Sunday, January 5, 2014

Sunday Surgery: The Harvest

Oh Daddy--wah... oh Dadddyyy..why GH So SHORT This week?

 Another short week. Geesh--between that and the show skipping from Christmas Eve right to New Year's, I'm all turned around. 
Like, what happned to AJ drinking? It's not like they can show him all drunk now--or can they? Has he been on a binge since the 25th?

Anyway, get on your short-shirts and let's GO GO!  I've got my coffee and I'm ready to mouth off!

The last show of 2013 had Lulu finding out she's not going to have any eggs to harvest... Britt seems upset, but who knows. Lulu sure is. She's dumping Dante and "moving on".  Possibly right into Maxie's spare bedroom across from Hottie McCopperson.  Speaking of which--he's an honorary FORD brother from OLTL. See, he took his shirt off in the 2nd scene he was ever in. That, my friends, is worthy of the Fordness.

Maxie had her last scenes--and none too soon, because KS is going to have that baby--ANY second!!! Lordy. 

Siam had steamy sex--which some of you loved, others hated.  I thought they were pretty hot. They've both been so many characters, it gets confoo-zin!! Sam did do the "walk of shame" in her "snow shoes"..which if you look at them are pretty dang funny for winter. She did however wear giant BOOTS in the middle of JULY this year, so..hey. Maybe she thinks she's in Australia.

THIS HAPPENED. Like we didn't know it was coming. Felix was all, "Girl, you gotta tell Patrick, or I will"! But, we know that they'll drag this sheeze out AS LONG. AS POSSIBLE. I'm waiting for that scene where Betty sees him in the hospital for the first time...their eyes meet and she swoons a bit. Pouts when he walks away..then goes and throws up.

Everyone watched the fireworks (or made them in the case of  Siam!) ...but we really didn't see a lot of the cast this week for holiday fun.  Stuff is mixed up because of the day off as well.  Still, I sure would have liked to see Josslyn  ring in the new year with Popcorn and her corn-husk doll.

SAD, SAD Morgan... so, so sad. You're Daddy's all pissy, tries to make you shoot him and you have to somehow tell another giant king-pin you want "OUT" of the Mob. LMAO   GOOD  Luck with that!!!
Anyone else wishing Morgan would have just stood there and plugged Sonny right in the gut? Looked at him and said "YOU MADE ME" and walked out? 

On to Shaun and TJ's talk. That was basically:
"Don't go to the cops--I am a hit man, but I only kill the bad guys, and hey, I make damn good waffles". 

Then, RAFE comes along, the kid that's done NOTHING in ages and decides to go tell on everyone. :giggle:

SCENE OF THE WEEK: Yeah, there were a lot of moments, but for me, I really loved Anna grillin' the newbie hottie NYC detective. She was just soooooooooo. ANNA!!

FACE OF THE WEEK:  WHOA--- said McSilas while gazing at Sam's chestaloons

PROP OF THE WEEK: I refuse to choose a PEE STICK, I have to go with the funniest headline in awhile: DOH!! Clumsy Corinthos Clips Cohort! WHO gets to think these up? Wish it was me!! 

HAPPY 2014-- here's hoping GH thrives and all your faves get airtime!! My wish for the year is a giant BriK wedding. Just hugely over the top fairy-tale. At the last minute Zulu runs in and says "That's MY BABY, BITCH" !! and Dr. O steps out to fight her. 
Heh. SO many possibilities with this. 


  1. Most improbably moment of the week? Fleix touching the pee stick. No way. Would never happen, nurse or not.

  2. Good Sunday Surgery! I also felt that Silas looked funny/perverted when Sam undressed, but I guess he was excited to be getting some. ;)

    I really preferred him as McBain though, as Silas he falls flat. Same with Franco/Todd and Star/Kiki. It made so much more sense with them as the OLTL'ers!

  3. The Fords of OLTL- Himbos for the ladies.

  4. Um, Cosmetica... it's not just for the ladies.

    just saying....

  5. Mya,
    I agree. I didn't like him on Port Charles. Stopped watching in large part because of him. I was really surprised that I liked him as Mc Bain (never watched OLTL). Now , like you, I am not enjoying Dr. Clay.

  6. Love the surgery this week and agree everything is cobbled together. Missed a lot of Christmas- could have seen Liz with her kids, Carly and Joss, Nik and his kid, etc.

    For crying out loud- why won't Lulu call or get a call from Luke or Laura?!!? just stupid. Not liking the storyline of her moving out and on. Doesn't make sense. Lulu's character has been ruined and it's not by the actress.

    Really like Brik too.

    Hoping for a great story with Betty and Patrick's baby. He'll figure it out right away.

    Has Laura Wright taken a sabbatical? She's not been on in weeks it seems.

    Ready for a routine- and would have loved Morgan to have shot and killed Sonny.

  7. It's hard to get excited over anything GH after watching the magnificent Downton Abbey last night as well as catching up with Orphan Black. I think all three OLTVers are a huge bust. At least it seems TPTB have noticed how the GH fans are not enthralled with KA (Kiki) and we haven't been subjected to her for awhile.

  8. The problem w/ the Michael/Kiki story is there is no where to go. Once you are at "happily ever after" the story is done and until the actors or writers decide to break them up or give them strife there's no dynamic tension to work with.

  9. OH Orphan BLACK...just an awesome show!



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