Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Nice Day for A... White er..NO.

Poor Sabrina, all dressed up and...whoops. I so wanted her to pitch a hissy fit. Well, she or Felix--one of the two.

Jason Thompson was crying buckets!! Geesh. Everyone in the church just stood there. You'd think there would be SOME chaos!! LOL  
Robin says "You truly love Sabrina"..that's why I didn't come into the church. SO YOU COULD marry her?? would you let them go on the honeymoon???????

Anna's acting all weird like Did she have a psychotic break?  She'd better not feel badly about Faison all the time.  I'll be pissed. She told Duke that Derek is Julian.  Duke pitched a total hissy fit.  The writing for those 2 seemed so off to me. SO OFF.

WHO needed to see SONNY today?? WHO!!??? NOT ME!!!!!!!!! god, let that wait. GEESH.  Ava and Julian too. Just not today.  Julian did have a great line about Morgan taking the SATs though. LOL

Luke and Jerry---- OVER THE EDGE. I knew Luke would be hanging on!! I knew it!!  Bobbie and Carly have to pull his dead weigh up.  Someone should hit Bobbie upside the head for letting Jerry go!  OMG
JERRY is alive!! ahaha and TALKING! that fall was "Broken by an canopy"? Or whatevsss. Julian took him out on the boat.  They were "old associates". Ok.

TOMORROW: Patrick tells Sabrina he still loves her.


  1. After I saw tomorrow's preview I thought that they were setting us up for Patrick having equal feelings for Robin and Sabrina, but now I don't think so. I think he will feel pity for her and that he was only with her because he had everyone convincing him that his instincts were wrong and that Robin was dead.

    The actress playing Sabrina is really bad. I know that she was supposed to be stunned then upset but she was shrieking. Really bad acting.

    It was dumb to have Robin let the ceremony go through, but at least she and Patrick are reunited. I know that they will make Patrick more conflicted that he should so it will drag on even longer.

    Yes, Jason Thompson was crying as lot, but he is a good actor. Same can't be said for some of the other actors. Kimberly McCullough was also very good. GH has some good actors, and some stinkos.

  2. I have to say this. I find Maura West"s hair to be so hideous that it distracts me every time she is on screen. Was it this bad on her other show?

  3. to dar.

    really? it's the HAIR that is the distraction?

  4. It looks like it belongs on a scarecrow. It really drives me crazy.

  5. Am I the only one who liked today's and yesterday's show? Ok it could have been better but it's a soap...
    And what's so bad about her hair? I mean, Jerry is alive after that fall. Come on! Have you seen Ava's dress, by the way?
    I even felt sorry for Sabrina and Felix. Can't wait to see her and Carlos...

  6. Bobbie holding her purse while Jerry was threatening her with a knife.... Luke hanging... people coming back from the dead...

  7. Oh, Ava's ta-ta's were fairly LEAPING OUT from that dress, surely wasted on her brother.

    I thought the actress playing Sabby did a GREAT job crying and being broken-hearted--really realistic. LOTS of crying today . . .

  8. Jason Thompson was amazing. And that kiss -- all the emotional intimacy that was missing in all those rote kisses with Sabrina. Are they really going to play it that he is torn? If so, the acting belies it.

    Can't wait for Duke's dark side to kick in again, but wish he didn't have to be involved with Sonny. About time Duke had an interesting storyline. And those last "I love you's" between him and Anna were amazing, so intense.

  9. I watched and I am SO happy with Patrick's reaction! He better not screw it up tomorrow! My hubs actually watched and was pissed at robin for waiting, I can't blame him.

    This whole thing is bad bc viewers knew she was alive the whole time so it was impossible to invest in Patrick's relationship with anyone. I hope Sabrina is gone and Scrubs can have a calm reunion before the next soapt disaster.

    I also want to see Maxies reaction!

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  11. Lara - I am with you for sure...Yesterday and today were both certainly passable entertainment!

    Sabrina's hysterical mewling was the highlight for me. Like the new Lulu, I love to see her suffer! Suffer, Sabby! HAHAHAHA!!!!!

    The Jerome's...Ok as a happily married 40something dad, I liked Maura West's outfit today. Once again, I was entertained! Also, let's be honest here...there is a weird Game of Thrones incesty vibe between Julian and Ava..Watching them interact is like rubbernecking at a car crash, but hey it's still entertaining.

    All the old favs...Luke, Bobbie, Jerry, Anna, Duke, Lucy, Mac, Flea, Elizabeth, etc. Seriously, I am just glad to see them all onscreen!


  12. I thought the actress playing Sabrina did a pretty fab job. I find her boring when she's goody two shoes, but this was actual acting. It was nice to see on her for a change.

    Jason Thompson...that man can pretty cry better than any woman on the show. And his hands on her face, tucking her hair back? Swoon.

    Kimberly McC pulled out her most excellent trademark tremble-cry-pull-it-together-tremble-smile. So glad to have her back on GH!

    Yes the delay was lame, but the reunion was still great by me. What sucked was separating Patrick from Robin in the course of about 10 soap minutes. At least give us a whole episode of them clinging to eachother, please!

