Sunday, December 8, 2013

Sunday Surgery: Tear Ducts

Wow, Over-use of those delicate little things this week, wasn't there!!? Everyone was crying a river! Sabrina, Paddy-- Robin...Maxie, Anna--you name it!  No one seemed to use a kleenex either. Ewwwww.

How did YOU like this week? It was supposed to be the culmination of months and months of waiting and hostage taking.  Did you get all tingly? For me it was like being on a roller coaster and then told 1/2 way through it had broken down and you had to get off.  The ride never finished for me.

Time to get those scrubbies on, wash up and dish about this week.  I'm eating the abandoned wedding cake from Sabby and Paddy's wedding. Care to join?

MONDAY: NO reason for this foolishness!! One of the writers on Twitter said something like "People! Robin wasn't going to walk out of their lives, just the wedding".  Um, ok..but that makes NO sense. Was she going to interrupt the reception? The honeymoon? When would she have TOLD  them--especially since half the damn town knew she was alive already? I hated the fact that Robin didn't tell Patrick she was alive weeks ago. I LOATHED the fact that she didn't march in there and stop things. Robin is pretty bold, self-centered and ballsy. She would have gotten her ass in there to not only say, hey "Hold the phone" but also to reveal herself to Emma ASAP. Thank goodness the writers decided to have Emma spot her or we'd still be waiting.  

The aftermath of this was heartbreaking for Sabrina-- she did a great job crying and carrying on. Jason Thompson did his usual magnificent weeping as well.  Poor Mac had to stand there forever until he could hug Robin.  Lucy was actually the one that was the most happy to see her it seemed! Epiphany had a nice talk with her too.

No one really seemed to care about her ordeal over 2 years (least of all Patrick!) I absolutely would have written it differently--especially the part where Emma goes to school (can you imagine her telling everyone her Mommy is back from the dead?) and Patrick goes to work! I really needed a scene where he walked into the house alone, right after the non-wedding  and looked around and picked up the photo of he and Robin he's been looking at for months. I also would have liked to have seen the "pajama party" that Anna, Emma and Robin had. If you were going to separate the family, at least show it. 

The "Killing of Faison"...had a great build up, then...fade to black.  Anna's acting all weird and I'm hoping it's because he revealed something to her before they put a bullet in him.  Can't be just the guilt of killing someone eating at her. She's WSB.  I didn't like the fact that Dr. O and Faison just disappeared from canvas with no closure.  Seemed incomplete--especially after all the time we spent watching them tie people up and threatening. I know it will come up later but again, this goes to my dislike of the pacing of the show. 

Speaking of pacing, smooshed between it all AJ was in court again this week.  Talk about choppy and uneventful. Do I care? No. Ditto on Sonny's mobby talk with Sean over Carrrrrrrrlos. He may be a Rivera but other than that? Stuck in there. The only good part was Ava seeing Sonny at the court house.  She looked like she wanted to eat him on a stick. 

Who has time off right now? Morgan and Alexis. Don't see them anywhere! 

And...there was this: Bobbie comes back and is stupid enough to let Jerry go. Jerry wants the anti-dote and instead of giving him just a fake one, Luke is all drama and they both plunge over the balcony. Luke hangs on and Jerry? Well his fall was broken! Imagine that.  He escapes with the help of Julian Jerome. I'm sure he'll be gone until the next time he pops up. Chop. Chop. 

Speaking of chopping, Heather coming around has gotten really old.  I hear Franco may really kill her this time, we shall see.  And, just move Todd into  Carly's house already. 

Maxie at the grave..Georgie shows up.  Anyone notice she got her nose pierced in heaven? Then Robin comes around the corner, who Maxie thinks is a ghost. Robin smacks Maxie. Maxie promises not to kill herself. Wait until she finds out Spinelli is leaving with the baby to Portland.  (Hipster place or what!?) 

SCENE OF THE WEEK: Finally Emma runs to Robin. FINALLY. 

