Thursday, December 12, 2013

Pairs Day...

Exposition day


Kevin and Todd... Kevin's you killed Heather!? Okayyyyyy. Then they go off on a tangent talking about Lucy and Kevin!   Kevin thinks this is a "one time thing" with Franco.
They are going to have more sessions.

Sam and Spinelli: Sam..."don't go to Portland"! Spin: "But Maxie said it was ok"! 
Spin goes to tell Maxie his decision. WHY would Maxie tell him to leave 3,000 miles away when she has 6 months?

Maxie and Robin.   Maxie, wah..Robin..wah.. we are sad over our men.

Carly and Lulu. Um, why didn't Lulu give Spin all the baby clothes?  Lulu goes over the trial in case you missed it.

Dante and Sonny go over the trial in case you missed it.  Dom Z did a great job today.

Lucy and Scott: Lucy wants Kevin...Scott wants Lucy

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  1. I actually thought the same thing about the baby clothes.

    And dear Carly, so engulfed in her own little melodramas that she didn't even know about lulu losing the baby. She said sorry because she didn't realize the verdict was in yet. Well she knew they were fighting a court case over her. She could have offered a little moral support.

    And I loved Lulu's comeback when Carly asked her to give Franco a job. Carly has such a short memory when her libido is involved.

    Did anybody hear what Olivia said to Sonny in the previews? I couldn't make it out.

  2. I think Lulu was being spiteful and decided that if she couldn't have the baby she would have the baby clothes. what a peach.

    what, exactly, does Lulu do for a living that Carly wants her to hire Franco. i do not remember her actually having a job--at least not since JMB played her.

  3. Doesn't Lulu run the Haunted Star? She used to work there with Johnny Z.

    Keeping little Georgie's clothes to be spiteful seems just up NuLulu's alley.

    The Spin moving across the country thing seems a little extreme, since Maxie can get at least partial custody in 6 months.

    OMG Robin stop whining- just go take over your old life. Move into your house, let Patrick make the adjustments - He is either in or out!!!!!

  4. Scotty's room: Scotty why don't you want Lucy to tell Doc that she slept with you? Are you afraid that Doc would hit you? :) Oh no she just wants to be friends with Scotty! Scotty is in the friends zone now. Poor Scotty. :( It's about time Scotty finds a women who loves only HIM! Come here Scotty I can be that woman! :)

    Lante home: HUH?! Since when are Carly and Lulu so close?!!?!?! When did that happen?! Carly needs Lulu's help to giving Bobbie Franco Todd Baldwin a job!?!?! I thought Carly was going to give him a job at the metro court? Lulu is so tiny, that Carly towers over her ROFL!

    The gym: What a great Sonny and Dante scene! LOVE IT! Poor Dante. :'(

    Ellie and Maxie's home: Maxie is so happy to see Robin! I love Robin's reaction when she realized Ellie and Spinny rhymed hahahaha! Spinny is so happy seeing Robin too awww! :)

    Sam's home: Spinny and his daughter AWWWWWWWWWW! ) I miss Spinny's nicknames for people! It's too bad he doesn't do them anymore, cus I wonder what his nickname for his daughter would have been. :) Sam doesn't want him to leave town awwww.

    Kevin's office: Well well well, Bobbie Franco Todd Baldwin has a guilty conscious and spills his guts to Kevin! I want them to go dig up Heather, and then they find out that the grave is empty!!! Come on guys!!! Lucy sees Kevin awwwwwwww! :)

  5. Maybe the baby clothes were too small for the baby and that's why she still had them.

  6. Wow, DZ was just great today. And I really like his haircut. And he's very handsome... :) OK, just having a crush on DZ moment.

    I was thinking what about Scotty and Olivia? I was routing for an Olivia Robert pairing until finding out Robert was leaving, but Olivia and Scott could be fun. More fun than her and Sonny. Blech.

  7. OH one more thing. Can they PLEASE rename that baby before Spinelli leaves? I wish the end of the episode was Maxie saying, "You can move to Portland on one condition...." and then tomorrow the condition would be, " her Georgie!" Tears would be everywhere. Also I hate to think of that adorable baby named after Connie, who was kinda psycho.



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