Friday, December 13, 2013


Leslie got all mad at Nikolas for lying about Faison!! They ended up  hugging and Spencer wants Britt to marry his Daddy! 

Ahahaaaa.. Nikolas gave the egg salad painting to Leslie!! heh..Leslie is taking Spencer to see UNCLE Sonny.  Sonny's sister, Courtney gave birth to Spencer. She died. WELL-- we think she did. 
Sonny and Spence were so cute together!! WOW.. and that kid could box!! 

OMG that was Rafe and Taylor, helping McSilas carry the tree! Random, but ok! OH, Molly and TJ stop by.
Junior Mint Holiday Edition! They are SO DULL..and two of them can't act. And I'm not saying which two.

Olivia and Sonny need to be the old couple in know, there's always an 'anchor couple'.  They could just dispense advice, do some mob stuff now and then and cook. Spencer looks just like him!!

Lulu and Dante. So not feeling it. Their zygotes are gone. 

WHY would Spin need to leave when you do Ellie? Let him pack!  Geesh.  This is stupid and in 6 months, the judge will revisit the case anyway! 
BTW, Supposedly Bradford Anderson is NOT going 'recurring" ..he's off. OFF OFF so said Head Writer Ron today on twitter! 

Spin took Corgi to see Maxie before he left.

Mac looked adorable in his reindeer antlers!!  


  1. Every time you put up a picture of Courtney it scares me because I think maybe you're announcing she's coming back to GH. Then I read your post and feel relieved. Stop scaring me with those things!! :) Thanks.

  2. Carey,
    I have the exact same reaction. I see her picture and I just cringe.

  3. SpinEllie: Oh no!! They are leaving today?! NOOOOOOO! I'm not ready! :'( I really hope they come back. :(

    Lante home: Dante wants to try to have another baby! Time to get those embryos! If there is anymore.

    Wyndemere: Awww Leslie is angry at Nik! Glad she forgave him. Nik gives Leslie that Heather painting! HAHAHAHA! :) It's just like giving someone a fruit cake hahaha! That is the gift that keeps on giving and so is the painting hahaha! Oh! Spencer wants his daddy and Britch to marry awwwww! Britch likes Spencer and they get along great! :) I think she changed because of Ben. :) Leslie is going to bring Spencer to uncle Sonny. At first I'm thinking huh? Uncle Sonny? Then I remember why he is uncle Sonny. I'm not saying her name!!!!! If I say her name too much she might pop up! Just like if you say beetle Juice three times he shows up!! Oh Brik is kissing! Oh but wait she has something to tell him first!

    The gym: Olivia aren't you cold wearing that sexy sweater? Spencer sees his uncle Sonny YAY! :) Oh Spencer and uncle Sonny in a boxing ring hahaha awwwwwwwwwww! :) Great scene. :)

    The lab: Lante wants their embryos!! Ellie can't find them! THEY ARE GONE!!!!!!!!!!! Oh Britch what do you want to tell Nik? That you stole Lante's embyros!?!?! And that baby Ben is Lante's?!!?! COME ON BRITCH ADMIT IT! :)

    Sam's home: Oh Mcsilas put back on that Christmas hat!!! Your hair looks better with it on. Oh boy the teen scene is on! There is Rafe! Oh man is the plan still in motion? UGH! It's so boring! Zzzzzzzzz. Oh Molly and TJ call them out! While Sam and McSilas are sitting on the stairs watching ROFL! Time to get some popcorn! :) Spinny wins the line of the day!

    Spinny: Your sister and TJ are having a war of words downstairs. Something about someone being jealous about someone else's fake relationship.

    ROFL! Spinny I'm going to miss you. :( Love the Sam and Spinny goodbye hug. :( He holds his daughter YAY!

    Ellie and Maxie's home: The antlers are so cute hahaha! No Felicia don't encourage her to see her daughter! Oh glad you realized you are wrong. Spinny shows up with baby Georgie!!!!! :) Well they ARE leaving. :(

    Karen says Courtney gave birth to Spencer. She died. WELL-- we think she did.
    Karen!!! Stop it! She is DEAD! Do you hear me?!!? DEAD! :) And how dare you put a picture of her up!!! *shiver*

    1. We get play by play from Karen, I hear an echo...

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  6. "CareyN said...Every time you put up a picture of Courtney it scares me because I think maybe you're announcing she's coming back to GH."

    No! That is the second time her name has been said!!! If her name is said a third time, she might show up in Port Chuckles!!! SHHHHHH!

  7. I know they want us to feel bad for Dante and Lulu for losing the baby, but I just can't feel bad for them either. And I hate that they keep saying their baby. I'm just not feeling them either. I also want better reactions to what happened to Lulu from Emme

  8. I'll write about my Lackluster Lante in Sunday Surgery!

  9. ROBIN PLEASE GO VISIT SONNY!!!! OK, I yelled loudly, I hope she heard me . . .


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