Sunday, December 22, 2013

Sunday Surgery: Butt Bump

Well, the week was short thanks to the press conference on Friday-- and since it never "ended" this week feels a bit long.  It was taking a ripe old age for Patrick to decide and then, we had to see it on Hulu! 

SCRUB UP like ol' Fe and Brad are!! WOOT!  After doing the 2013 Wub Awards, I'm a bit tapped out, so this should be short/sweet. (or bitter depending --heh)

Spinelli bid goodbye to his Maximista and the rest of PC-- it was tearful and cute. We got some nice flashbacks. Kirsten was crying like a sad, hormonal woman and I'm sure it was heartfelt!

See ya around, Spinelli. Although most of us are really wondering what's going to happen in 6 months! Here's hoping Maxie makes it back from her 'trip' (and real life maternity leave). It's interesting to note that every member of  the "Port Chuck" band is now off GH.

This happened...and we got the true we knew all along, that Lante are Britt's baby's parents. So, we get to wait for that secret to come out --and wait for Nikolas to find out his new hot-zexy mama was lying all along. 

Betty wrapped up Patrick's Christmas gift..which should stand for "watch out"... Felix leaves for NC but not before getting naked in the dressing room with Brad. 

Silas has a secret that the NYPD wants to talk about ..and that Ava knows. IS that why the new hottie will be landing in town? "Nathan" is playing a cop after all! Maybe he's undercover to catch McBain.

Obrect ordered Britt to get her out of jail...Sonny tied Carlos up. Morgan bought Ava a stocking.  Bobbie and Luke had coffee and pie at Kellys. Of course we had the mobbbbbb, and Sonny tied up Carlos. AJ uses Molly to get TJ to let him go, only to start a hostage situation. Shots fired!  Everyone Duck! EI already had my giant mobular rant so I'll spare you a repeat. 
 Hey, who got shot? Guess you'll have to find out Monday--or on the Wubs Net

Duke joins Sonny and it looks like he's going to have to kill Carlo to prove himself. He of course, thinks that  taking down Julian will save Anna. 
SCENE OF THE WEEK:  Bobbie and Luke talk about Ruby. *sigh* I loved it!! Now, if Bobbie was only living in the Brownstone with Scotty in one room, Kevin, Lucy in another and maybe Brad hanging around, it would be too fun!

FACE OF THE WEEK:  Dr. O gleefully informs Britt she's going to tell on her!! Just like a 5 year old, she can't contain herself!! 

PROP OF THE WEEK:  No, you're not going blind. That's a blank--because the prop of the week is actually MISSING! Yes, it's Lulu and Dante's missing embryos which were talked about all. the time.   The whole mishap is being placed on Ellie --who Brad says destroyed them. (um, you think Lante could call her and ask?) 
You know it will be Feb sweeps before Big Ben is returned.  (if not May!LOL)

TC is pregnant in real life--so we must all ask ourselves if this will play out on GH in the form of Sabrina being PG with Paddy's baby. It would totally fit. Nothing can be smooth--and this would certainly bind them all together even more! 

It's a muddy mess here--so different from last weekend. Crazy weather!!  


  1. Karen, is TC Sabrina? Oh NOOOOOOO, she's preggers?? Sister wives after all.

    It is REALLY WARM in NYC, near 70 degrees . . .

    I guess putting off Friday's show 'til Monday will throw off the timing of the Christmas shows? . ..

    1. That's great that TC is pregnant but good Lord I hope we don't have yet another pregnant sl. Ugh...maybe Maxie will share her big bags with her


    We have ice on our trees but it's warm here

    I don't think the "christmas shows" are all that--

    1. Yeh we didn't even get a Quote thanksgiving so they might as well blow off Christmas. Except I want a Scorpio-Drake one, so they better...

  3. Awkward moment: Julian telling Bobbie how plastic surgery can really alter one's appearance.

  4. I havent read spoilers, but I think they will refrain from making Sabrina pregnant. There has been enough baby poop (ha ha, pun intended) the past 2 years to last forever and I am hoping that they come to their senses and realize that there are other stories out there and that baby drama is tired and played out.

    Going back to an earlier post... the hulu clip of Patrick and Robin... did anyone notice all the lipstick on patricks lips? It was so clear that this was NOT the first take of the scene that they aired!

    Also, I said this before, and if anyone can comment, then great. But I do NOT see Lucas as a love interest for either Brad or Felix. At least not Lucas as played by Ryan Carnes. I've seen Ryan's work elsewhere and just cannot see any chemistry with him and those two. (Some spoilers say there may be a triangle....)

    Hey Ms. Wubqueen...

    Are there any year long spoilers for 2014 yet? Rumors? Anything for the entire year, not just the next month or so? Predictions? They dont have to be from the 'net or a mag, maybe your own personal crystal ball?

  5. NO. When I said I was afraid they would make Sabrina pregnant to drag out the storyline, I had no idea the actress was pregnant. Will they be able to resist the temptation to do that?

  6. Declodave:

    I thought the same thing about all that plastic surgery talk.

  7. From GHH....Just saying..

    Previews for Early 2014

    Patrick's decision is only the beginning of the story. There will be other issues for Robin, Patrick and Sabrina in 2014. It will impact their extended families as well. On Sabrina's side, it is Felix and Carlos. On Patrick's side, beyond Robin, it is Emma and Anna. Frank Valentini, Exec Producer, says, "It will challenge them all in different ways and in ways that they didn't really expect."

  8. Also from GHH..

    Someone suffers from bouts of nausea.
    Felix speculates.

  9. Dante and Lulu were too calm about their embryos being missing. I just don't think Dom and Emme have any chem.

  10. yeah, the non-hysteria over missing embryos was curious

  11. I agree with Dave about Lucas. I certainly hope they aren't planning to have a triangle with him and Brad and Felix. Just because Lucas is gay it doesn't mean he's automatically going to be attracted to one of those two.

    I also hope they don't give him a major personality change and turn him into a caricature.

  12. I would like to see TC leave to have her baby and not come back, sorry to say. We don't need Patrick having another child with someone else after the Britt storyline. I also loved the plastic surgery line! I feel bad for JZ and still love Bobbie regardless.


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