FACES OF THE WEEK: YES,  I could have gone with the obvious; Patrick sees Robin--anyone sees Robin but this was just too fun to pass up. Bobbie is just like; ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

PROP OF THE WEEK:  Wall painting: Respect the COCK!! These are done by our own Carlos...Jeffery Vincent Parise!! Did you see it in Carrrrrrlos' apartment? 

GO TO THE WUBSNET and VOTE for Prop of the year!! Tumor in a Jar? Duke Mask? BBQ Ariel? What will it be!! 


  1. Well, good morning all, as usual, I seem to be the first one up! Of course, I work on Sunday, I'll bet I'm the only one here who does.

    When you spoke in the spoilers about Franco and a body--can I DARE hope it is Carly's? Never liked her . . .

    Is Spin really leaving to Portland? My chiropractor's secretary and I (she's older than I am, and has been watching GH FOREVER), were speculating if Maxie will follow them out, will they really go, etc?, and how this will fit into KS's leave. I hope SpinEllie are not leaving the show!

    Soooo glad to hear that Kevin is back, hope he can stay . . .

  2. Oh, and I see I'm in a minority with my vote for Kelly's BLT! C'mon, folks, it is the prop with the most HISTORY . . .

  3. The Paddy not asking where she was is so silly.

  4. I read quite a while back that the actor who plays Spinelli is leaving, Portland must be his exit. :(

  5. There are at least 10 characters I would rather see leave than Spinelli. Speaking of which if we don't mention Morgan is missing maybe he'll stay missing.

    My feeling about the week - I felt cheated.

  6. Spot on as Always!
    My Peeves come from this:
    Lulu has lost her daughter and Nikolas, Luke cannot be bothered to check on her. Bobbie came to town for PATRICK's WEDDING but has no time to also go see Lulu.

    Leslie is returning to town so SPENCER can meet Uncle Sonny. GH has NOT once shown any interest in even acknowledging they are related. And can Leslie while babysitting BEN notice his resemblance to Lucky or Lulu at that age!

    Why not shake it up GH!!! Make it appear that Sabrina was planted to keep PATRICK busy while Robin was kidnapped and then fell for him. Have Obrecht send a message or Jerry that her JOB is not done yet. -OR-

    If the Jeromes are trying to isolate SONNY to take him down. Well u have killed his Accountant, his Enforcer, KINKY has gotten BOTH his sons away from him and now his TECH guy is being moved to Portland by Ellie. AGAIN, WHO IS ELLIE? all of these pieces could have been made to be the best Chess game ever by Julian to leave Sonny a PAWN and vulnerable for take down **just my thought**

  7. I thought Bradford confirmed that he wasn't leaving, just that he he had downgraded from contract to recurring. So maybe he'll just be gone for awhile in conjunction with KS's maternity leave -- maybe just putting the whole story on the back burner till returns?

  8. I love your theory about the Jeromes trying to isolate Sonny, guy416. it certainly makes more sense than a lot of the stuff we've been hearing lately.

    I think they're just resting Spin for a while. He did say he'd be recurring. Maybe he and Maxie will have a big storyline down the road once she gets back from maternity leave. (Especially if people all start writing about how upset they are that he's leaving)

  9. Pretty sure Georgie had her nose piercing the last time she appeared when Maxie was pregnant. Loved the earrings.

    Always peeves me that it reads Georgianna on the headstone when Maxie was the one who named her George and Felicia agreed. Georgie was a nickname.

    Maxie started off as Max Frisco and Felicia announced her name as Maria Maximillana Jones.

  10. Hey I still care about AJ and his trial (or the farce they call his trial) but the pacing is atrocious.

  11. Karen says Lucy was actually the one that was the most happy to see her it seemed!
    Hahahaha yeah she was VERY happy and excited. :)

    Anyone notice she got her nose pierced in heaven?
    Karen ROFL! The last time Georgie visited Maxie, when she was pregnant, she had her nose pierced. :)

  12. AntJoan said...Oh, and I see I'm in a minority with my vote for Kelly's BLT! C'mon, folks, it is the prop with the most HISTORY . .
    Hahaha! I vote for Tumah in a jar!!! :) Come on it's HUUUUUUUUGE. :)


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