Sunday, January 26, 2014

Sunday Surgery: Ze Boss!'m a bit kerfluffled! 
This week's all a blur. I had a bad cold for most of it, so I was half in and half out of the show-- usually while on cold meds. 
So, take all this with a grain of salt. Maybe it was the illness ...but this week was VERY up and down for me.  (literally) I laughed so hard I cried on Tuesday,  and then  by Friday I was snoozin' again. 

Strap on your face masks, I don't want to pass this on, and get ready to scrub in! 

 Well-- There was Luke, who has saved the world many times (including once where it was going to freeze) failing to watch his back when he had Heather in his sights! How Carly didn't make a peep when those hulks moved in, I don't have a clue.

By the way--how in the HELL
did Heather get her out to Spoon Island? Don't get me wrong, I loved the hijinks with the kiddies as much as the next gal, but geesh!! There's ONE launch out there. And if she didn't use that, er..didn't anyone see her?  Let's not mention the ice this time of year.  Because you know I never, ever mention that (lol)
Whatever. Both Luke and Carly are out on vacation so, we don't even have to think for awhile.  

THE DR O reveal!!  Splendid!! Superb!! AwesomeSauce!! You know I was pushing for it.   This is one of my actual tweets from December: 

since this is a SOAP...let's agree to forget Dr. O's really bad stuff and let her be on staff at . Diplomatic Immunity?

So..there you go MY FAULT! LOL  I tweeted it A LOT. :) #KeepDrO ... and my wish was granted! I loved the reveal. I love that they are keeping her. I do think the Cassadines probably bought GH and that's part of the reason. I don't care. I love KG and am so happy she's back.  This seems to split fans right down the middle. You either embrace it, or hate it.
Isn't it weird how I can complain about Heather and Carly getting to Spoon Island in the middle of winter but can suspend disbelief over this??! I don't get it myself other than I've watched TV so long I live for weird things to happen. Dr. O is bone-crushingly nasty and will make an awesome COS to mess with everyone. The Heather/Carly story is just sloppy, imo. And boring. Did I say boring? 
Yeah. I said it.  I hate when people are tied up for days on end, not being able to scream/yell when they could. Not being able to pee. Ho hum. And Heather stopped being fun after her hand and shot out of that grave! 

These two were hilarious. Heh.. Great dialog by the boys on the writing staff. Spencer is such a "prince". He owns it. Gramma Hells and he would make a good team. You know he'd want her to get rid of Cam!!  I'm really starting to be able to tell the dialog writers for the episodes. Some are whip-smart and fast, full of pop references.  Others? Old school soapy-- when we used to have the patience to wade through eons of repetitive chatter.  By the way, Spencer is a little star. He has "it".  Poor Cam is the straight man. heh. Fun to watch.

Liz was thrown in a few scenes this week I noticed.  Tell me again why she and Patrick weren't  "the love story"   when Robin was away? Would fit so much better and would dovetail nicely into all of this. Liz could have been Betty--and the results would have been much more glorious.

Franco hid out in a closet, a TINY little closet..waiting for Starr to gasp and breathe heavy and try to get rid of Michael.  I loved that little closet. Like a hobbit house. Hee hee.

Lucas wastes NO TIME!! I didn't see that coming--at all. I also liked the bar scene with some of Brad's back story. Asian Quarter!!! yeah!! I'm not going to write about it all right now. Just know it was a story when Robin was like 8 and the goods were hidden in her doll.  LOL 

So, when is someone going to mention Stephen/Caleb--or is this guy being paid off? You know I don't care one way or another. Just let the Coma Woman wake up and let it go. Silas is in the hoose-gow. (that's a Gramma word) and Todd will be there shortly. More Todd/McBain banter on the way!  Copper McHunk-a-Hottie still needs some loosening up, btw.  I don't believe anyone  (let alone McSilas) would give a damn about being 'strong armed' by him. 

Moronigan and the Mobular Misfits. Don't care. Still don't care. Julian gets beat up by 3 guys. Whatever. Ho HUM  Morgan gets his eyebrows all up in a knot.. and Ava pouts. Tell me again where this is going? I see the Jr. Mints are going to be on again next week. Please at LEAST make one of them a damn meth addict or a cutter or-- get Rafe some fangs. Maybe Ric's coming back will give Molly something to do other than stand there and go "Oh, Tee-Jay"!! 

Lucy and  Scotty=LuSty. BTW, a tip: you have to leave the characters on screen as more than fillers to really make me feel for Doc.  Great dialog -- but if you don't have a history with these three, I can't imagine anyone really getting into it.

Again this week Anna isn't in Robin's block-taping orbit. So disappointing. Why can't we have both stories going at once? At least tell her about Betty being PG. Robert's last day is the 30th, so get ready for that. 

SCENE OF THE WEEK: "Does she have Bieber Fever"?? Asks Robert... Love the whole thing!!  THEN, Anna walks in!! Ok, so she was all police mode but still.. Damn I wish Robin was sitting there too. Just because I'm mushy like that. 

