Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Time To Go To Jail

Lucy's story:
Sleep with Scotty
Feel guilty.
Rinse, Repeat.

Alexis isn't on enough. She's kinda inserted  into stuff now.  Slow day? Alexis talks to Sam..another gap? Put her in with Julian.
Hey, Ric's coming back. Now Alexis can see all of her baby daddies whenever she wants!! 
She and Julian make out. Rather sexily, I might add. 

And Duke and Sonny. @@ let's have a scotch and just dish. 

Lante and Nathan.   I guess Lante's bac together. don't care. 

Kevin and Franco. Poor Kevin. LOL..he has no clue what's happening!! Where do he and Lucy live? Do they live in the old place they used to? hmmmm. 
Chandra was a fun addition. I totally desk straighten other people's desks. LMAO 
It's night and Kevin's having appointments?
Kevin finks out Franco! Franco's goin' to jail next to McBain! mean, um, Silas! 

Robert and Anna were great as usual but it's his last day!! wahh!! Robert's leaving to "go help Holly and Ethan". Whatever. 


  1. Karen, hi, didn't see the show yet. Just wanted to let you know that I ALWAYS click on your links to buy something if I can, but the Amazon link still says "Christmas store," which kinda bugs me, as it's way past Christmas (I guess it's a good time to buy holiday stuff on sale?), and I'm Jewish.

    When will it revert to the regular Amazon link?

    Thanks, and thanks for all that you do . . .

  2. Show was ok today. Alexis looked straight from Flashdance.

    Liking the meaner Duke

    Anna and Robert were great - but was so hoping there'd be a better way for him to depart. Is he even going to say goodbye to Robin or did I miss it.

    Was so thinking "Franco" was going to say his name was "Todd"!

  3. The preview showed Robert seeing Robin tomorrow.

    Alexis & Julian... hotness!!

  4. I hate Scotty. I always hated Scotty. I was thrilled every time he left and sad whenever he came back to town.. I hate this story with Lucy and really wish they could at least keep him fully clothed.

  5. I actually have to change the Amazon picture! I'll do it now

  6. Any idea of how many actors are on contract and recurring? How many storylines are running right now? It's kind of like guess the number of jellybeans in the jar...

  7. Scorpio's farewell scenes with Anna were pretty good. Disappointed he is leaving, especially when the writers have the nature of their relationship totally right, but at least we got a proper-send off. Hopefully tomorrow's scenes with Robin are equally as good.

    Dar, I know Scotty has plenty of detractors so I think y'all for hanging in there with his scenes. I've always liked the actor and character, so I am appreciating his screen time although he needs to wear a shirt more. LOL


  8. Karen, thanks for changing the picture. Finally saw the show. Robert looked SOOO dashing when he smiled and walked away, when he walked away from the camera you could see how tall and fit he is, and that smile . . . It is sooo sad to see him go, I hope he comes back soon!

    I LOVE Scotty, he is SUCH a great actor, he's played the same character consistently for decades, he is not supposed to be a great guy, he is Scotty . . .

    My husband walked in the other night when I was watching the show and said, OMG Scotty, he looks exactly the same (I think my husband hasn't seen him in decades).

    And it's fine if he takes his shirt off, none of us are us young as we used to be . . .

  9. Scotty's home: Lucy is surprised that Scotty would bring up divorce with Doc! ROFL! Come on Lucy! This is the 3rd time you slept with Scotty! I think it's time for a divorce! Someone is at the door! It's Doc! Wow everytime Lucy sleeps with Scotty, the next day there is alway someone coming to visit to see Scotty ROFL! Oh Doc threw BobTodd under the bus! :)

    The hospital: OH! Chandra Wilson from Grey's anatomy is on GH today! :) As someone named Tina! Awesome! Tina and BobTodd scene haha! Tina wins the line of the day today.

    Tina: I wonder if Dr Collins knows his assistant is crazier than his patients.

    ROFL! Great scene.

    Anna's office: Robert and Anna scene YAY! That is right Anna. You shouldn't be upset with Duke because of what you and Robert did to Faison. One question, WHAT DID YOU DO TO FAISON?!!?!?!! :) So I hope you don't break up with Duke Anna. Robert has to leave town! :( To help Holly with Ethan!?!? Robert, Ethan IS your son damnit!!!

    Floating rib: Yesterday Lulu was talking about how Dante should be with a woman who can give him a child! AH HA! I was waiting for her to say that! Now she just has to tell Dante. They are back together. Now they just have to find their son Rocco! Come on Britch! Tell them!

    Julian's home: Alexis and Julian scene WOOOOOOOOOOW! That kiss!!! HOT HOT HOT! My tv is melting! And then he starts grinding her on the couch!!! ^fans self* I love Alexis's outfit. Oh don't go Alexis!!! Don't run away! Don't be shy! :)

    #tv melting
    #hot kissing

  10. I am so enjoying this week with the vets front and center. So unhappy about losing Tristan - scenes with Anna were just like old times. He is truly one of a kind and I hope he comes back soon. I love Scotty, too. He always was rather smarmy and that has never changed. I like the Duke and Sonny alliance but Duke needs a better fitting overcoat - sleeves are too long and the coat looks like it is swallowing him. Ian is a really good actor. Kevin didn't seem surprised when the police arrived for what's his name since he had nothing to do with it and had asked Scotty to hide him. Ahhhh - Alexis and Julian - he is so darn sexy.

  11. "LindaV says Kevin didn't seem surprised when the police arrived for what's his name since he had nothing to do with it and had asked Scotty to hide him"

    Maybe Kevin saw the police at the hospital, and talked to them before he went into his office.



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