Sunday, December 1, 2013

Sunday Surgery: Malarkey

MOVE.  Do something !!

noun: malarkey
  1. meaningless talk; nonsense.
    "don't give me that malarkey"
     Yeah...I said it!!!  MILARKEY !!!!   These three days were the LONGEST most frustrating -- UGH . I know people were mad.  By the looks of twitter and FB-- it was a huge misstep.  Patrick looks worse than stupid and Robin? WTF. Who lets their kid sit  there watching their Dad marry another woman. You run in and scream. Then again, she should have revealed herself weeks ago but whatever.  *sigh* I so wanted to like this story. Hey, if you bring someone back from the dead, do it right.  

    Today is World Aids, Day...a day special in Robin's life because of Stone. How fitting the blog is mostly about her!

    Well... Well WELL. I don't know what to say.  We've waited FOREVER for this and what? We couldn't get one damn gasp from someone Wednesday  after they caught a glimpse of Robin?  And what about BOBBIE? COME ON!! They better say she's starting dementia because that was just awful. Thanks for bringing her back for that. That sheeze NEEDS to be done too. One hostage gets away, another gets tied up..another gets beaten, another saves someone...someone comes in behind them, takes  THEM hostage. WTF.  Someone better start putting bullets into people or just give up and say "Uncle" .. 

    Ok,This was a good pay off... Robin finally hugging her Daddy.   I wonder when she made that bracelet? When she was in the catacombs on the island? Maybe she took some threads from her shirt and weaved it. 
    Oh, wait...  I digress! YES! This was a good moment. And since there are no known masks of Robin OR Robert hanging around I can be sure it's them.
    Juan was back for a hot second. WHY Not let him come to the wedding? Go have lunch with Liz afterward? Maybe Saucedo got $40 and a gift certificate for working for that scene.  LOL  Emma was adorable but her "bad luck" warnings just got on my nerves after day TWO of listening to her whine. If Emma's making me cranky, you know something's wrong! 

    So, this scene was pointless... time waster. As was Paddy going to the lab. In the end, he chose not to believe it. If this had happened a WEEK build up his doubt, I would get it. Now? Um...  
    BTW, I hope that's a wig Ava has on because.. ;/  no.

    Jason Thompson is not selling his "love" for Sabrina to me in any way, shape or form. I kept waiting for something, anything to make me believe he really was into Sabrina.  Nada. Don't see it.  Which I suppose is fine since Robin's waiting but the punch is lost if there's not a connection with the "new" couple, imo. Maybe you like them...but like I said, I'm not feelin' it.  Emma's selling  it more than Patrick, imo.

    On to Spixie. Heartbreaking watching Maxie try to see her daughter. (that baby looks so much like Spinelli, I swear it's Bradford's! LOL) He didn't even take the gift. But hey,THE WUBQUEEN has a solution!
    Skype. You know, that new fangled thing everyone is using? Maxie  could see the baby and interact but be away from her! Problem solved! Plus, Spin could tape every thing on his phone for Maxie so she can see it six months later. I know it's a story point to get Kirsten off canvas for her PG leave but-- still.  Ellie's driving me nuts too. 

    Felix is turning into the "go to" character for good sense, comic relief and a shoulder to lean on.  He's Carly's confidant..Sabby's BFF and he's even getting close to Liz. He looked mighty dapper on wedding day! 

    RANDOM Lucy-Freak out Moment.

    SCENE OF THE WEEK: the Four reunited. Marred only by Robin's fugtastic blouse.

     FACE OF THE WEEK: This..says it all. ;) OUR ROBIN is back!!! Mama sees her..awww. We got an Asian Quarter Flashback of their other reunion. Same people, no recasts.

    PROP of the WEEK: I'm choosing the big blue package for what it represents; Maxie's desperation to see her daughter.  And hell,  it's a great belly-hider as well.  Sad that Spin didn't even take it from her to open it. Sniff.

    BIG, GIANT GOOF of the WEEK: Patrick has his cell phone, shows a photo of Robin to Brad and then, in the very next minute,  we see it at his house where it's ringing when Robin is trying to call him. Headwriter RON said it was actually "Emma's Phone" he had...but me thinks the editing was off. LOL. Everyone seemed to notice  it as well. FB and Twitter went nuts.