PROP of the WEEK:  Not sure it's a PROP (ok, it's not but I'm picking so shut up!) ..but I think the FOG gets a nod this time. It was unexpected and gave the pier an eerie look.  Made me think of vampires. Oh, did I say that!?

FACES OF THE WEEK: This doesn't capture the TRUE GRANDER of their faces at seeing Dr O but having Monica and Silas be stunned at the same time, same room---with Robin, Paddy and Britt? YES!!  More please.

Hailey Pullos tweeted this adorable photo! Remember that Ric left GH last time by getting on an elevator. That was his exit! LOL.. geesh.  It will be good to have him back. I think I read it's at least a 6 month run.

SO, one of my GH groups I talk with on FB (old pals from wayyyy back) are fed up with the show and many aren't watching. Which is surprising given the uptick in ratings. When Robert then Robin leaves? Wow, don't even know. I really enjoy most days--but as a story that is cohesive and flowing? Still having trouble with the choppy factor.  I feel like it's a bunch of balloon, floating away in all different directions and I just want to hold tight, bunch them up and ground them for awhile.

Hey, there's always DONNA MILLS to look forward to.

I'm in and out this week when it comes to watching at 2. I know I'm out tomorrow-so I'll set up a blog for you, then write when I can.  Have a good one. We are due for another Polar Craptastic Vortex. High is like minus TWO on Tuesday. wah. My cold will never end, Gus will lead me to my death in the snow drifts  and I'll never find out what has happened to Carly. 
The horror!! 


  1. Ryan Carnes has been a snooze since his return. They had 4 adult Lucases and brought back the worst. Ryab Carnes in concert:

  2. I was thinking the exact opposite. It is always funny how people can see two things and see the exact opposite, but to each their own. Thought Ryan has some good acting chops and has brought energy to the character. The Brad/Lucas things seemed to happen awful fast though. Don't understand why Lucas would be so enamored with him. Must be good in the sack. LOL. The kiddies totally stole the show this week. How are they going to explain that Robin would leave Emma again? Don't like it.

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  4. I really like Ryan as Lucas!!


    Perry Como fans unite!

    The other Ryan- Paevey, is better, as Nathan. Nice John Wayneish vibe.

  5. Ron said in a interview that some fans complained about Liz helping Patrick when Robin died that last time, so that's why they didn't go with Liz and Patrick. Did you see the ratings for all the soaps during the last poler vortec.

  6. I think Ric should walk out of an elevator for his entrance!

  7. I was on a long break from GH during Ric's entire run last time, so am looking forward to seeing what all the fuss is about. And if it gives Liz and/or Alexis more screentime, I'm all in.

    I like the Lucas actor also. Love that Brad is the middle of the triangle.

  8. I'm with you all in hoping Ric gives more story to Alexis and Liz. I loved Ric and hated the way he was written out. He and Alexis were a great couple too. So hoping he's not with the Jeromes.

    Love that they kept Dr. O. That story is more believable than Carly/Heather. No way Carly wouldn't have found a way to get away by now.

    So sad to see Robert and Robin go.

  9. LiRic is love! The RH2 chemistry was amazing. Ric did say that Liz was the great love of his life.

    Spencer is obnoxious. Cameron is a sweetheart. When you look at their respective parents, you understand why.

  10. Well, I GREATLY enjoyed the Sunday Surgery blog and comments, you guys were really funny! I had a seminar Sunday morning, then came home and worked the rest of the day, never got to see my Sunday Surgery, usually I'm the first one to respond!!

    About the fog, I thought that it was SOMEWHAT realistic, in that I read somewhere that, when the water is warmer than the air, fog can be the result. And, with our current winter "companion," the aforementioned Polar Craptastic Vortex, I guess this COULD happen in upstate NY.

    So glad Ric is coming back, he is a fantastic actor; Luke AND Carly are on vacay?


  11. If Robin is going to leave AGAIN, then they should have not brought her back in the first place. Really kill her off this time so I don't have to grit my teeth over the stupid story that they come up with to have Robin leave her daughter this time.

    No one is going to mention Carly for at a month, we will probably just get a couple of sporadic headlines in the paper like they did with AJ.

    I do not care a wit about Silas or his past.

    I've always hated the Sonny mob stories so this one is not doing it for me.

    There are too many stories and they drop them for months at a time. I know everyone has their favorites but some need to go, have less characters and show them more often. Write stories that integrate the cast into more than one storyline.

    The fact that Carly screams and talks through the gag and makes tons of noise when she is alone with Heather and cannot make a PEEP when there is anyone else in the vicinity is stupid.

    Heather has gone over the edge into cartoonish. Just get rid of her and Franco, I couldn't care less about him either. Carly should hook up with Julian, leave Franco in the dust.

    Spencer is annoying he rushes his lines, they need to find a new actor if they want to keep the character on.

    Loved all the Lucas stuff.

  12. I love how RC deflects any issues with storylines onto the viewers. "Real fans don't watch for just one couple" and now "I heard the fans complain about Liz and Patrick so I didn't put them together". I wonder if Ron ever gets tired of talking out of both sides of his mouth.


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