Thursday, January 2, 2014

Your Ovaries are SHUT!

Poor Lulu--closed for further harvesting.  Whoops. 
Lulu is being a tad selfish with the "It would be YOUR baby not mine" 
Lulu's movin' out..wonder where to? I'm saying Maxie's other bedroom? LOL 

Meanwhile,  Betty tells the camera "I am pregnant--with Patrick's baby" just in case you're slow on the up-take. 

Sam looks gorge does Nikolas! 
Siam finally get down and get nekkid. HOT Sex.
Really HOT Sex!! 

LOVE THE NEW COP..holy moly.  I hope he can act!   He's subletting Maxie's apt.  He totally looks like a Cassadine, doesn't he??? 
I think he is!! No real info, just speculation

Patrick and Robin want to get remarried.  Emma marries them. AWWW.  Wedding flashbacks. 


  1. random thoughts:

    Patrick couldnt shave for his own wedding?

    Lulu doesnt know where to go. Um.... doesnt she OWN a yaught. or boat. of floating barge. fully stocked with liquor? and cabins? Did that ever get returned from Helena and that whole ordeal? I am sure Luke got it back somehow. Also, Tracy would take her in at the Q's.

    The new guy. Nathan. Why does he still have a shirt on? UGH! (google search him... it's worth it)

    Can we PLEASE pair him with Lucas when Lucas comes back? There is now way in hell that Lucas will work with Felix or Brad. But these two... check, please!

    I kinda feel sorry for Lulu (very little). I mean. She has gone through a lot in the past month. The court ordeal. Losing Connie. Leaving Dante tonight. And she did it all WITHOUT PARENTS. Not even a phone call.

    Is Silas and Sam the most boring couple on the show? Yawn. Their dialogue is almost non existent. It is almost like they are saying "well. cant find someone else. i guess i will settle. this is better than nothing. mazel tov."

    ps. Karen... how about doing a post where all of is post ONE prediction for GH in 2014. Can be anything. can be fictitious and funny. Can be serious. Can be Casey the alien being the REAL father of Sabrina's baby... I'll start...

    Tristan's stay at Y&R will not last the entire year and by the end of 2014, he will make an appearance back on GH for a storyline that will exit Tony Geary off the show.

  2. I should be feeling bad for Dante and Lulu, but I just can't feel bad for them. The reasons Lulu left Dante are stupid too.

  3. delcodave - I hear you re: one more Scorpio and Luke storyline. Both are getting a little long in tooth, but with the Cassadines soon to be revived it would be a shame if there wasn't one last mano a mano battle with with them all before Geary hangs it up. It could be good and if they let Tris and Tony improv scenes like the old days, all the better.

  4. That new guy is gorgeous. They can definitely keep him around.

  5. There must be a real housing shortage in Port Charles. New cop subletting Maxie's. Carlos subletting Milo's. Morgan and Kiki living in a boathouse. Brit (a well paid doctor) could not find a place of her own so moved in with Sabrina, Felix and that other girl. Spinelli lived with Sam. Anna, Scotty, Franco, etc all live in a hotel.

    Perhaps when Lucas comes back he can re-open the Brownstone.

    As for Shrew-lu as a previous poster mentioned she has the Haunted Star. In addition, her brother Nicholas a big old castle, her stepmother Tracey has a mansion, her Father Luke owns Kelly's with rooms upstairs, her aunt Bobbie has a Brownstone and her cousin Carly has a massive house and a hotel. If Shrew-lu shows up at Maxies, urgh!

  6. >>>Friscogh.

    THANK YOU. I always like your posts. You are as cynical (or realistic?) as I am. And yes, that was a compliment!!!

  7. Patrick and Robin's home: Okay Emma pretending to be a pirest and marrying her parents was very strange. I thought Patrick and Robin were serious about renewing their vows. I hope they renew their vows with a priest later.

    Sabrina and Felix's home: Felix is right Sabrina! Listen to him!!! Patrick has a right to know that he is going to be a father! At first I thought Caaaaaaaarlos was going to come out of the room and say that he is going to help Sabrina! :) Oh please let the baby be Caaaaaarlos's!!! That night she was drunk, let it be that Sabrina begged Caaaaaaaarlos to have sex, but then he says no, and then she begged some more, and then he gave in. :)

    McSilas and Sam: Oh wow! Sam is dressed all mature! And her ta ta's are not showing!!! Amazing. :) McSilas and Sam are having some eye sex. :) OH THEY GOT A ROOM! They made love YESSSSSSSSSSSS! Michael Easton just loves to have sex scenes that are so rough!!!! :) He was starting to a little bit. :)

    The hospital: Oh oh Lulu's eggs are not viable!! Oh how convenient!! So this going to force Britch to spill the beans about their son? So she don't get her period anymore? So Lulu has menopause? Or Peri menapausal?

    Lante home: Lulu is leaving!!!! I was waiting for her to say that she wants a divorce so that Dante can meet and fall in love with another woman who can give him a baby! But she didn't say that. She does still blame him for losing Connie.

    Nik and Britch: Oh wow!!!! Britch! You can't tell Nik what is going on with Lante!!!!! DOH!

    Maxie's home: Oh so Maxie is subletting to this yummy in the tummy man! I love his eyes. They keep putting a close up shot of him! Is it hot in here? Man this conversation with them is so boring! It's all about her! She says that the movers are going to get her boxes on the 2nd. Which is funny. because today is the 2nd! ROFL! Oh this guy is named Nathan West and he is a detective! Oh and HE is the one who has been calling McSilas!!!!

    Previews for tomorrow, says the episode is for Thursday.. Which is funny, because today is Thursday! ROFL!

  8. Sonya, the eppies were delayed for a day, remember? NYE eppie was supposed to be shown BEFORE NYE, not after--same for Christmas eppie.

    Please, no priest for vows for Robin and Patrick! I HATE when people renew their vows in public, it is OBNOXIOUS to make other people sit through that! I think having Emma do it was GENIUS--not to mention SUPER CUTE!! No priest (or rabbi) is needed to renew vows, which is not an official occasion (even when the couple has been separated for 2 years though no fault of their own).

    Dave, my prediction (based on what someone else said), is that NuLu goes to Maxie's (against all common sense based on all the relatives she has in PC, as someone else pointed out), and she and NuHotCop become an item (as I think there are no other viable men in PC for her), then Maxie comes back, and they form a triangle.

  9. AntJoan said...Sonya, the eppies were delayed for a day, remember? NYE eppie was supposed to be shown BEFORE NYE, not after--same for Christmas eppie.
    Yeah I know. :) That's one of the other reasons I thought it was funny! :)

  10. Lupus egg were harvested by stavros on cassadine island


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