Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Robin's Back and Hugging Everyone!

Liz and Robin..awww. Epiphany! Lucy!!

Duke and Sonny...MOBULATION along with Carlos and  Julian.  Blah, Blah Bladdy-Blah Carlos is a Rivera-Sonny's all flustered. Puerto Rico!!

Aw, Patrick and Sabrina. Sniff..OH WELL--MOVE ON!  Since Patrick is so upset, just do a Sister Wives thing. Just rip off that band-aid! 
Robin and Liz were good. Liz was probably thinking: Glad it wasn't me that fell for Paddy!!
Betty said "he might go back to Robin"...but HE NEVER left...SHE came "back" so..there. hoo..I don't know what I hoo...blah blah..sniff. OMG 

Siam out walking on the docks... Great place to go for a stroll, right?  GEESH. And of course Sam is going to think that Jason's alive--everyone ELSE is. 

Sam let the 'baby' out of the bag mentioning Lucas to Julian. 

OK, so..Anna and Robin and Emma are having a 'SLEEP OVER"!!? WTH. And Sabby is with Carlos already. LOL

BTW, Rumor has it that Brit is Duke and Anna's kid and that was Faison's secret. I like my idea (below) better.  Hey, it's a creepy, sick idea but SO Faison!


  1. So we had to see Patrick struggle with his feelings for Sabrina even up until he said, "I do," because he STILL was not sure of himself, and now he's conflicted about Robin? I understand that he's supposed to be in shock, but it should not be a conflict between Robin and Sabrina. This is silly and just a way to drag out the story even longer.

  2. I never liked P&S together (we all knew they never had a chance) but she always seemed so young and childish. Much more like Emma's babysitter, they can braid hair together. But does she really have to be stuck with Carlos? He seems even older than Dr.P. Sabrina really is a sweetheart, trying to be all brave and happy about Robin being alive. Doesn't she deserve someone her own age?

  3. THANK YOU!!!! I've wanted Brit to be Anna's since I started liking her with Nik!!!

  4. Britt being Duke and Anna's would be great! It broke my heart yesterday when Duke said they could have had a child of their own... he and Anna seemed so sad....

    Again, I don't share people's negative view of these storylines. I liked today's show and the storyline. Patrick wasn't as in love with Sabrina as he is with Robin and of course he's going back to Robin but let's at least leave him a minute to think about this...

  5. I'd like to see Britt be Duke and Anna's child too, but didn't Anna have a miscarriage?

  6. DI, yeah, see I can't figure out HOW that would happen(Duke/Anna's kid). that's why I want faison to be Anna's daddy ahahhaha

  7. I think that we all need to get off Patrick's back for a minute here. He DID ask robin to go home with him and Emma and SHE was the one who actually said no. I was yelling at robin today, not Patrick.

    And doesn't anyone in this town know how to use a cell phone or send a text message to poor MAXIE! LOL

  8. Church private room: Oh how I wish Sabrina would sob quietly! Or just don't make a sound. The loud sobbing is too much! Okay okay Patrick needs to absorb everything. I get it. I'll give him a pass and give him a few days. I'll give him a week! :)

    Felix: He should have thought of that before.

    Before what?!! What he hell are you talking about Felix? I love you hon, but shut the hell up!

    Sabrina: If Robin had never left, would we have gotten together?

    Say what?!!?!?! Sabrina you would want to have an affair back then or even now? HUH?!!?!

    Church: Patrick doesn't know what to do right now, but yet he wants Robin to come home with him? Uh no Patrick. Not a good idea!!!! Poor little Emma thinks mommy has to go back to heaven!!!

    Liz: You don't write, you don't call

    Robin: I know, what kind of friend am I?

    ROFL! Love it! And love how Lucy just goes right behind Robin and hugs her awwww! :)

    Metrocourt: Bobbie and Carly talk about Luke! Yesterday Luke was with hooker Ava and now they are gone! Luke did you and hooker Ava have sex yet? :) Did you give her 100 dollars? :) Bobbie wins the line of the day!

    Bobbie: Maybe because she is sleeping with my grandson. Ewww. What is wrong with her? You know, I still can't believe that Julian had YET another sister. They are like termites those Jeromes. You think they are all dead, then poof out pops another one.

    ROFL! Welcome back Bobbie! :) Yes Bobbie, Julian is ALIVE!!!

    Sonny's office: Poor Sonny! He can't touch Julian, or Ava, or Caaaaaaarlos! Well he can't touch Caaaaaaaaarlos just yet because he just found out Caaaaaaarlos's last name is Rivera! :) Hmmm Lily's brother? :) Gonna find out Sonny?! :)

    Pier: Oh there is Caaaaaaaaaarlos! Love the Julian, Sam, and McSilas scene. :) Oh look Sabrina runs into the arms of Caaaaaaaaaaarlos sobbing! Time for some comfort rebound sex? :)

  9. Maybe Anna forgot she ever gave birth, you know, the way that Monica forgot that she ever gave birth to Dawn? And how whenever Monica talks about her children, she mentioned her 2 boys and Emily and ALWAYS leaves out Dawn.

    This has stupid written all over it.

  10. Or, Anna and Duke's frozen embryo was implanted into Obrect...

  11. speaking of walks on the it just me or was that pretty stupid to have Sabrina come running around the corner in her wedding dress??? surely that's not the only way to get home from church lol

  12. nance24 said... surely that's not the only way to get home from church lol
    Apparently not ROFL!

  13. Maybe Faison's secret is that he is hiding more "dead" PC residents. It happened once on Days of Our Lives with Stefano.


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