Monday, December 16, 2013


Instead of my regular blog today, I am going to do a homage to Bradford Anderson and our wonderful Spinelli! Bradford has met Alberta at LEAST four times!!  As you can see, he Wubs HER@@!!

Who remembers when he first came on GH?  In 2006, he came on our screens as the fast talking computer geek. Let's face it, "those kinda guys" are NOT usually on soaps. Or, if they are, they are here and gone. NOT OUR SPINELLI though!! WOOT!!!

Spinelli ("The Jackal)  first worked for....ALKAZAR!! but, he couldn't be on the bad side for long!!   Spin eventually started working for Jason and they had a nice bro-mance on the side. Spinelli could read a traffic camera from 1000 feet on his computer!! 

He fell hard for Maxi. He had a brief fling with "Winnie" a character who came on that was a geek like Spinelli. "Spixie" couldn't be denied though and Winnie soon left the canavas.
Other nicknames: The King of Cyberspace and The Grasshopper.  He became 'The Jackal" after being shot in 2011 and would live in a sort of 1940's gum-shoe world.

Spinelli's nicknames for people are long and's a sampling:
Stone Cold
The Valkrye 
The Bernificent One
The Blonde One 
The Divine One
White Knight 

Trivia: Spinelli was a student at PCU...his grandmother lives in Tennessee and also supplied Alexis with medical pot during her lung cancer storyline. 

The character really matured after Cartini joined the show and Bradford was allowed to show more depth with more complex material to work with. He never missed a beat and when he found out Connie was his daughter,  it was amazing.

In 2011, Carolyn Hennesey (Diane) wrote a book based on the character called  "The Secret Life of Damian Spinelli" which followed his fantasty "Walter Mitty" type daydreams. 

Probably the most popular storyline was the "non-wedding" of Spinelli to Maxie.  It was a fun time--only to be ruined when Maxie slept with..Franco!
When Ellie came on the show, he fell for the red-haired lab tech and they are now going off into the sunset to Portland, Oregon, land of the Hipsters.

In his real life Bradford is married to Kiera and they have a daughter Juna.  He appeared on NCIS LA earlier this year and is a member of Port Chuck, the band that was made up of GH actors. (Their farewell tour is coming this spring). 

 Today was a nice goodbye with he and Maxie--awwwwwwwwww. Sniff.  BTW, Ron tweeted that although it was announced in May that BA was going on recurring status, he was now leaving the show for good. I am holding out hope however, that after KS comes back from maternity leave we see Spinelli returning baby Georgie to her. 
Yes, the baby is GEORGIE!! he changed her name today!!

So, Good bye to our own quirky Spinzo. He'll be missed.  I enjoyed the character, even if he did get on my nerves now and again. For a long time,  Spinelli was Guza's only comedy on the show. Boy, we needed him!
Godspeed to Bradford and good luck out there in know GH fans will follow you wherever you go. 


  1. I love him and will miss him terribly

  2. I will miss him too!
    Love his relashionship with Georgie (Maxie's sister) and Sam. He was funny around sonny and carly too.

  3. They changed her name!!!! FINALLY! I could not stand CAWNIE! Another point for Spin. I will miss him so much!!!

    I'll watch today for him. It will be hard to see him go.

  4. Lets not forget The Godfather! Isn't that what he called Sonny? and Maxie was the bad blonde one before she was Maxamista.. I kind of miss his nicknames..and I"m going to miss him! What was Sams nickname?

  5. Lets not forget The Godfather! Isn't that what he called Sonny? and Maxie was the bad blonde one before she was Maxamista.. I kind of miss his nicknames..and I"m going to miss him! What was Sams nickname?

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  7. Also loved the irony of KS hiding her baby bump...with a baby.

  8. look at these pics, I had forgotten about Father Coates. Whatever happened to him? Was he a victim in one of the millions of mob wars?

  9. Sonny was always "Mr. Sir" and Michael was "Young Mr. Sir" until after he got out of prison and asked Spin to stop calling him that. I'll miss Spinelli; he was always kind and compassionate and tried to always do the right thing, even if it meant he lost out in the end. He was a well-rounded character and an awesome actor. His friend-break-up with Maxie was just gut-wrenching. And Karen, yes, I'll watch him in anything EXCEPT Y&R, so I hope he doesn't jump ship to there!

  10. I was glad to see the montage to him on the show today too; so many great Spinelli/Maxie moments.

    I used to love his scenes with Sonny too.

    I confess that I cried when he said his farewell to Maxie today too. It was gut-wrenching.

