Friday, December 20, 2013

The 2013 Wubs Net Awards!

2013..what a year in GH's history. 50 years were celebrated and thank goodness we had a whole new regime that had come in, loved the show and gotten us back our NURSES BALL!! woohoo!!! Let's take a look back and I'll dole out the Wub Awards. 

Did you remember that THESE things happened this year?
Milo and Connie had sex? 
Olivia was engaged?
NuKristina existed?
Katie Couric did a guest spot?
Emma Samms had eyelashes for miles while spying/ninjaing?
Taylor and TJ had "relations"in the back of the limo?
Franco held baby Danny on the bridge (and was a blonde?)
Leslie married Scotty and Laura?
Maksim Chmerkovskiy was  on, dancing  with Sam?

ACTOR OF THE YEAR:  Bradford Anderson.  With all the vets back and with all the powerful stories, he was the guy that was present EVERY. single. time. he was on. Never a phone in.  His heartbreak/joy over the knowledge of his daughter being born? Perfection

ACTRESS OF THE YEAR: Well, who else but Finola Hughes?  She's another one that never phones it in. Glorious in just about every scene she did. She also kicked ass playing Dr. O "playing" Anna.  

HONORABLE MENTION: Kathleen Gati. Who else could have played the jilted Lesil Obrect with such passion?  She could be hilarious and heartbreaking all at once.  Our Dr O  also got the best lines this year.   ("should I get ze nipple clamps'?)  Just too funny. 

BEST COUPLE: Britt and Nikolas. One of the first couples in a long time that I can really enjoy the natural chemistry I see. They look good together, both have same-type backgrounds of crazy-creepy-evil relatives and they sizzle. More please. 

2013 MOST GHOSTLY YEAR EVER? Rick, Emily and Alan all came to see Monica -- and then we had Georgie over to see Maxie.  

BEST DEATH: Connie. Now, hear me out on this. Connie's death allowed Sonny to basically become the Sonny we all know and love. He had to mourn, yes, and we had to sit through his "To Pill or not to Pill" days but in the end, we got BUSINESS Sonny without the complications of a woman to worry about. Sonny's been mooning/crabbing/brooding over one woman or another for eons. It was so nice to see him just be the mob-man.  

BEST ADDITION: Ava Jerome. Maura West makes me want to watch this character every dang day. She's just so good at being slinky! And the Morgan sex? Wow. She has chemistry with everyone on the show. Women, Men--you name it.  I have to admit though  Julian and Carlos are also doing fine in my book. Good actors and fun to watch. 

BEST IDEA: SORA'd Morgan. I usually don't like SORA too much but Morgan was gone a long time and he came back with a bang! "Captain Morgan"...playing around with Kiki and then her Mama? Newcomer Bryan Craig has been fun to watch as well. Loved his scenes with Sonny.

 TIM BURTON AWARD:  Faison as Beetlejuice. LOVE!! 

FAVORITE SCENE OF THE YEAR:  So many to choose from!! I'm going with the Nurses' Ball opening number. I was so happy and goose-bumpy that we were getting a ball again, I couldn't stand it! Lucy came out, looking all glam and then our nurses just did it up! It symbolized the resurgence of our beloved soap and the fact that the new regime really cared. 

COULD LIVE WITHOUT: Kiki and Michael...they became SO boring...The Teen Limo/Prom Story,  so many flashbacks (some "same day flashbacks"!), JMB leaving, the last two Anna-mask tricks and AJ's trial.  

FASTEST "DEATH"? Helena... one shot--gone. It was as if 30 years of dancing with the devil was finally over in one second. Kinda like when Indy pulled the gun on the sword fighter!! (as you can see, I'm still not sure she's really dead!) 

WHY DID YOU DO THAT?  Laura came back, Scotty came back-- Laura marries Scotty, is sad Luke is sick then--breaks up with Scotty and disappears. I understand the actress/show has to work together to have things happen but WTH? Sort of a waste. 

MOST OVER-USE OF A SOAP PLOT: Sabrina delivers Britt's baby. On the floor-- of Wyndemere. *sigh* Who couldn't see THAT comin'?! 

BEST OUTSIDE PR MOMENT:   GH Actors ring in the opening bell at the NY Stock Exchange.  
WEIRDEST THING: Our transplanted OLTL characters had to morph into three different characters because of a lawsuit. Although one might argue they really didn't morph at all considering all three ended up right where they left; with Carly, Sam and Michael. (Don't tell Prospect Park that though!) 

PROP OF THE YEAR AS CHOSEN BY WUBBERS: yes, behold, our baby Ariel being BBQ by Uncle Mac!!! This worthy prop beat out Tranco's Tumah in a jar! Well done, well done.

ACCESSORY OF THE YEAR:  Tranco's tumor bandage. It was unnaturally small in scope to start with, then shrunk in size until it was about as big as a pinkie finger. You know they were mocking us in wardrobe!! 

 EPIC FACE OF THE YEAR: Cawnie in a freak-out. Just--epic. 