  13. The church: They redid Emma seeing her mommy! YAY! Everyone in shock ha! :) Patrick and Robin kiss! YESSSSSSSS! The look on Sabrina's face! It looked like she was kicked in the stomach! Sabrina is a puddle on the floor. Mac is so happy! Sabrina runs out, and wow Felix what the hell is with that look on your face! Don't need to give Patrick or Robin a dirty look! Go away man!

    Piffy: Nobody could have seen this coming.

    Really Piffy?!?!?!! You live in Port Chuck! The town of people coming back from the dead! What the hell are you talking about?!

    The church private room: Woah someone give Sabrina a brown paper bag to breath in! Sounds like she is hyperventilating!!! Felix won the line of the day today! Sabrina says she should be ecstatic for them.

    Felix: Are you on drugs?

    ROFL! Maybe she should take some sleeping pills to go to sleep! Oh there is Patrick.

    Anna's office: Woah she doesn't want Duke to kill Julian Jerome?!!? But Anna you killed Faison! Er supposedly. :) Awww Anna doesn't want to lose Duke!

    Sonny's office: Sonny wants to off Ava haha! But wait he can't. He can't even touch Julian! But he can talk to Duke! :)

    Metrocourt: Oh look it's Julian and Ava with her hooker outfit and bowl haircut ROFL! She is so jumpy and scared that Sonny is going to kill her hahahaha! Oh Ava don't worry Sonny won't touch you. Even if he tried, he will miss cus he SUCKS! And Shawn would miss cus he sucks too. Oh they hear a noise! Luke and Jerry fall off the ledge!!!!! Ava and Julian see Jerry!!! I was waiting for Jerry's eyes to open haha! Julian slaps Jerry's face, like Jerry was drunk and passed out! Strange scene. Anyway JERRY IS ALIVE YAY! Julian is going to help him awwww! :)

  14. Lara and OldSchoolGHfan - with you all the way!! I mean this might sound mean but I loved it when Patrick and Robin kissed...right there in front of Sabby. In your face girl! If you ever wondered if you were a replacement now you know! haha and her look she was all oh no he didn't...Giiiirl find a new man.

  15. OH! and I like angry Duke...very sexy

  16. The whole Robin return has been handled poorly. Sabrina was poorly played. She wasn't even stunned. The actress has little range.

  17. YES, Theresa WAS AWESOME as a heartbroken Sabrina. YEP. She cried like I would have..all ugly and loud!!

  18. kdmask said... She cried like I would have..all ugly and loud!!
    ROFL! Gotta love the ugly cry with the old school eyeliner. :)

  19. Sorry, I have to agree that Sabrina's reaction was terrible. That loud crying in the church was immature and unnecessary-not great acting especially compared to the excellence of Patrick & Robin. I didn't feel sorry for her - she had two warnings that Robin was alive but actually accused Patrick of imagining the call, accused Carlos of calling - like he had any knowledge of Patrick's cell phone number, and dismissing him telling her he saw Robin. She was really dense. Hated the look on Felix's face. JT and KM were outstanding and demonstrated why Scrubs are so wonderful. Duke and Anna scenes were terrific. FH really deserves an Emmy this year. I liked Carly being with her family members and the idea of Julian and Jerry having a history is intriguing. Why was Ava dressed so provocatively to have drinks with her brother? I wonder if they are really brother and sister since they have great chemistry.

  20. I guess this means Patrick and Robin can't get Sabrina to babysit?

    BTW...I would have been hyperventilating on the floor of the church. There's no pretty way to have that happen to you. Had he walked out on her it would have been less traumatic and reason to be angry. But to be angry that Robin was still alive would have been unthinkable. Emma was so happy, and Sabrina loves Emma.

  21. Di said... I guess this means Patrick and Robin can't get Sabrina to babysit?
    ROFL! Mmmm no I don't think so. :)

  22. Sorry, Theresa is a lousy actress and she has minimal range. I do not get how anyone can see otherwise, especially with Jason Thompson and Kimberly McCullough acting their hearts out in the episode. Even the kid who plays Emma is a better actress!

  23. Jason Thompson was just awesome yesterday! Exactly how I know he'd be! He gives his emotional scenes such depth.

    I wasn't all that impressed with Theresa's acting but I've never liked the character of Sabrina and I don't think Theresa is good actress. She's fine in scenes with Felix but with Jason you can tell she's way out of her league. They need to put her with age appropriate characters and storylines, Felix, Brad, Milo, Spin, Maxie, Ellie.. where she would be a better fit.

    I've never seen any chemistry between Patrick and Sabrina so Sabrina's tears meant nothing to me yesterday.

    Would have been a far more compelling, emotional story had Liz and Patrick been paired and Robin returned.

  24. Am I the only one that thought the reactions from the guests at the wedding were so underwhelming? Especially Felicia who just had that stupid smile on her face like Robin was back home after a long vacation. I expected tears, shock, screams, from people like Elizabeth, Epiphany, Mac, etc. and just didn't see it. I didn't even see a tear from Mac! It just seemed so odd to me.

  25. No one seemed even remotely curious WHERE Robin had been for 2 years. I know it's Port Chuck, where people routinely return from the dead, but STILL--wouldn't everyone be in shock, and want to know what happened?


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