Thursday, December 26, 2013

Oh Tanenbaum

Dr. O narrated the beginning of the show and I LOVED IT!! ahaha. AND get this--she's next to Sonny in the PCPD. Adjoining cells ....How co-ed. Do they pee in front of each other? That was a great exchange. 
Dante and Olivia know Morgan did it-- and even Michael figures it out. LMAO ... Worst. Secret. EVER. 


Have we forgiven Paddy yet? No..not yet, he needs to buy me something really pretty!
Emma was adorable in her didgerareedoo (ahaha no idea how to spell it). Sabrina got Emma what she wanted,  not Robin. awwww.

Sabrina's getting all fiesty with Carrrrrrrrrrrrlos.  I think Olivia and Carlos might be sexy together. 
Sabrina didn't know Carlos was in the mob back in Puerto Rico?? I mean...what did she think he did!?

AJ"s all mad-- Ava tries to visit Kiki she's going to forget about MORGAN because it's Christmas. ahahaa. NO.
Hey, what about Ava and AJ!!?? Hmmm. Could be interesting?? AJ and Liz just don't "fit" to me.
AJ drank

Did you see that our BBQ Ariel scene made The Soups top clips of the year!!? woot!


  1. I loved that Dr. O was narrating. The fans loved her singing so much. I'm glad they found a way to work her singing in again.

    I had to laugh at Dante trying to get Morgan to confess and saying he'd help him. Sure,Dante. We all know how well that worked out for Michael!!!

    I hate that they had AJ drinking again. I liked the new and improved AJ. I hope we're not going to see him slide into old habits. (Especially as we see him so seldom as is.)

  2. Best Christmas gift ever- Dr. O with Sonny in jail. Classic. They were great. Hope we see more of them/her. Maybe she'll become the new Chief of Staff somehow...

    Mom stuff is crazy. I do feel sorry for Morgan.

  3. Mob Stuff I meant...

    Plus hated not seeing more Christmas interaction. Where is Monica??

  4. Keep Ava away from AJ. I want AJ to grow, not regress.

    Dr.Hardy is rolling in his grave.

  5. Patrick and Robin's home: Patrick and Robin made love YAY! :) Robin feels bad for Sabrina. Robin stop worrying about Sabrina! :) Emma walks in haha! Present time!!! Oh three digaredooooooooos! :) Woah is Tanganeva still alive?! How old is he?!!?!

    Felix and Sabrina's home: Love the Sabrina and Caaaaaaaaaarlos scene. He doesn't want her hurt! He isn't going to say I told you so Sabrina! He is comforting her awww! Let's see some comfort sex. :)

    The hospital: MILO! I was wondering if he would hear about his brother's shooting and show up. Diane awww! Poor Milo. :( Morgan! What are you doing there?!!?! Go home! Michael and Dante know you did it Morgan! Just admit it! Oh shut up Starki about Morgan trying to kill Michael! You are there for Michael because Max got shot!

    Jail: Dr O and Sonny scene! :) Great scene. Someone on another board, calls them SonnyO. :) I love Dr O's commentary in the beginning (which is really her talking to Sonny) and her singing at the end! :) Sonny wins the line of the day.

    Sonny: If you really think I'm a mob king pin, you need to stop talking, because you are really annoying me.


    Q home: AJ whining again. Come on AJ! Snap out of it!!! Ava is outside on the phone. She looks very cold! Ava taunts AJ!!!!!!!!!!! Oh come on Ava we all know you killed Connie!!!! :)

    Lante home: Brik are visiting with baby Rocco! Come on Britch! Lante don't need to try again! You can just tell them the truth! That baby Ben is REALLY baby Rocco!!!! Lante with Rocco awwww! :)

    Sidenote: Patrick you gotta buy Karen something pretty! :)

  6. Love Dr O, any way they can fit her in. She is a MAJOR talent!! Never have seen Milo cry--the actor is really great!!

  7. AntJoan, I was thinking the same thing about Milo, but Max is his brother in real life too, so I'm sure he had a lot of emotional stuff to draw on for that scene. Good acting all around today from him, Diane, Dante, Morgan, Michael, Olivia, and Sonny. Yeah, too bad it's Christmas or we'd probably be appreciating this a lot more. Good dynamics and great character interactions.

    My fav two parts were when Dante told Dr. O basically to sit down and shut up, and when he and Sonny both told her to shut up at the same time. Haha. Nice bits there.

  8. Dr. O was great!!!! Loved the Scrubs family back together. Ava was her usual smarmy self, which MW does so well. If Max had to be shot thank goodness they had the sense to bring back Milo and Diane.

  9. Loved Dr. O!!!

    Hated the fact Patrick and Robin have had ZERO conversations about where she's been for two years. Their making love scene fell so flat for me. It's almost as if the writers don't want us to like Scrubs anymore as they certainly haven't provided us with any high impact emotional scenes between them. Their reunion is coming off in a very nonchalant way. Interesting..... Wonder if this means KMc won't be around too long?


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