Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Anna's Secret?

I think something is UP with Anna.She's all angsty and looking like she's going to throw up at the same time!

What if...

Faison said to her in his dying breath "Anna, I am yo faddah"?? And he whispered it so ONLY SHE heard it,not Robert.

What if...that's why he's been obsessed with her since she was a little girl? Remember  Mitch Lawrence on OLTL? Yes, they WENT THERE with the obsession/love/incest junk. SOooooooooooo.

I'm just wondering if that could be her secret? And if so, Britt would be her sister!!

Too far-fetched? Hmmmmmmm, look at my soapy brain turning!!


  1. Ewwww no! ROFL! I hope not! :)

  2. I really hope not!!! Plus he said he wanted a boy...

  3. Isnt every storyline on GH now a direct decendent from a storyline on OLTL because the writers cannot come up with something original?


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