Monday, December 2, 2013


what will happen to the cake!!?

COME ON..Robin wouldn't have kept EMMA waiting like that!! This is the flaw with this story. She wouldn't be separated from  her for a minute longer.

OMG..this just DRAGGED ON AND ON..and letting EMMA watch it!!?????? We had to hear Sabby's life story?! 
Robin actually SMILED during the ceremony when Lucy got up and Patrick finished his speech. Smiled like "Awwww, how wonderful"
WHAT IN THE HELL. I'm thinking let Sabrina marry Patrick-- Robin is obviously brain dead at this point. 
Epiphany sang.....
They said their vows....
and EMMA FINALLY sees her and runs to her. Whatever. The fact that ROBIN didn't do it pisses me off. 

Britt spilled to Nik that Brad is not the baby's father.  Nik and she were SO good together today!!

Luke, Bobbie, Carly and Jerry. ALL on the balcony.  Luke and Jerry are shown both falling tomorrow.  Luke probably lands on Jerry lol

Faison's face was priceless when Anna was talking about killing him.   And, looks like they did kill him --off camera. Will she feel guilty forever? I sure hope not.


  1. OMG! This was torture! And so unlike Robin! This whole storyline was unlike Robin. I could not believe they got to the point of pronouncing Sabrina and Patrick husband and wife for Robin to be discovered. It was a lousy thing to do to the audience. It was enough that the ceremony dragged on from last Wednesday. This was too much.

  2. Obviously, Robin's brain is a little bit fried from the 2 years in captivity and then sudden emotional shock of her reunions with her dad and mom. You guys are right - no way...NO WAY would the old Robin Scorpio have farted around with this one. This is lady who couldn't wait to tell the truth about who Michael's father was! She would have busted the wedding up ASAP just because she couldn't help herself! LOL

    No hate here for Robin though...Adter seeing her grow up on the show all these years, she is like family and you put up with the character with all their faults or quirks.


  3. I agree this was bad. But instead of sitting here and going through all the bad things (I know there will be A LOT of that tonight by everyone else) I am going to say one or two positive things.

    Sabby's dress was beautiful. If I ever got married, (and changed sexes), I would want to wear the same thing. Oh who am I kidding, I would still wear it. Very elegant and with tasteful lace. She really was a truly beautiful bride. Well, except for the dead wife thing coming back to haunt her. BUt overall really gorgeous.

    Is it possible that GH is doing a clean sweep of the villians of yesteryear to usher in a new set of bad guys (and gals)? Faisan dead today (supposedly), Helena dead (supposedly) and Jerry falling to his death (supposedly) tomorrow. Bring in Ava and Julian to take their place. I do hope that Faisan was killed off camera. It was the right thing to do. I think Karen is right. Luke falls on top of Jerry, Jerry dies and Luke limps to hospital. Someone else fell from the roof once before. I think it was Heather. And she lived. I dont remember who it was, but I KNOW someone will mention it in today's posts. Falling from the roof isnt a death sentence even though the building is 10 stories high.

    Speaking of the building, when did they paint it? In the 70s/80s it was white. Now, it is black glass.

    Britt and Nik. I really find it hard to believe that Tyler went the entire scene with his shirt on. That was so out of character for him.

    Bobbie freed Jerry. How? With a Bobbie pin? (get it? ha ha. that's funny). Where did she get the keys to the handcuffs?

    The Emma/Robin reunion was beautiful Yes, it came too late and yes, blah blah blah hate hate hate boo hiss boo hiss, but it was really cute. No denying it.

  4. Wub Queen, you have put it so well, how terrible the Robin return has been. I find it insulting to the fans, who watch the show and keep the show going, to have dragged this story-line on and on and on. I am very happy with the last two minutes of the show but should have been down a week or two ago. I am very upset with the writers. Enough is enough.

  5. OMG, WHAT was the point of the wedding going on and on when we all know the outcome? What a heatbreak for poor Sabrina--as she is presented as such a good person, what is the payoff for the audience watching the show to see her humiliated in this way?

    And Bobbie--c'mon, she couldn't just get free of Jerry? He who is dying of polonium poisoning, and is just holding a knife? She couldn't scream, or run away?

