Friday, December 27, 2013

It's New Year's Eve: Flash Forward Six Days!

 Yep--it's now New Year's eve when yesterday/day before was Christmas.

ABC has been doing a little helping vets PSA and spots on their's GH's turn today! That's a real life vet that's talking to Silas about "telling the truth".  It's only a cameo for this guy.

Maxie's leaving today.  One has to wonder--will she be back? Hmmmm...I mean, I'm assuming she is but they could just write her out as well. This is NOT a rumor, it's just me thinking. Bradford is gone and Mac/Flea are on sparingly and she doesn't have a job at Crimson anymore--so???  
Maxie to Robin "Oh my God, is that jacket from two years ago"?? 
ahahahhhaha. I died.

Danny looks just like Big Ben to me lol.  Sam went to visit Patrick--I liked it. 

LULU wants to try to make a  baby. I can see it now, a surrogate is implanted, PG with QUADS  and Big Baby Ben is found out to be theirs! ahahaa. Does anyone else find the industrial 'fan' in their flat annoying as all hell? Ugh.

Since TC is pregnant in real life, GH would be CRAY not to use it in an angsty storyline. Even I admit that!!!  Ro on twitter said she COULD be Lante's surrogate. NICE... I think that idea is awesome. 

Nikolas asked Britt to move into Wyndemere with him. We need a Bacchanalia to celebrate!!! 

Patrick to Robin: Let's have another baby--that right after Betty threw up 
oh geesh


  1. NO comments? NADA? NOTHING!!??

    anyway, I stopped in to say that Kirsten tweeted she is back in a few months. It's already all set up. So, Maxie will be on!

  2. Just finished working, Karen, but I have a comment: YAY!! Our Maxie is coming back!!!!

    PLEASE have Sabby be a surrogate, and NOT PG w/Paddy's child!!

  3. AllI can say is I was glad to finally have a Sonny-free day.

  4. Sabrina being pregnant. I hate the character. Perhaps they can have her die giving birth to the child; Patrick and Robin can raise the baby. As this is GH and every baby has to get sick the illness can lead to a DNA check, revealling Lily and Sonny as Sabrinas parents. Robin raising Sonnys grandchild would work. How would Patrick and Anna feel about thier families meshing with Sonny's.

    Glad to hear Maxie will be back. She is a legacy character. Why not put her in a storyline with Lucy/Laura, setting up the new spa, re-establishing Deception, etc. could lead to a romance between Maxie and Milo. Maxie connected to Lucy would be fun as well...the Nurses Ball can live on with these two organzing.

    Now that Derek Wells have been exposed as Julian Jerome is he still running the paper? Why not have Maxie work at paper?

    So it is now New Years, we had scenes at the Q's but have not seen Monica or Tracy? Have not seen Alexis in a long time either...would have liked to see a Davis girls xmas.

  5. Please no Sabrina pregnant. I'm already sick of it and it hasn't even started.

  6. If she is preggers, that means yet another time Patrick was careless with the condoms. So out of character after all those years of being careful with Robin.

  7. Felix and Sabrina's home: Aww Felix I know you are trying to be a good friend, but you gotta let it go! Felix wins the line of the day!

    Felix: Did you have sex with Carlos in my bed?

    ROFL! Still love you Felix. :) Oh oh Sabrina threw up! Yes Felix she might be preggers!

    The hospital: When Sam and McSilas had the scene together, I thought this was a repeat. :) It's not! Baby Cheeto is doing very well! He is healthy! YAY! Oh McSilas and a war vet! He doesn't have cancer! :) Oh oh McSilas has those phone calls again.

    Lante home: Blah blah blah. Let's try for another baby. Blah blah blah. Zzzzzzz. They make love.

    Wyndemere: Brik made love again! :) He wants her to move in permanently! Oh come on Britch if you feel so bad for Lante, then tell them the damn truth!

    Maxie's home: Oh! Maxie wants to leave town to find herself!!!! Well, I hope when she comes back, she changes. :) Mac and Felicia are just too cute. :) Maxie is so annoying with Robin! Isn't that jacket from two years ago? UGH! And she wants Robin to wait to go shopping for clothes until Maxie comes back! UGH! What are you trying to say Maxie? That Robin has no taste in clothes? Shut up! UGH!

    Patrick and Robin's home: Love Patrick and Sam scene! Baby Cheeto is crawling awww! Oh Patrick wants another baby with Robin!!! YAY!

    Karen! Kirsten will be back in a few months?! When?!!?!?!!? 5 months? 6 months? :)

  8. How original. ANOTHER baby story. I guess I'm the fool expecting originality from Ron. Hahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

    The writing isn't sitting well with me lately. It's still very disjointed/full of holes. I just can't get past the terrible writing for Robin/Patrick "reunion", if you want to even call it that. None of it has made sense as it was written very out of character for both.

  9. any sonny free day is a happy day for me :)



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