Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Anna and Robert

Talk about Faison... I still think something's up with Anna!!  "What we did with Faison" could mean anything.

Lucy says: Serenity NOW!!  Scotty wants  Lucy as his "Girl".

Heather painted EGG SALAD and sent it to Wyndemere because Faison ordered  it. EGG Salad, homage to Britt, I think!! hee hee
Leslie and Monica had lunch off camera...Liz told Nik that. Niz fans lit up twitter!! Liz doesn't like the Britt. Nik says they are a couple!!

Freakin' PATRICK!!!! Can all he do is cry about HIS SITUATION? Good Gravy. Robin needs to slap him silly. It's all about him..HIS decision? How about what happened to her?!!! GEEZE
I think he and Sabby have on their damn wedding rings!!  I know Sabrina does!
UGH He needs a COLONIC! ;/ talking to Emma...geesh. SHUT UP!
I am shipping Robina-- LOL, Robin and Sabrina can move in together and raise Emma together.
I still never saw him "That in LOVE" with Sabrina OR a lot of this is just flat. Flat as a pancake.  

Do you like Todd and Carly?  I like TODD and Carly-- Tranco is basically Todd, but with the history of

 LUCAS is back according to SID
Ryan Carnes, will be bringing Bobbie's adopted son back to GENERAL HOSPITAL! "Yes, he's coming back," executive producer Frank Valentini shares. "I got to meet him the other day. I like him a lot." Carnes, who is the second-to-last actor to have played the part, appeared on the soap in 2004-'05. There's no official word yet as to when Carnes will first air.


  1. Yes! I agree with you 100%! There was never any indication that Patrick was passionate about Sabrina. It just seemed like he was lonely and Sabrina was buddies with Emma, so he went for it. And he even struggled through the vows! This is such a dead storyline that makes no sense.

  2. I can't believe KM agreed to come back for this lame storyline.

  3. Scotty's room: My Lotty slept together YAY! :) Wow Lucy! Why are you acting like you were drunk and don't remember what happened? :) Oh Lucy wins the line of the day!

    Lucy: We're flingers! That's what we do! We just fling fling fling fling fling fling.

    ROFL! Oh Lucy! :) Come on now. You and Doc are over you said so yourself! Even Scotty knows. :) He wants you and him to be a couple!!! :) Oh Doc shows up! He knows he screwed up awwww! He still loves her and wants to fix things. Awww! Yes Lucy tell Doc the truth that you and Scotty slept together. I wonder what Doc's reaction will be. Will he forgive you?

    Bobby Franco Todd Baldwin's room: Carly says you weren't the killer, the tumor was. ROFL! Put that tumor in jail!!!! Was the tumor married and had tumor babies? I wonder where Zombie Heather is.. She must be in hiding!!! RUN PEOPLE RUN!! Carly wants to give Bobby Baldwin a job at the metrocourt awwww!

    Anna's room: Emma and Robin scene awww! Emma is such a caring and sweet little girl. :) Patrick and Robin scene. Patrick huh?!?!! You thought you and Robin were over so you moved on? Since when? The day of your wedding you went looking for Robin, and you hesitated when you said I do at your wedding!!! And don't you want to know what happened to Robin in the last 2 years?!?!! Okay I gave you a week now it's time to choose! Altho in soap time it has been a few days. :) Emma and Patrick scene awwww! :) She wants Sabrina, her mother, herself and her daddy to be a family. ROFL! Um Emma, that would be called Bigamy and that is illegal ROFL!

    The hospital: Well Felix does have a good point. Patrick should make this decision. Robin and Sabrina scene. Good decision Sabrina. Let Patrick make this decision on who he wants to be with! I mean come on he is a big boy!!! Robin are you really worried about Sabrina getting hurt, or YOURSELF?!!?!

    Wyndemere: Oh! Faison bought a painting from Heather! ROFL! And he called himself P.K. Sinclare!! :) Oh Liz you are soooo jealous of Brik!! :) Nik says he and Britch are a couple awwww!!! :) Love Brik! Glad baby Ben and Spencer are back. :) Monica and Leslie are having lunch together?! I WANT TO SEE IT! :(

    Anna, Robert, and Duke: Anna and Robert are acting very strange. Anna is so worried about Robin's family because of what they did!? You should have thought about that before you did something to Faison! Hmm what DID you do? :) The way they are talking, was it because they killed Faison? Or is there something else they are hiding? Hmmmmm. Oh Duke shows up! Duke and Robert scene love it!!! :)

  4. - Scorpio is being written so well this time around. Tris was right when he said the writers were true to Scorpio's voice. He is badass and I liked his "take no crap off of Duke" approach. He will be missed, but at least he is going out some with old school GH cred.

    - Scotty and Lucy - they still have the chemistry! I like the whole triangle thing with Kevin in the mix (although he needs to be around way more than he is for us to empathize). Lucy: "I'm an adulterer! AGAIN!" LOL

    - Sabrina. bleh. The only thing to look forward with there is for Drake to break her heart again and to watch her weep bitter bitter tears. LOLOL

    - Nik/Liz/Brirr - their scenes were ok, but like others I think I'd rather see that Monica/Leslie breakfast. Talk about all the history that would be on the screen with that one! Props to the writers for throwing us that bone and for even Liz acknowledging that her dad was married to Heather Webber at one point. I like the little shoutouts to history like that


  5. Oldschoolghfan says - Scotty and Lucy - they still have the chemistry!
    Yes they do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

    Lucy: "I'm an adulterer! AGAIN!" LOL
    ROFL! That's what Scotty and her do! Fling fling fling fling ROFL!

    and to watch her weep bitter bitter tears. LOLOL
    ROFL! Gotta love the ugly cry hahaha!

  6. Sonya said, "Carly wants to give Bobby Baldwin a job at the metro court awwww!"

    Yeah...FrankenTodd is going to be a kept It's the right season for it. HO Ho Ho

  7. I was wondering what ring Patrick was wearing..

  8. I agree about the Robin/Patrick/Sabrina stuff. Robin should be in her home and if Patrick decides for some inconceivable reason that he wants Sabrina HE should move out. No one ever for a minute believed he and Sabrina had a great love. I do think Jason T. and little Brooklyn are so wonderful together, always. Just like old times with Lucy, Scott and Kevin! Had to ffwd. Franco and Carly - Roger H. playing Franco makes me nauseous for some reason. His tattoo has someone's name on it - couldn't quite make it out but it wasn't Carly. Liz looked lovely!

  9. Di said...Yeah...FrankenTodd is going to be a kept It's the right season for it. HO Ho Ho
    ROFL! Yes! Too bad his mom is a Zombie. :)



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