Sunday, December 15, 2013

Sunday Surgery: Serenity Now

Grasping at Straws?

My favorite thing Lucy said! "Serenity Now" ..I guess it's my love of Seinfeld that did it!! It also summed up my feelings after seeing the above had come up outta the dirt! 
Well, we've had a lot of snow here and more is falling. Lake Effect,  Electra, you name it. Of course, no snow days because we are expected to drive through 5 feet of the stuff around here!! 

Speaking of snow, Port Charles hasn't had any yet and most ladies are running around in no sleeves. We did see some Christmas Cheer with trees and tinsel.

Get all warm and cozy..Fleece-lined scrubs!! Here we go!

Let's get right to it.  HEATHER'S BURIAL.  :shakes head: I ..I..well,  I did call it. You could tell something was going to happen. Most people expected her to pop out of the laundry cart. But no, Ron left it until the end, after her lifeless body was dumped into the hole, wrapped in that sheet. Poor Todd, all that work and it still didn't happen!  I totally had a "Carrie" moment--and also "Kill Bill" with Uma getting out of her coffin. Heahter is basically a zombie that shall never die. She lives on BLTs though, not human flesh!! 
Her "murder" has led to Franco going to Kevin for help. Kevin was just like "huh, you killed, Heather--well, ok".  I do like the idea of Franco being analyzed by someone. Plus, it gets JL on more. 

Lucy and Scotty--old times, old times. I still have that picture of Scotty in my head walking around with his hair up and his robe 1/2 way done. Lucy's going to be guilt-ridden and spazzing out all over for awhile.  What will Doc do when he finds out? When the hell is Christina or Serena finally coming?  That's been on hold forever now!

AJ.. I almost forgot he got off for murder. Slipped my mind. That trial and pace of his story is just AWFUL.  Now Liz is all about Nik, so who knows where AJ will end up. Probably the storage closet.  Thank goodness Monica was on. Although BOO that they didn't show she and Leslie's lunch! Hey, you have them on set around the same time, TAPE SOMETHING!!  

I did love Leslie at Wyndemere. Yes, she could have talked to Lulu but frankly, I liked her with Nikolas better.  Then, she took Spencer to see Uncle Sonny and that was priceless! That little Spencer kid is so charming.  Maurice is adorable around kids, that's for sure. I liked Olivia talking with Leslie too. Olivia just fits as Sonny's lady right now. She's not a clingy sobby mess, she's just his equal and someone that knows him. They fool around once and awhile. Cool. 

The Jr.Mints came on after helping McSilas get a tree. Oh wow..bad acting in that scene. I'm sorry but--ugh. With all the talent out there-- and this is our second Taylor!! Maybe if they had more airtime (no please) or a decent, compelling story, we'd deal with them better. Instead, they are just pains in the ass. LOL. TJ talked about his mama for a hot second, Molly's been MIA and Rafe and Taylor are basically forgotten.  So when TJ and Molly fight over who they "like more" it's pointless. The ONLY saving grace of that scene was Sam and Silas watching it and cracking up. 

And on  to the big story of the week: Spinelli leaving. Knowing that Bradford is really going and not just going to be "recurring" made it all the more bittersweet.  He's been a revelation in so many ways, it will leave a big hole when he's gone. He's so "not soap" hunk  but we LOVE him. Well, Fell in love with him over time. Quirky and cute--he just made  GH tolerable and was the only comic relief for a number of years.  When this new regime came on, Spinelli grew and matured and lost some of his rambling dorkiness. Bradford and Kirsten sold Spixie in so many ways.
Geesh, I'm going to be more sad than I thought that he's going!!  

Lante leave me lacking in emotion. All I could think of was: "Why didn't Lulu give Spin those clothes"? I didn't even feel sorry for her. When Carly was talking to her, I was like WHATEVER. And, you know--isn't it hysterical where their embryos were kept? In some stupid little nook thing in the front of the lab? I mean-- it just seemed like--strange. I would think they would be in some cooler walk-in freezer with organs and other eggs and body parts or something. Or in a zygote bank. Not where Ellie and Brad kept their lunches.

UGH..I have NO comment on this sheeze. Just stop it. NOW!!-- either have Patrick cry himself into a fetal position or have both Robin and Sabrina tell him to take a hike. Even Emma is like, with the hell,  Dad!!?

There were a LOT of cute moments this week-- Spencer and the tree,  Liz tossing her hair (I love her hair)!, Luke and Tracy eating crackers on the couch, the "free hats" they gave out at the tree festival. I like those little moments.  They do take the edge off say, someone getting stabbed or digging their own grave.  Oh!!...and Sam wore white and smiled!  Miracles do happen!! 

SCENE OF THE WEEK: I don't have a cap of it, but it's Sonny boxing with Spencer. I loved that scene!! Leslie was all "I don't like violence" and Sonny explaining the finer points of the sport. Spencer was so cute and so was Mo!! Dimples everywhere!! I loved the mix of characters--Olivia was talking to Leslie-and they remembered Sonny had a nephew! So many people didn't even know it, twitter was going crazy asking how they were related.  That's what happens when you have writers for years who totally rub-out history.  