Heather's line of Kelly Sandwich art at the Gallery opening. We got a whole array--and then Faison even ordered an Egg-Salad for himself!

Alberta got to meet all kinds of GH family when Terry took her to the GHFCW!! Just about the whole cast past/present held her lovely lobster self! 

Oh TUMOR JAR* oh Tumor in a JAR how lovely we see thee.... your roundness it every glows,  Franco's head it leave a hole..oh TUMOR Jar oh TUMOR lovely your globulals. 
* Sung to the tune of "Oh Christmas Tree" 

LOOK what's BACK! #IcePrincess 

Thank You


  1. I actually agree with every one. I am surprised there wasnt a specific category for "Most drawn out storyline with lackluster payoff". (and yes, that would be the Robin return)

    For the most part, I feel this was a good year. Compared to what we have gone through the past 5 yrs. The nurses ball and 50th anniversary episode was wonderful. Having the vets pop in, even for a day or two (Sean, Alan, Emily and Rick...) was a nice surprise and worth it for those of us who have been around for eons.

    As always, the show has its share of problems. But for the most part, this year was an improvement year overall (for me) and I am hoping that 2014 will continue to bring us lots of pleasant surprises.

    And on another note.... while we are talking about 2013, this was the year that Wubqueen WAS going to retire but through our pleading and badgering (in a nice way of course), she is still providing us was an awesome forum to talk and discuss all maters GH. So, a big award and THANK YOU to Karen for sticking it out with us and keeping the blog going stronger than ever.

  2. I second Daves post! Karen, thanks for the GH chatter and scoops. GH does have areas that it can improve on, for sure, but I'll happily take what we're getting these days over the Guza years.

    My favs for this year:

    Scorpio...back in force and written authentically. For a guy a few years shy of 70, Tristan looked spry and believeable as a spy. Plus, his dynamic with Anna (especially Anna!) and Robin just felt RIGHT.

    Lucy and Scotty - These two show that middle age soap characters can still be viable and have chemistry to burn. Plus, the long and complicated history of each of them lends weight to their performances every time their on the screen. They both can do comedy or scheme with the best of them...NICE to see them back and useful again!

    Heather - I know some have overdosed on her, but I can't get enough of Robin M. She can crack you up with great comedic timing one second and then surprise you with the crazy in the next. Glad they are keeping her around as you never know what you're going to get next with her.

    Fiason and Dr. O. - A little bit buffoonish this time around, but still fun to watch.


  3. Yes. Karen, I too am really grateful that you decided to keep the blog going. Especially on those days when you are more entertaiming than the show.
    I agree that this has been a good year but it's certainly not ending well. I know I didn't ask Santa for Sonny ranting and raving every single day or Patrick acting so stupidly. And I stll bet they make Sabrina pregnant just to drag this out even longer.

  4. Yes! Kudos to Karen for not abandoning us Wubbers!

    On the GH front I'll refrain from a Franco hate rant and keep it to I like Brik and will very much miss Spinelli

  5. Unfortunately I still remember NuKristina. Her acting was as palatable as clear Coke or crystal Pepsi. Karen, have you seen Kimberly McCullough's short film "Nice Guys Finish Last". It is awesome!

  6. Great reminders of what a damn good job the GH team has been doing. GH has NEVER been perfect but the show hasn't been this watchable in many years.

    Since Frank & Ron took over I've been consistently watching every day (and liking it!) for the first time in at least 5+ years. And I've been watching since 1981, so it's been fantastic seeing veterans of GH merging with the current cast not forgotten or shuffled in and out pointlessly.

    When I see my lady Robin Mattson again - the very actress who got me hooked on GH way back 33 years ago, the wonderful and popular Lynn Herring, Kin Shriner, Finola Hughes, Kristina Wagner, Denise Alexander, Emma Samms, Jackie Zeman, zoinks I could go on....just seeing how GH has managed to re-build the foundation that was completely decimated with longtime characters and actors and giving them more to do than show up for weddings and funerals. I Would definitely like to see more of Jane Elliot and Leslie Charleson but I ain't complainin'.

    I loved Dr. O. I loved O as Anna and Anna vs O and O lord I loved them together. Finola rocks. Love Britt, and giving Nikolas a love interest that didn't seem forced worked.

    I could've done without the OLTL 3some (still could) but despite the ridiculousness of their 6 characters...GH managed to still blend these characters in...

    Casting my favorite Maura West as new leading lady Ava? Thank you GH! Good God, I hate the dagblasted Mob, but I love My Maura/Ava Jerome.

    I didn't mind Robin staying dead. Wouldn't mind if she died again. I like Sabrina. But, Robin doesn't seem as annoying (yet) as I remember.

    Sure, I'd like to see Heather less as a comic relief nutter painted in one corner after the other but I still see her from the early 80s, not as the re-written psycho Guza turned her into 10 years ago but so many characters were re-written and destroyed I had tossed in the towel.

    In comparison to the GH I gave up on and the shattered pieces of a soap the new regime was left to work with...I am LOVING this reborn show.

    Thank you and have a Happy 2014!


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