Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Where are My Embryos!?

Bobbie is on!! Nice to see her.. and she has coffee with Luke at Kelly's. Sniff. Old Times, Old Times. 

Pancakes for Poor TJ!!!  He decides to take Molly to the warehouse. Good lord, I HATE this damn story. SOOOOOOOO predictable. 
Carlos..and Sonny--I REALLY WISH they would have waited until after Christmas for this mobular sheeze. 
TJ lets Carlos go. LOL..whoops. then there's GUNSHOTS!! 
GUN Shots..

Lulu holds Rocco for the first time today!!  That baby had a fronkey! 

ALEXIS was on too.   She won't tell Julian about Lucas. Julian finds Bobbie. 

Brad, just steal some other person's embryos. Who cares, this is a soap and there has to be some in storage. 

Dr. O and Britt have a faux flashback to "Feb 2013" where the Dr. tells her to implant herself with a baby. BRITT KNEW that she was impregnating herself with Lante's zygote!! 


  1. Please tell who is actually enjoying the mob stories?! They are violent and completely unoriginal.

    I miss Obrecht and Faison together. And Jerry! Lulu and Dante are boring.

    GH got good for a while, then they dragged out the Robin return and then it got good again despite the Robin-drag. It's time to get good again! No more mob junk. Maybe this shooting will scare that storyline away!

  2. Northing says holiday spirit like a mob war. Sonny saying the same thing over and over and over again. What a waste of MB's talent.

  3. Dante and Lulu are too calm about their embryos being missing. The gh facebook page has a behind the scenes video of mob war.

  4. How many holiday mob shootings have we had to endure? So disappointed that this crap is back for Christmas. I expected better.

  5. Kelly's: OH LOOK! IT'S LUKE, BOBBIE, AND LULU YAY! :) Oh oh is Zombie Heather sneaking around wanting a BLT? Where is she?!! Luke and Bobbie scene! Awesome! :) Oh there is Julian! :)

    Alexis's home: Julian trying to charm Molly hahaha! He is trying to charm Alexis but she doesn't want any part of it hahaha! Alexis wins the line of the day!

    Alexis: Don't touch me.

    ROFL! Oh Julian is not going to give up on them! :)

    Wyndemere: Nik, Britch and little Rocco!!! Lulu visits! She is holding her son!!!! :) The truth HAS to come out ASAP!!!

    Police station: More Dr O and Anna scenes awesome! Dr O was going to spill the truth to Dante but Britch shows up! Rats. And Britch won't tell Dante the truth BAH! The fake flashback of Britch and Dr O! :) You are right Dr O your daughter is so dumb. :)

    Britch: We only did it once.

    Me: For a doctor you are pretty dense.

    The hospital: Felix and Brad scene. Just kiss already! :) Oh no! No no no Brad!! Don't set Ellie up! She is not even there!!! DOH! Brad come on! Felix won't be happy when he hears that you lied!!!!

    Sonny's warehouse: Oh I love all the growling and grunting Caaaaaaarlos is doing! It's sexy! More of Sonny's chit chats UGH! Oh oh the truth is finally out! Caaaaaaaaaaarlos isn't related to Lily!!! :( TJ saves him! Caaaaaaaaaarlos and a bad guy fight!! The bad guy has a gun! TJ what are you doing standing there?!!?! RUNNNNNNNNNNN!

  6. I know NuLu tries but she just isn't LuLu to me...which ruins the whole storyline. I feel like I should have adjusted by now but I just can't - its almost tlike the NuMaxie we had for a little while.

  7. why couldnt they have tied carlos up shirtless?

  8. Blogger delcodave said...
    why couldnt they have tied carlos up shirtless?

    My thoughts exactly...

  9. delcodave said...why couldnt they have tied carlos up shirtless?
    ROFL! Yes! A shirtless grunting growling Caaaaaaaaaaarlos! Yum! :)


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