PROP OF THE WEEK: The laundry cart. Todd schlepped it all over the place. It's a wonder Heather didn't leave blood all over it, btw. I was also going to pick the shovel--that poor thing got a workout this week as well!

FACE OF THE WEEK: Lucy hiding from Kevin

 That's about it! The end of the Year Wub Awards are coming soon.  Today is the last day to vote for Wubber's Choice, prop of the year!  I tell you what, it's tough to do year end retrospects. It takes forever and it always amazes me what I forget about!  Of course, this year was also huge because of the 50th anniversary extravaganza. 
Have a good one. Hope you are not trapped under mountains of the white stuff! 

Again, thank you to Lisa W for her screen caps. She didn't load Fridays' so I am remiss at not having those.   They do a a lot to the blog!!


  1. You nailed it all again Karen. Full Agreement.

    Show has been a let down after the Faison/Dr. O, Anna/Robert story. I really miss Dr. O and hope they keep her on somehow.

    Heather really just needs to go. The "fun" of it is now overkill.

    I'm very aggravated by the AJ story and especially the end of Connie. No need to have killed her. No follow up story. Nothing. She could have been with Julian by now.

    Jr. Mints are useless- but thinking TJ is the one who gets shot by mistake next week...

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. So happy you come to my blogsite.
    We BOTH love Lizzie!!'

  4. Add to the list of arms coming out of graves - Melrose Place. Jane and Sydney buried somebody out in the desert.

    I, too, think it must be TJ who gets shot by mistake. They are (excerpt for Molly) all just awful. GH used to be good at casting kids. What happened?

    We have tons of snow in Buffalo as well. After 2 decent winters this one already sucks.

  5. I agree: out of all the kids, the Jr. Mints, on GH, Molly is the only one who can act.

    Things went downhill fast after Faison left. He, Dr. O, Anna, Robert, and Duke were amazing. Even Jerry is entertaining. Have the writers every heard of quality over quantity? There are too many storylines now and the characters are on so infrequently that there is no time to get invested to anyone.

    I don't care about Franco; Silas and Sam are boring. The mob stories are overdone.

    Time to wrap up Patrick-Robin-Sabrina already, but that seems likely since Christmas is coming.

    GH needs to focus on a smaller cast of better actors and better writing instead of throwing a bunch of stories at us, played by lousy actors.

  6. I personally like Molly and Rafe jr. When the boy first came on the show he was quite charming. I think he and Molly do have chemistry. But Molly and TJ do not and that ruins their scenes I really think that Ron should bring Rafe senior to the show and have him have to explain where he has been and why he let Alison think that he was dead. That would make Rafe jr a more sympathetic character and give Molly a chance to bond with him over absentee father issues.

  7. Dar, I totally sympathize, I grew up in Buffalo, and, while I love the city, I DO NOT miss the mounds of snow. What neighborhood do you live in?

    ITA, Sonny and Spencer, so cute!! Sonny is GREAT w/kids, always, he's allowed to smile, and I think, be more himself.

  8. Also, as a psychotherapist, I can't STAND that people just come in and spill to Kevin. They first have to be accepted as a patient, pay him, etc. It's true that we don't have to report past crimes, but we do have a "duty to warn" if we think someone is a danger to self or others.

  9. IT was rather casual, wasn't it Joan? LOL

  10. I love Liz/Becky's hair too, especially with the curls. It's a similar length and cut to mine and I've been working w/ the curling iron trying to make it look like that. LOL

  11. My biggest quarrel is with the Scubs story--seems ridiculous Patrick has to stall. He got his wife back, the wife he mourned and adored and who is the mother of that adorable daughter. So what's to decide?? How could he even consider Sabrina over Robin or in the same breath?

    I'm never that interested in 'whose baby is that' stories and found the suggrogate story boring from the start. Now it is going into overkill.

    I will miss Spinelli alot--I also missed and preferred his dorkiness and now he seems a different person somewhat. But Bradford will be missed big tie. Big talent. I liked Ellie, too.

    I love that Franco is going to Kevin for help. I love Kevin and this means we may see a bit more of him. Maybe he can cure Todd of being Franco-- that would be nice. However, it is always nice to watch Roger. And Jon L as well. Look forward to the sessions which I hope we get to see!

    I enjoy Sam and Silas' chats and hope they increase their screen time so we can see the romance progress. And I never minded Rafe with Molly--his low key attraction to her was nice and I kept wishing she'd begin to return his yearning.

    I was snowbound a solid week and there went all my Xmas shopping. Xmas will arrive whether I'm ready or not!
    Just hope Robin andf Patrick have stopped the stupidity by then...

  12. Soaplover: Do what I do: shop online!! Prices are good, sometimes even better, no paying for gas, parking, etc., no crowds--easy, peasy!!


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