Tuesday, December 17, 2013

GH Promo: GIANT MOB WAR!! Merry Christmas!!

HO HO HO!! Have you seen our Mob-War promo yet? I'd put it up but we've seen it 50x before. Sonny's yelling, waving a gun around, people getting punched..yada yada.

Location SHOOT TODAY!!  Warehouse!! Carlos' hair is all messy. Sonny, you bad boy. This threatening is so borrrrrrrring. zzzzzzzzzzz

Morgan, LOL was totally in just boxers and a Santa Hat!!  I bet they had to Fabreeze the apartment after THAT session!

Dr. O will tell everyone how "Ze baby was created" if Britt doesn't bail her out!? She also called Robin a gremlin today. heh.

Dante threatens Brad and tells him to produce the embryo!! Only on GH would an "elf" have a secret to their embryos!!

UGHHHHHHHHHHHHHH Molly and TJ were on. NO ONE cares. NOT ONE PERSON -- geesh. Molly I like..the TJ mess is a  mess because they never developed that or made it a viable story. 
You like Rafe! 
Well..you like Taylor!
bye! bye!
Molly is with Morgan. I think it's the first time NuMorgan and she have been together? 
TJ, wrong place, wrong time!  Shaun is like..um, I'm really stressed here, TJ, move along lol. Morgan is totally manipulating Molly and it's going to get TJ hurt..or Killed! She'd better get that box o' pain out!!  She's sending him back to the warehouse to find Carlos...

Officially out: Britt has Lante's baby. Like we didn't know that eons ago! LOL

BTW, GREY'S ANATOMY fave Chandra Wilson, a passionate soap fan, will put in a cameo on GH on January 28 as a psychiatric patient of Jon Lindstrom's Kevin. According to a show rep, Wilson's character "coincidentally has a lot in common with her GREY'S ANATOMY character" and "finds herself in a peculiar situation when she goes to General Hospital for her doctor’s appointment."


  1. Ava and Morgan's home: Santa Morgan is horny ROFL! After sex, Morgan says he is good at it ROFL! Julian knocks on the door, and Ava is still out of breath! ROFL! Okay Julian and Ava have got to stop talking to each other about their sex life. It's gross! Oh Duke shows up!! Awww his resignation paper hahaha!

    Alexis's home: TJ and Molly are STILL arguing! We haven't seen the in months, until the other day! Can they stop arguing now? UGH! TJ wins the line of the day! Molly says she will let him talk and stand here and be mute until he is done..

    TJ: Really? What are you 6?

    ROFL! YES SHE IS! Oh she breaks up with him AGAIN! Woah a Morgan and Molly scene?!!?! YAY! Oh wait he is manipulating her! UGH! Oh come on! Their first scene together and he manipulates her!!! Double UGH!Oh Molly and TJ get back together. OY! Roller coaster.

    The hospital: Brad is giving Lante attitude and rolling his eyes!!! Lante scene along together zzzzzzzzzzz. Too much talking! Go to Wyndemere and find Britch! Since she isn't answering your phone Dante!

    Wyndemere: Oh! Mama Dr O calls her daughter and blackmails her! :) Shirtless Nik with baby Ben!!! :) Nik wants to spoon with Britch ROFL! Brad is attracted to shirtless Nik. :)

    Police station: More Dr O and Anna scenes YESSSSSSSS! Britch shows up, and Anna talks to her, while Dr O yells at Anna hahahaha love it! Anna and Duke scene! They both have secrets!! SPILL THEM! :)

    Sonny's warehouse: My poor tied up Caaaaaaaaaaarlos! Sonny is angry! Shawn is busy with TJ! Go home TJ! Duke is in deep!!!


  2. How many times do we have to hear Sonny yell, 'Gonna Take You DOWN!'

    So sick of Sonny, so sick of mob, so sick of mob wars, so sick of all things 'Sopranos' related. Guza related.

    I love Anna adventures, Luke adventures, Robert fun, even the villains like Obrecht, but no more low-down, screaming, threatening, slimey crime lords like Sonny, please!

  3. Duke was so cool and super suave when he put on those sexy glasses and read that letter to Julian. I love that he has a storyline, but so disappointed it involves Sonny.

    And geez, will someone please tell Sonny about Robin already! That's a Sonny scene I'd actually like to watch.

  4. I had to laugh at Sonny, mainly due to MB's overacting. New warehouse? Duke was really cool. I would guess they are going to kill TJ off since he probably wants to leave after having a major role in a big movie, which is more than most of the cast can ever hope for. Thank goodness Alexis is back today. Still enjoying Dr. O.


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