Monday, December 9, 2013

Monday Mouth Madness!


I have a dentist Appointment today!! :) SOooooo let me know how GH is!! Who will cry first today? Will Heather meet her maker (Who is probably SATAN? ahhahaa

I'll try to catch it later tonight!


  1. Enough with dragging back long-dead characters! Write stories for the long-neglected characters like Alexis and Liz.

  2. Bates Hotel:

    Norman Bates: Hello mother.

    OH OH! Norman wants to kill his mother!!! OH HE STABS HIS MOTHER! Is she dead?! IS SHE DEAD?!!?! Wow Carly likes to take hot showers and very long ones at that. She is very slow at drying off! Oh Norman puts his mother in the laundry basket, which totally flashed me back, to Carly putting AJ in the laundry basket back in the day! Oh oh Diane wants to talk to him!!!! Where are you taking your mother Norman?!!?

    Felix and Sabrina's home: Like I said yesterday, Robin wins the line of the day!

    Robin: I need you to help me get my husband back.

    BAHAHAHA! Too funny! Yes Sabrina! Let Patrick go!!!! :)

    Milo's home: Patrick vs Caaaaaaaaarlos! I'm on team Caaaaaaaaarlos! You tell him Caaaaaarlos! WOOT WOOT! :) Oh oh Sonny wants to kill Caaaaaaaaarlos!

    Patrick and Piffy: Awwww love their scene. :)

    Grave: Sonny and Shawn takes Caaaaaaaaaaarlos to the gravesite? Why!??!! Do you want to see if Caaaaaarlos and Lily are related? :) Oh yes make him shovel his own grave!

    Ellie and Maxie's home: Oh now that Robin is alive, Maxie isn't feeling suicidal anymore. She don't need to go to therapy. Oh no. Maxie thinks it's a good idea that Ellie, Spinny and baby Georgie leave to Portland?!!?! Oh Maxie has grown up since Robin is alive. Well, listen to Maxie you two!!!

  3. AJ kissed Diane and I liked it!

  4. lol I guess "Norman" wasn't being totally controlled by that tumor after all.

  5. Di said... lol I guess "Norman" wasn't being totally controlled by that tumor after all.
    Apparently not ROFL!

  6. I kept waiting for the stabbing to be a I agree dar, I didn't like Victor the first time around


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