Friday, January 17, 2014

AJ'S Giant Breakfast

Well, it was HUGE... maybe it was for the whole family but--eesh.  Tracy was there!

Heather still has Carly tied up..with a flesh wound.  

I can't wait for Sunday Surgery. LOL. This week was another dull one for me. I'm not even sure I'm watching Thursday's show. It's on my DVR and I should watch it, but -- eh. 

Lucas is home. I'm sure many people out there are like WHO the hell is Lucas? hee has been a long, long time.

AJ is drinking and remembering. RUMOR has it Sean K is out of GH again-- Hmmmm. Could be true. They certainly haven't been writing much of anything but angst and Vodka for AJ. 
Sonny, telling Julian to vacate his office

Sonny's in Julilan's office, spinning in the chair.YEAH for getting Olivia into the mob mix. She and Sonny make a good team without being all soppy and stupid.  Julian is out of Cawnie/Kate/Todd's old office!! 

LUKE SEES CARLY! This can't end good.

I have a sore throat so I guess I'm just cranky.LOL

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  1. Karen, I have bought several items on Amazon lately through your link, hope it helps.

    I liked today's show, lots of action again. PLEASE say that Sean K isn't leaving!

    I felt today that I was back 20 years ago, watching the legacy characters that I love.

  2. There are things happening yet, GH is such a bore. I skip over most of the show.

  3. Why doesn't Carly just reach up and take the gag out of her mouth or scoot out the door of the boat house. Her bindings don't look secure at all. It's making me crazy!

  4. I love AJ and Tracy bickering. I love my AJ. The only time I enjoy Michael is when he's with AJ (and Diane). I hope it's no true that SK has been fired. The show needs more Q, not less.

  5. Omg omg OMG!!!!! Knots Landing fav of mine headed to GH!!!! Just read it 2 minutes ago and had to share with you guys.....Donna Mills!!!!!

  6. Carly's home: Wow! Bobbie is crying!! I didn't know she had tears anymore! :) LUCAS!!!!!!!!! Bobbie, Luke, and Lucas scene love it! Love how Luke calls him LL! :)

    Q home: Awww AJ. :( Stop drinking. :( Oh AJ, Michael, and Tracy scene! Awesome. Tracy wins the line of the day!

    Tracy: Your mother is remarkably resilient. It is a Spencer trait. Like larceny.

    ROFL! Love it! Oh wait come on now, nobody wants to go in the boathouse to get the raccoon?!!?! Give me a break. Now even Alice?! Alice the big strong woman who would give people a choke hold including Heather, is afraid of a raccoon?!!!?! I don't buy it! Oh hello Luke. Oh Luke is gonna get the raccoon! :) Oh AJ is remembering the night of Connie's death!!!! :) An elevator opening. Ava must be in the elevator, on the side where you can't see her. :)

    Q boathouse: Zombie Heather whining because there is nothing about BobTodd's arrest in the paper! ROFL! Zombie Heather's voice when she calls Michael! BAHAHAHHAAHA! OH LUKE FINDS CARLY! YAY! He is the hero! :)

    Julian's office: Oh Julian gets kicked out of his office and hotel room! *snicker*

    Kelly's: Oh I'm glad Mcsilas doesn't think BobTodd is guilty of what happened to Carly! :) Oh Julian confronting Sam about his son!!!! :) Oh Lucas outside of Kelly's!!!! :) Glad he recognizes Sam. :)

    Police station: Awww is daddy Baldwin protecting his son? :) He is making so many excuses on why he won't arrest BobTodd! :) OH MICHAEL IS TELLING SCOTTY OFF! :) Love it!!! :) Oh Michael! StarKi won't like this!!! Oh and it worked too! Arrest warrent time!

  7. I thought this week was interesting and entertaining. I like weeks like this with enough times when people just talk and relate. So glad Carly was finally found.

    I wonder about AJ--why would they not keep a popular actor and character? I know why he left GH long ago..but surely he is past that time...



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