    I was also thrilled that he renamed the baby Georgie before he left. Now she'll come back as Georgie.

  11. Di, I couldn't have said it better myself--so I say everything YOU said.

    Yes, Sonny was "Mr. Sir," and the scene where Spinelli came upon that name was hilarious.

    What a loss for our show, he and Ellie will be missed, PLEASE come back soon!

  12. Also, I thought that today's show was really GREAT!! Is Britt STILL lying to Nik, I guess we all think she took the embryos, I hope this gets resolved soon so Lante can enjoy their son's infancy.

  13. Didn't Spinelli call Elizabeth "The Maternal One"? I can't think of any others at the moment. Well done, Karen! I will miss Spinelli!

    1. Yes Debbie, you are right! He did nickname Elizabeth "The Maternal One", I had forgotten that.
      To echo everyone else, I to will miss Spinelli. I got chocked up during that montage. Fingers crossed that the future holds a Spixie reunion!

  14. aww...good Sonny and Spinny :)

  15. Best wishes Bradford.
    You and Spin will be missed.

  16. TVGuide channel will have a special at 8:OO called Who shot the Daytime Soap. It's about how we lost some of the soaps

  17. Watching this I realized that not only do I not like any of the new characters as well as Spinelli, I actually can't stand most of them. Really not looking forward to yet another mob war. Bah humbug. The Julian - Sonny thing was just stupid.

  18. Wyndemere: Oh come on Britch! Spill!! You stole Lante's embryos and Ben is their baby!!!! Stop with the lies! You heard Nik! Lies will break you two up!! No spilling, but some Brik SEX YAY! :)

    The hospital: YES LANTE YES! Britch stole your embryos! Now it's time to call her! :) Oh Felix and Brad santa and elf! ROFL! Oh yes Lante talk to Brad first about the embryos!! :) I wonder if he will tell the truth!

    Police station: DR O YAY! DR O and Anna scene! Awesome! YES Anna tell her what happened with Faison! She knows something is up! Love their scene! I WANT MORE! :)

    The gym: Duke and Sonny scene! :) Duke don't wanna help Sonny with Julian! Good! Oh oh Julian is lookin for Caaaaaaaaarlos! Aww Julian do you wuv Caaaaaaarlos?! Oh Duke changes his mind!!!! Oh dear. How is THIS going to play out?!

    Ellie and Maxie's home: Spinny, Maxie, and baby Georgie scene! LOVE IT! Maxie holding her daughter awwww! Maxie says the baby looks like Georgie and he agrees. No she doesn't!!! She looks exactly like Spinny! She was supposed to say it, so that Spinny can bring up the fact that he wants to name her Georgie! :) THEY ARE NAMING THE BABY GEORGIE YAY!!!!!!!!!! :) Awww a goodbye kiss. :( A montage flashback, which made me cry!!! That first scene with them they showed, his hair hahaha! Spinny won the scene of the day! His last one! :(

    Spinny: Goodbye. My Maximista.

    :'( SPINNY! :( I hope you come back!!!!!!!!!!! Love the blog today Karen! Love Spinny and Spixie!!!

    Oh that damn ASPCA commerical! Every damn day during GH! It's so sad. :(

  19. Stephanie said... aww...good Sonny and Spinny :)
    Oh thank you Stephanie!!! I remember that scene... I forgot what Jason's secret pain was until he mentioned it. :) What happened to Lulu? I forgot.

  20. Long time follower, first time poster. All the talk of Spinelli's nicknames brings back a fond memory of the last Super Soap Weekend in 2008. My 11 year old daughter and I made her a shirt with all of Spinelli's nicknames on it. We were in line at 5 am so we would have the chance to meet Bradford. When we did he was thrilled to see her shirt. He was so sweet to both of us. Bradford and "Spinelli" will both be missed

  21. Tears here, too. Lovely performances by Kirsten and Bradford. Spinelli had a great nickname for Carly which I can't remember. I can think of several other cast members I would rather see leave than him. Nicely done love scene with the Liar and the Prince.

  22. LSV422 said...Spinelli had a great nickname for Carly which I can't remember.
    Her nickname was the Valkerie!!! :)

  23. Thanks Sonya - driving me crazy to remember!

  24. Great tribute to Spin! He really grew a lot in his time on GH and part of his appeal was that he was not your conventional soap opera leading man. The fact that Bradford Anderson is a huge Red Sox fan wasn't lost on me either ;) I'm going to miss him & I wish him and Emily Wilson the best of luck.

  25. LSV422 said...Thanks Sonya - driving me crazy to remember!
    You're welcome Linda. :)


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