    Now, Anna and Robert killing Faison--that made sense.

  6. Delcodave, I love the Bobbie pin line! So, so funny! I could see Robin's hesitance if it was just her husband on the other side of the door, but her daughter? Crazy! And Mac, who was like a father to her. But seeing Emma run to her today and fling herself into her arms was so sweet and reminded me of Robin and Anna years ago.

  7. Tristan Rogers gives a quick interview.


  8. I found it absolutely agonizing watching the show today.

    It was also beyond stupid to have Robin stand around like a zombie while Patrick got married to Sabrina. She wouldn't do that!! And to make Sabrina go through that and then make her marriage meaningless is just plain cruel.

    And to be that close to Emma and able to tell her she was alive, and do nothing!? Ridiculous!!

    I guess they figured people wanted to see a wedding. *insert eye roll*

    I loved Phiffy singing though.

  9. Anna, Robert, and Faison: Anna wants Faison dead!!!!! :0 Great dialog/monologue from Finola Hughes!!!!! Did they shoot him?!!?! Is he dead?!?!!?!

    Nik and Britch: Adorable together!!! Nik wins the lines of the day! Britch talking about being a doctor.

    Nik: Oh I like that game. Call girl now you're talking.

    ROFL! Nik you naughty boy you! :) Oh he wants her to spend the night!!! No sex just holding each other. Love their scene!

    The metrocourt: Luke, Jerry, Carly, and Bobbie scene was great!!!! :) Luke just give him the antidote!!! Bobbie was so quiet as a mouse! She wasn't even crying. That's not like Bobbie to not be so animated! Carly had to be the one animated.

    Church: ROBIN WHAT IN THE HELL ARE YOU DOING?!!?! Really nobody sees her?! She isn't hiding very well!!! Is everyone blind?!!?!?!?! Why are you nodding your head Robin?! Are you crossing your fingers?!!?!?!?! This was pissing me off!!! SON OF A $^%$^%$^%$^#$%^$%^$%^%$^$%^%$^%$^$^$%^%#^#%^#$%^#$%^#$%^#$%^%

    Lucy: By the power invested in me in the state of NY I now pronounce you man and,

    Emma: Mommy?


    Emma: Mommy! Mommy! Mommy! Mommy!

    BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I got emotional! And I love the slow mo of Emma running to her mother!!! As Emma was running slow mo to her mother, Sabrina's heart was breaking in slow mo.

  10. Ok while I'm not happy that they waited until the end of the show... Seeing Emma and Robin reunite made it all worth it. I mean that was just a beautiful scene and done very well by both. I think Robin was kind of in shock and torn between her love for Patrick, the guilt of being gone for 2 years, and guilt of breaking up Patrina - since he found happiness, which is what she wanted...

  11. Chiming in here on the good parts... Robin and Emma's slow-mo reunion mirroring her and her mother's reunion made me tear up and gasp. Not even I was too jaded not to love it.

    Also, I bet we'll never get a firm answer on if Faison is dead or not. They'll play it cagey (anna's either guilty because she killed him or guilty because she didn't), and that could go on for YEARS. No way they'd write out the option of dragging Faison out of the closet when desired.

  12. I doubt Faison is dead. How strange that it happened off camera. I think when they choose to bring him back it will be revealed that Robert gave him some super secret magic drug that brings people back to life after being shot or something like that.

  13. I am very frustrated over the fact the writers have been writing Robin completely out of character then they go on Twitter and try to justify what they've written.

    They unnecessarily dragged this wedding and Robin's return out and I think it has really bothered most viewers from what I can see on social media. Having four days with each day having absolutely no storyline movement for the first 45 minutes of the show is very frustrating to fans yet "Cartini" thinks it's fantastic tv full of build-ups. It's not.

    I am looking forward to getting the real Jason Thompson (Patrick) back with his scenes with Robin. In my opinion, ever since they shackled him to Sabrina and forced that pairing down our throats, it seems like he's been just phoning it in. There is no chemistry between him and Sabrina and it shows in their scenes. Robin/Patrick scenes will be amazing I'm sure.



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