Sunday, December 29, 2013

Sunday Surgery: Minor Procedure

We only had  3 days of GH this week-- which is what we'll also get this next week, so it's been short/sweet! The week started out with a shoot out and ended in a montage. 

Get on your mini-scrubs and let's get 'er done!! 

 HE's HIT!! We were treated to quite the heavy gunfire on Monday, no? Goodness. And here I was sure TJ was going to get plugged. Dang.  Stupid Morgan needs some target shooting practice.  He totally would have hit Sonny if Max didn't step out. He would have shot is own FADDAH!!

awwwwwwwwwwwwww. Poor Betty. Dumped by Patrick ... has to treat Carlos while he's running from the mob AND she ends up puking on Friday. Not a good week. 

 Superb work from Carolyn Hennesy ...she just rocked it out. I really loved her being there for Max--and Milo. AND laying into people left and right. 

OH MY GOSH! Having Dr. O and Sonny be nextdoor cell buds was a stroke of genius. Yes, they could probably see each other pee, but it was worth the price of admission. Lesil pushed all the right buttons on ol' Sonny. heh.

Oh, Lante saw Big Baby Ben and Britt offered to re-do their embryo thing. I'm so over that story that I don't care. Whatever.  
BYE Maxie! Go Eat, Pray, Love!! you'd better go soon because by the looks of it, you're going to deliver that kid like--tomorrow! LOL Good luck to Kirsten and Brandon!! I wonder what they'll name their girlie..I'm excited!

Oh, shut it honey!!

SCENE OF THE WEEK: LOVED our Lesil singing in German to us!! The whole episode Tuesday was just perfection.
Her narration was fun as well. We'd better keep Dr. O forever. Can she have some kind of tumor too?


RUNNER UP: Robert Santa Face

PROP OF THE WEEK:  didgeridoo !!!! And, Patrick and Robin got one too.  "You can not put a price on a child's musical education"... 

Next time I write a Sunday Surgery, it will be the NEW YEAR!! Part of me still can't believe GH is still going strong-- and the ratings are going Up, Up UP! 


  1. There is an interview at in which they try to explain why the Robin return story was done the way it was. It is interesting if not wholly convincing.

  2. I read that Michael Fairman interview also, and my immediate reaction was to think that they (writers, directors, whoever) did not communicate their intentions to Jason Thompson at all, because the way he played it, and the way it came across onscreen, at least for me, was completely the opposite of what they say they intended. And from reading here and elsewhere, many people agree.

    I want Robert Scorpio to come down my chimney. And I don't even celebrate Christmas!

  3. The problem with the Robin return story is that Jason Thompson always played it as if Sabrina was his second choice. Having him get that call from Robin 2 weeks before the wedding and go completely off the wall was a clear indication. He married Sabrina because she was there and good to his daughter and he wanted to move on... NOT because he was in love with her. So the whole storyline failed and the "difficult decision" Patrick had to make was just stupid. Ron and Frank failed in that regard.

    Another baby story with Patrick is just so tiring. He did it last year with Britt, and we a have another baby story/ who are the parents story going on at the moment. Been there done that many many times over. I understand that Sabrina is pregnant in real life, but that does not mean you have to do it onscreen.

    Britt and Nik are great together, It was nice to see AJ Flea and Mac even for just a day.

  4. Just realized today that new lulu was on"bring it on again"

  5. OK, NO ONE has answered me on this, so this is my third (and last) try: Does anyone else think that Nulu reminds them of Anna on Downton Abbey?

  6. AntJoan,
    Just so you don't feel rejected: I have never seen Downton Abbey. I would answer you if I had.

  7. AntJoan, didn't see the question!! she doesn't. I can see what you mean though.

  8. Sorry. I don't watch Downton Abbey either.

  9. Lulu does not remind me at all of Anna on Dowton Abbey.

  10. (I also never say the question before today)I do think that Lulu looks like Anna from Downton Abbey.. She's also petite like Anna. Watched "Beyond Downton" special the other night and "Anna" was out of costume, just being herself, and she looked even more like Lulu then. GH is my favorite soap, but Downton Abbey is my second favorite soap. So happy it will be back next Sunday.

  11. My only wish for 2014 is for Franco to be gone - hate the character and the actor does nothing for me. Would like to see Jax back for Carly. Big Downton Abbey fan But don't see much of a resemblance - maybe ER's eyes are too big. Love Anna, though, and she does look great in real life.



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