesn't get above 20 degrees. Make that 5 degrees with windchill. They just don't know! Of course, Sam hadn't been home to change yet after her date, but still...even on a date in weather as cold as it is today here in the north, you'd find more sensible shoes to wear so you didn't land on your fanny in slush.

    And no, there was no sexual chem between cop and Anna. But that scene when she hires him was riveting. That actress is marvelous to watch! She needs to be on more.

  9. The head writer is originally from Rochester NY and the executive producer graduated from the University of Buffalo. They certainly are familiar with Western NY. It is weird that there is still no reflection of that on the show.

  10. Frank says studio lights are hot so you don't want the acters and actress to start to sweating while filming scenes in big coats, yes Frank says they should coats at some point.

  11. Great Anna/NuCop scenes! Definitely saw some chemistry there. Loved having Anna set the newbie straight.

    Siam was HOTTTT! Nice seeing Sam actually happy too. They have really nice chemistry together and seem very comfortable with each other in their scenes. It's really nice to finally have a coupling like that. I'm sure it'll all blow up like all soap couples eventually do, but hopefully the long-term plan is to keep them together because they do have magic.

    And Sam's clothing choices are always hideous and inappropriate. Wardrobe really needs to work on that with her.

    Sonny magically out of jail was pretty funny. Once again, more storylines full of holes. Ron really needs to tighten his writing up.

    The junior mints are just plain boring.



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