Tuesday, December 31, 2013

General Hospital Faces of 2013

Here's a sample of our epic "Face of the Week" for last year!! There's no GH today-- so celebrate however you're going to! I'm off to a wedding in Buffalo--how fun that it's on New Year's Eve? I even have my silver shoes all packed. 
Thanks for a great year. I almost 'retired' but you really encouraged  me to stay on and I'm happy I did. My new schedule even lets me watch GH live!
What was YOUR hightlight of 2013. Mine of course, is the Nurses' Ball. I'm so happy Lucy is back where she belongs. 


  1. Well, I have enjoyed your blog since you took over years ago. I read it everyday:) I have a adult son with Fragile X and I understand the demands on you as a speech pathologist! I have been a fan of GH since the 70's. Thanks for not retiring you do a great job and you are mostly "spot on" with your comments. I too married a Brit!! Happy New Year

  2. Karen,
    Bundle up. The current wind chill in Buffalo is 7 . The wind chill for the ball drop is predicted to be below zero. This has been an awful winter.
    The highlight for me (other than your unretirement) had been Sonny's lack of airtime. Sadly it seems that was too good to be true as the last few weeks saw him on almost every day. And to make it worse we get him ranting and raving and acting like a complete tool.
    My highlight would have been the nurses' ball but Richard Simmons spoiled that for me.

    I enjoyed having Tyler Christopher back and involved unlike the walk through he did towards the end of his last run.

    I loved Dr O. The actress was a real find. My favorite of the new folks.

    I wish we saw more of Liz and Alexis and less of the new characters who really don't interest me at all. Sorry to see Bradford Anderson go although his desire to do other things is certainly understandable. I wish that TJ will go to live with Spinelli to escape the fallout of the warehouse shooting.

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  4. Just gonna give the good for 2013...I'm cynical enough about life that it gets a little overbearing for folks after awhile ;)

    Highlights for me:
    - Sean Kanan's AJ continued his return to PC from 2012 and was mostly enjoyable. Nothing against Billy Warlock's AJ, but Sean really was fun in the role and played a great recovering alcoholic. Plus, he had real chemistry with Liz
    - Tristan Rogers back as Scorpio. Mostly well written and played. Tris looking pretty spry as the aging spy and still has an instant onscreen rapport with Finola Hughes and Kim M.
    - Brit, Dr. O, and Faison - Kelly Thiebaud and Kathleen Gati were both revelations and their characters are entertaining and surprisingly grow on you after awhile. Anders Hove was awesome as usual as the nutso creeper, Faison.
    - Fin Hughes - Anna Devane...Fin brings it every scene she is in, always adding class, grace, and dignity to the screen. Older actresses need to take note as to what Fin is doing as she is showing how a 50+ year old can still light up the screen with excellence.


  5. Today's GH is a repeat!! Karen I love your blog! :) Glad you changed your mind about retiring it! :)

  6. Just happy I caught you before you hang it up! (ABC should be paying you ya know) I LOVE this blog! My top three things about it so far are:

    #3 "Michael's eyebrows knitted together with his mouth hanging open." (and I thought I was being a hyper critical beatch)

    #2 The Junior Mints (Don't quite get it but it fits somehow)

    #1 Drum roll please.... BBQ ARIEL! I screamed when it happened but I screamed louder when I read how you refer to it. Major props for some excellent, clever and f-ing funny writing!

  7. Karen and everyone, HAPPY NEW YEAR! :)

  8. The Olbrecht-Faison family was the absolute highlight for me this year. I loved the Halloween episodes where the Dr. was demanding everyone dress in costume. Hilarious! I hate that the Genie Francis / Deception stuff fizzled after all the behind the scenes hoopla went down. That's my biggest disappointment of the year. There has to be more to that story than anyone is telling.

    Thanks so much Karen for continuing your blog. I check in everyday and almost began crying when I read you were retiring. My husband was confused, but I told him you all were like real friends to me. :)

    Have a great New Year Wub Tub family!


    I loved the entire 50th anniversary year, as it signaled the return of soooo many beloved vets. I love them all--Lucy, Kevin, Leslie, Anna, Robert, et al.--I hope they all stay on the show forever!

    Karen, I also love that you stayed on, I had felt a real loss at the thought that you might retire. I have one girlfriend who watches GH, and my chiropractor's secretary--not enough for me, I need all my "friends" here to dish with--to share our joys, vent our disappointments and discuss the finer points of our GH.

    I look forward to seeing you all in Port Charles in 2014!

  10. Oh, and I HAVE TO add: Dr. O, my all-time favorite villain, and maybe the funniest character to ever grace our screens!

  11. Happy New Year all from me, too. Karen, please don't ever leave us!! I enjoyed most of this year and my favorites were Frisco and Felicia at the NB, having Tyler, Finola, Sean K., Lynn H, Jon L.,Anders, Tristan, Kim B., etc. to bring back the great feel of days past. Dr. O is a great addition! Let's hope this year is even better.


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