Monday, January 27, 2014

Last Act

I came in at 2:44 today..saw:

Lucy and Mac and Flea

HottyPants Cop and McBain and Sam

Julian telling Anna that Duke is working for Sonny 

Ava and Morgan, she tries to give  him  a gun. (oh, yeah)  He doesn't take it. They say "I LOVE YOU" aww...

Olivia and Sonny. Hey, I must have missed the bar ware throwing today!
Junior Mints were on

Do Mac and Flea have a house or...??

Ava pulled a gun on Julian.

Ho-Hum. Tomorrow looks ...zzzzzz


  1. So, I live in sunny, warm Pensacola, Fl - and it is going to SNOW tomorrow evening/Wednesday morning... It just made me think of you, Karen - I thought you'd get a giggle out of the fact we are getting 1-3 inches and EVERYTHING is closing.

  2. That's probably a good idea considering that snow tires are not a big tem in Florida. lol

  3. Why should we have all the fun?

  4. Stephanie, I grew up in Alabama and we closed the state at the first snowflake. Alabama and Florida do not have the equipment to deal with it. I miss those days when Maryland isn't closed.

  5. Well, we have about a foot all Jan, we'll get about 6" tonight and are due to be 2 degrees tomorrow (not counting wind chill) and WE'LL BE OPEN no doubt! lol

    I can see how good the show is when we are all talking about the WEATHER!!!
    ahahahhaa.Sad tho.

  6. Does anyone know what happened when TJ was hauled away by the cops because he knew about the warehouse shooting? What was the follow-up on that? (I haven't missed any shows, I just don't remember how this became a non-issue.)

    I liked that today featured so many vets. I've noticed that, about once a week, they have a day that seems to feature Lucy, Scotty, Duke, Mac, Flea, Bobbie, Kevin, et al. I know we can't expect our beloved vets to be featured all the time, but I'll settle for a weekly "National Vets Day" (although I'd like more . . .).

  7. OK, I'll chime in just to say I'm in San Diego, and today I ate lunch outside in a tank top and sandals. :P I grew up in Washington, DC and will never go back anywhere there's snow.

  8. I just skimmed the ep from a youtube posting. I watched the Duke/Anna/Scott and Scott/Lucy/Flea/Mac stuff. It was pretty good and worth my time for sure.
    Scotty and Lucy are made for each other and having Mac and Flea on screen is ok as well. Anna is always gold and I liked her and Scotty's scenes together too. Wish that they would feature them together more...Anna is no saint herself and I think she needs to cut Scotty and Duke some slack for their behavior.


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  10. Ava's home: Awww Ava tells Morgan she loves him! And he says it too. :) What the heck is Ava wearing? It looks like a robe, and under it it looks like what she slept in. OH! AVA HAS POINTED A GUN AT JULIAN! SHOOT HIM AVA SHOOT HIM! :)

    Kelly's: Rafe sees his uncle being carted away. Detective hot and stuff's face when he found out Rafe is McSilas's nephew! Hmmm is Detective hot and stuff related? :) Molly sees Rafe! The look on Molly's face when she sees Rafe, UGH! She looks love struck.

    Police station: Anna busts Duke and then Duke has a sob story! ROFL!

    Sonny's home: Sonny throws bar ware!! I'm waiting for him to say that Morgan is dead to him! :) Olivia wins the line of the day.

    Olivia: If I ignored you everytime you acted like this, you're a wonderful man, but I'll hardly ever see you.

    ROFL! That is for sure. :) Oh Morgan shows up! Come on Sonny! Don't disappoint me. Tell him you are dead to me! :)

    Scotty's home: OH LOTTY DOES IT AGAIN!!!!! BAHAHAHHAAHA! :) I love my Lotty. :) Time to get those divorce papers for Doc! Lucy just wanted to tell him no more! :)

    Floating rib: Lucy and Felicia scene love it! Lucy can't be upset with Felicia for long hahaha!

  11. I have never been a Scotty fan--always thought he was a chauvenistic jerk, even as a teen--and I loved Lucy with Kevin, so I am distressed at her behavior. Why she would even be attracted to Scotty at all I have no idea! Don't see it.

    I hope we get to the bottom of the Silas mystery. I think maybe the cop is related to the coma wife some way. Otherwise it makes no sense a young guy like that would be so determined to hang someone for a 20 year-old crime. And he is not looking for a killer, he has found himself one, and that's that. He just wants to nail Silas.

    Actually, I'm enjoying the show. Not every scene or every story, but most of it. I could do without Sonny, pg Serina, new Lulu, Brad, but for the most part, the show is pretty interesting. Not wowsie-dowsie right now, but pretty good.

  12. I liked yesterday's show. Seeing Lucy, Scott, Duke, Lucy, Felicia and Mac is always a joy to me.


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