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  1. you know my thoughts.

    1. i think it is cruel to write in an actress' pregnancy. what if Teresa miscarries in real life in a few months (and I am not wishing this, she is a lovely woman). Do they make her wear a prosthetic and have her carry the baby to term on the show? That would be horrible for Teresa to have to work through.

    2. enough with the baby crap. it is tired. it is old. move on from these storylines. What ever happened to the Alzheimer's storyline they were going to do with Audrey? I'd much rather see a realistic senior storyline then yet another baby storyline.

    3. The ONLY was I would even remotely want this to work is if Carlos slept with her on her wedding night, she is pregnant by him, and they both sail off to Telemundo together for their own show.

  2. She's so freakin' saintly, maybe it will be a divine birth?

  3. How much more misery do Patrick and Robin have to go through? Enough is enough, and we don't need another baby on the show.

  4. Delcodave I agree with everything you said except #1. There are plenty of actresses who's real life pregnancy is written into their storyline. Saying that, I now have to say HOW TIRED I am of pregnancy sl's. In maybe 2 yrs time we've had Sam and Tea pregnant and switched babies. Then Maxie pregnant, twice, Britt and now Lante is trying and Scrubs is talking about it. Now Sabrina is pregnant. I'm thisclose to tuning out..sick to death of pregnancy sl's right now.

  5. re: Michelle

    I remember what Katey Sagal went through on Married with Chidlren when they wrote her pregnancy in and then she miscarried. The eventually wrote out her pregnancy as a dream. And then talk shows actually asked her "how did that feel?". OMG. I would just hate any woman, actress or not, to have to go through anything remotely like that in the public eye. But I know that is a person's personal decision and if TC is fine with it, then I support it and of course wish her well.

    But that's just my outlook on it.

    The question I guess we should be asking, and hasnt been asked is.... Karen, what are your sources saying? Is she PG on the show? Is this just an episode where they are playing with us and it is a false pregnancy? WE NEED SPOILERS WUBQUEEN!!!!

  6. One can see how this is going to play out:

    - Patrick wants a baby
    - Robin does not want a baby
    - Sabby is pregnant with Patrick's baby

    Combine that with the work-related tension between Patrick and Robin coming up and we have a break-up of Scrubs worthy of Guza himself.

    Stunningly terrible. Really disappointed if this is indeed how it goes.


  7. Oh noooooo . . . Say it isn't so!!

  8. Sometimes I think I like Sabrina, but then I realize that's only because I like Felix, and if it weren't for her, we wouldn't have him. So I guess I tolerate Sabrina. I assume there will be months of angst, then Robin will have to deliver the baby under crazy circumstances, then Sabrina will die, and Scrubs will have the baby. But that's so easy to see coming. :/ I'm hoping Cartini has a more clever plan. Someone on these boards said last week maybe it would be a hysterical pregnancy. I agree. Haven't had that on a soap for a while.

    But if it's 6 months of mob, 6 months of Carly/Franco, or 6 months of baby, I'd take baby any day.

  9. So over the baby stuff. Too many and all that we've had were terribly written and drawn out for far too long with no emotional payoff for fans.

    I still say the writers are purposely writing Scrubs out of character because KMc is outta here again soon. Their scenes lately are just so ridiculous. They're acting like she went to a medical conference for a weekend instead of dying in front of her loving husband and coming back after two years in captivity! I'm not even a true blue Scrubs fan but I know I'm not happy with what I've been seeing. There's zero emotional investment lately.

    delcodave - I also worry about pregnancies of actors/characters. Whether she'd have to act out a miscarriage while actually pregnant or vice versa...always so rough no matter how seasoned an actor is.

  10. Terrible idea! I am also sick of baby stories on GH and I was so hoping that this would have been the end of any connection between Patrick and Sabrina. I cannot believe that the producers really think that this storyline will be a hit with the viewers.

  11. Scrubs fans, congrats on the little bundle of joy!

  12. Felix and Sabrina's home: Felix wins the line of the day!

    Felix: Do I have to explain to you where babies come from? When two people love each other very much,

    ROFL! Keep going Felix! :) Wow Sabrina is preggers!!! UGH! Wow Caaaaaaaarlos is a heavy sleeper!

    Lante home: Maxie and Lulu scene. :( They were laughing! :) But Lulu can't forgive her just yet. :(

    The hospital: McSilas chief of staff? Hell no! I want Monica to be chief of staff! It was stupid that she was fired. Britch! Come on! Tell Lante that baby Ben is really theirs!!!! Oh something wrong with Lulu's sonogram? Is she already pregnant?! :)

    Maxie's home: Woah! Who is that hunka hunka burnin love?! :)

    Robin and Patrick's home: Robin really wants a BLT from Kelly's badly! Damn what is in those sandwiches?!!?! :) Awww Robin isn't ready to have a baby. I get it. I understand. So does Patrick. They will renew their vows instead YAY! :) Does Robin hate cats? ROFL! Did the actor get new tattoos?

  13. CareyN said... Robin will have to deliver the baby under crazy circumstances, then Sabrina will die, and Scrubs will have the baby.
    I would love that scenario. :)

  14. Can't they leave Robin and Patrick alone...I mean this is stupid. Patrick and Sabrina never had any chemistry at all...I skipped past them almost every scene...I agree if it is Carlos and Sabrina's they can sail off together....otherwise...AGH!

  15. I agree on writing real life PG's into the story, especially when they are so early. Katey miscarried in like her 7th or 8th month--heartbreaking.
    I was stunned when they didn't make Kiki Pregnant with the "brothers" baby--I thought maybe it was over? LOL.
    OY. I'm sure there will be complications, Sabby will need emotional support yada yada

  16. Terrible. Terrible. Terrible. I can't handle another prego story and Patrick. I get it's a soap but, come on.

  17. I'm not looking forward to another baby storyline either but I'll take it any day over Sonny, Carly and Jason day after day all day long

  18. I hate that they're writing her pregnancy into the show. I'm already sick of baby stories and we have way too many babies now.

    Have the producers even considered what they're going to do with these kids in another year when they're too big to be carted around and they know how to talk? We already have Carly with a child who doesn't seem to well cast enough to stay onscreen for more than a minute or two every several months.

  19. i'm sure i'm the only one but i love that she's pregnant..we all know Patrick isn't leaving Robin so this will just add some good soap drama to this mix... i want Sabrina and Patrick to at least be friends with this story line if nothing else

  20. Can't stand Robin. Glad to see this storyline.

  21. No More BABIES!!!!!!!!!!
    Please, I want to see someone else's storyline for more than 3 seconds.


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