    That's it! Epiphany and Paddy's talk was nice. Too bad she's been MIA forever.  This was a short week, so not much else to say. I know what happens Monday and who sees Robin first, so our anger should die quickly. I have a feeling Sabrina's going to be hanging around too. Just in Patrick's eye-sight. Hmmmm. My spoilers include one that says "The Mob War heats up" ..which is right off the press. Oh I shall love the day when I don't have to write that again. and again. and..ugh. 

    Hope your Turkey day was a good one. We had a nice time with family-- even with 9" of snow it was easy travel. Can't believe it's DECEMBER!! Whoa. 


  1. Juan's botox and eye liner face was creepy. David Bowie he's not. I wonder if he and Becky share wardrobe?

  2. Michael Saucedo looks like he's auditioning to play a young George Takei in "Oh My! The George Takei Story" in that pic.

  3. I swear, FH is sooo beautiful that she even makes aging look gorgeous--she needs no surgery, she looks better in middle age than most people ever have looked in their entire life . . .

    PLEASE someone tell me that Sabby and Patty do NOT actually go through with the ceremony . . . If they actually have the wedding as Robin skulks and lurks about, revealing herself slowly over the next several weeks, I'll go crazy.

    WHY OH WHY couldn't Spin let Maxie hug her daughter?? SO painful!! These people break the law whenever it is convenient for them, no one would know if she held her child!! And, Karen, you are right, wouldn't tech-savvy Spin use Skype so Maxie and can enjoy her daughter?

  4. My husband watches GH with me in the evening and when Bobbie came he said "oh no, are they doing that mask thing again?

  5. Poor Jackie Zeman - botched plastic surgery - the gift that keeps on giving.

  6. Just to comment on Dar's comment. I don't know if JZ had "botched" surgery, or just too much filler. I think if she relaxes the filler, she will look more normal.

    You know, I am at the age where I'm tempted to get "a little nip and tuck," but, when I see all the famous celebrities with bad face jobs, it REALLY gives me pause, as they can afford the BEST.

  7. I was frustrated this week but in a good way. I figure anytime I'm yelling at the tv they're doing something right.

    As far as JZ, at least this time she didn't plump up her lips. I wish someone would pull her and LC aside and tell them what's what. FH should teach a class in aging gracefully in Hollywood.

  8. maddening week. FH rules. Didn't see anything in the spoilers about Sean Donnelly. Hopefully he gets the cure and not idiot Jerry. The whole thing with Bobbi is nuts. A dementia story would be good...

  9. JZ did have botched filler actually, same doc that did Pricilla Presley. I think he got his license revoked. I am super critical of the LA "Face" look..I'd look like an idiot with it around here, however if I were to live in LA I'd be the frumpy matron LOL

  10. I don't mind JZ back for a little bit...She paid her dues for many years on GH and deserves a little airtime now and then, even if her face ain't what it used to be.

    Fin, Tris, and Kimmie were all outstanding this week. Whatever comes of GH, I'll be grateful that at least the showrunners had the characters acknowledging how important they were to each other, although it was kind of weird to see Duke pulled into the the Scorpio family hug too, but whatever...I'll take it!


  11. Micheal Becky's husband has not acted in a while so it probably showed. I read somewhere that Becky and Teresa helped Michael get ready for his scenes. I liked the show This week.

  12. I seem to remember that the guy who ruined Presley's and JZ's faces actually went to prison because whatever he injected them with was illegal to use.

  13. The Robin/Anna slow-mo hug also had me going back to when they were reunited on AMC -- when it was Anna coming back from the dead to Robin. I figured they probably couldn't get rights to show it, but that, mixed with the Asian Quarter, would have been epic. Love that they have this history.

    I won't even deal with the awful pace and reveal, though. Way to botch a return.

  14. The Robin/Anna slow-mo hug also had me going back to when they were reunited on AMC -- when it was Anna coming back from the dead to Robin. I figured they probably couldn't get rights to show it, but that, mixed with the Asian Quarter, would have been epic. Love that they have this history.

    I won't even deal with the awful pace and reveal, though. Way to botch a return.

  15. Where did Bobbie get the key to the handcuffs that unlocked Jerry?

    Also, it was said online that one of the phones was Emma's. Really? A child that young has a cell phone? Wow. What a bad parent Patrick is.


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